Manuals and User Guides

We have developed a set of manuals and user guides for both administrators and business users of vFiler™, HighPoint™.

Please right click on the links below to download a PDF version of the documents.

vFiler™ Quick Installation Guide (PDF)
vFiler™ Overview (PDF)
vFiler™ User Manual (PDF)
The Perfect Demo (PDF)
vFiler PublishToKMS Guide (PDF)

HighPoint Quick Installation Guide (PDF)
HighPoint Demo Quick Start Guide (PDF)
HighPoint Administrators Guide (Coming Soon)

HighPoint User Guide (Online)

KnowledgeTree™ Installation Guide (PDF)
KnowledgeTree™ User Manual (PDF)
KnowledgeTree™ Administrator Manual (PDF)
KnowledgeTree™ KTDWI Manual (PDF)

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