HighPoint™ Open Source
Document Management Software

What is HighPoint™ ?

HighPoint™ is open source document management software: a low cost alternative document management system designed for the small and mid-sized business in all markets.

Whether you are a CEO of a small business, a Financial Manager, Project Manager, or team leader, HighPoint™ can be an effective business tool and used with minimal training or assistance.

HighPoint™ provides a more flexible, cost-effective alternative to proprietary applications loaded with multiple integrated applications designed to save your business time and money.

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Feature list:
  • Project & Task Management with Gantt Chart
  • Shared Calendars
  • Bulletin Board for Team Collaboration
  • Search folders, document contents and metadata
  • Group and User Level Security
  • Document Audit Trail
  • Check-in and Check-out Documents
  • Document Version History
  • Mass Capture and Indexing (Auto-Filing with vFiler™)
  • Most Affordable Document Management and Document Imaging System

HighPoint™ core is Epiware

HighPoint™ began its roots as Epiware Open Source Document Management System, but now it's much - much more! We enhanced the open source code to create the HighPoint™ Project + Document Management System and added these following enhancements...

Folder Enhancements:
  • added Mass Capture - the ability to capture Windows folders and files right into the HighPoint™ Library automatically (scheduled captures). This feature also integrates with vFiler™ to automate the indexing of scanned documents, metadata and full content creating the ultimate document imaging solution (automated filing!)
  • added Folder Workflow template - the ability to create a workflow surrounding folders "on the fly." Folder Workflow enables users to automatically schedule email notifications to multiple users when it's their turn in the workflow process. User's can create tasks surrounding documents located in certain folders and send email alerts when they have a document or task in that folder that requires their attention.
File Enhancements:
  • added Append PDF - the ability to add page(s) to existing pdf images stored in the Library quickly.
  • added Send Email - the ability to click send, chose a HighPoint™ user from a pull down list and send an email with comments about the document and a path to the document.
  • added Document Workflow - the ability to create a workflow surrounding documents "on the fly." Document Workflow enables users to automatically schedule email notifications to multiple users when it's their turn in the workflow process. User's can pass documents back and forth reviewing and approving documents while getting email alerts when they have a document that requires their attention.
Search Enhancements:
  • added Folder Search - the ability to quickly search for a particular folder (i.e. Customer, Vendor, Employee, Case File, Patient File, Job Number, etc...)
  • added Notes Search in Index search - the ability to look for keywords that were saved in a document note.
  • added External Database Search - the ability to have a second database used for large capacity archiving and document retention. This external database feature eliminates some of the document workflow features enabling a large capacity database to have high response search rates.
  • added Full Content Searching by web group using Swishe - the ability to search for keywords and phrases within Microsoft Word, Excel and searchable PDF documents.
Administrator Enhancements:
  • added ability to Configure Desktop - added the ability to turn on or off the calendar, tasks, workflow, bulletin boards, latest files list or the entire My Desk Top.
  • added Retention Management with expire date as fixed or dynamic - the ability to schedule documents to be moved from the system to archive.
  • added Purge Expired Documents - the ability to purge documents from the Library that have predetermined expiration dates.
  • added Configure / Test Email - the ability to configure the system email and test.
  • added Manual Re-index web group - the ability for the administrator to manually re-index web groups individually.
  • added Export Web Group - the ability to export all documents from an entire web group. This is a great feature so you are never locked in, you have an exit strategy for the future.
Scheduled Enhancements:
  • added Schedule Re-indexing of all Web Groups - the ability to use Windows scheduler to schedule a time when all web groups are indexed.
  • added schedule Document Workflow Email Send - the ability to use Windows scheduler to schedule a time when workflow email alerts for all web groups are sent out.
  • added Scheduled Mass Capture - the ability to use Windows scheduler to schedule a time when documents are captured and added to all web groups.

HighPoint™ User Interface

  • Easy to use web interface accessible from modern versions of Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft® Internet Explorer®
  • Upload documents 1 at a time, 10 at a time or perform a "Mass Capture" importing entire folders and files at once.

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Share - Control - Protect

  • Document storage on web-based intranet/extranet platform promotes collaboration
  • Search document contents (Microsoft Office, OpenDocument, PDF, XML, HTML, RTF, text) and metadata using simple single string search or create complex boolean search criteria for an advanced search
  • Sophisticated but easy to use document version management using well known "check-in" and "check-out" concepts
  • Powerful group and user-based security model allows for document access and action control management
  • Detailed auditing of all document activities

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Create - Collaborate

  • Build sophisticated workflows from the scanning and saving process right to the repository that manage the generation of document and notify certain users or groups when they are required to act
  • Limit document access during the workflow process to only users who require it
  • Assign automatic workflow triggers to specific folders
  • Discuss documents using built-in notes
  • Controlled emailing of documents held within the repository
  • Document and folder "Watch" technology allows users to receive notifications when document actions are performed
  • Save standard searches so that users of the system have access to them from the customizable "My Desktop"

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Control Content & Structure

  • Create users and groups that map your organization's structure and processes
  • Manage folder permissions and assign to groups and users
  • Create Document Types for the different classes of documents your organization utilizes
  • Define sets of metadata fields for documents and either make them generically applicable to all documents or assigned on a Document Type basis
  • Metadata fields may be simple text fields or complex structures such as drop-down lists or trees
  • Slice through the normally hierarchical document taxonomy by browsing documents according to the metadata fields you have created or Document Type
  • Add multiple file rooms (Web Groups) for multiple divisions within your business

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Integrate User Authentication

  • Users and groups can be created in the internal database or from an LDAP source
  • Synchronize your HighPoint™ group membership schema with your Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure
  • Multiple authentication providers can be utilized in a single server implementation
  • Store repository on separate server than application

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Manage User Experience

  • Customizable "My Desktop" allows you to view Shared Caledars, Multiple Web Groups (File Rooms), Bulletin Board for Latest Company News, Pending Tasks, Pending Documents within a Workflow, and Newly added Library Files.
  • Quickly switch between Web Groups for separate "My Desktop"
  • Easily customize "My Desktop" from within the application by drag and drop
  • Define helpful saved searches accessible to all users

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