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Our vFiler™ application is document imaging software that is 100% hardware independent. You will not be slave to any copier manufacturer's built-in workflow or MFP's (multi-function product) software. vFiler™ specifically watches network folders for documents or images to arrive and then will perform a series of steps or processes in sequence depending on the design of the workflow. The workflow design is process and document dependent, but will inevitably include document imaging.

After the documents or images are captured from their respective watch folder, usually the next step or process in a document imaging workflow is either OCR or barcode recognition. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) built into vFiler™ can read the text from specific zones on a page or the entire page. Once this information is read it can then be used to document indexing. This information is called metadata.

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vFiler™ can also use barcodes to separate a batch of documents and read the contents of the barcode to also be used for indexing metadata. Metadata is then used to search and retrieve the indexed documents from a document management system. Document imaging software then converts paper documents into electronic images which becomes indexed (searchable) data. These images are stored as data files on a document management system (typically as PDF or Compressed Group 4 TIFF files) and the indexes, or metadata, are stored in the document management system repository application for security, collaboration, storage and retrieval.

Most of the documents generated by businesses consists of unstructured information such as correspondence, e-mails, packing slips, signed proof of delivery receipts, agreements, contracts, training manuals and such. Our vFiler™ document imaging software can process scanned documents (and virtually any other file type) automatically directly into our HighPoint™ or KnowledgeTree™ document management system, Windows folder trees, text files and any ODBC database.

The goal of vFiler™ is to automatically capture, index, image and file your documents "hands-free." This is vFiler™ flagship feature and why so many businesses depend on it daily.

We can help you protect your documents not only from potential damage by day to day handling but from disasters such as hurricanes, fire, water damage or even a disgruntled employee.


In conclusion it is safe to say that merging document capture and data capture into a unique combined-solution like our vFiler™ Document Imaging Software provides the best of both worlds in one system. Today's leading-edge solutions are more cost effective and offer intuitive, easily deployed solutions good for business and productivity. Yes, every version of vFiler™ comes with Retrieve™ a free document management software application designed for small and mid-sided businesses.
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