Go Paperless – Saving Time With a Document Management System

Steve Breault, CEO

Do you know that it takes one tree to produce 17 reams of paper? But it takes many years for a tree to be sturdy enough to be made into paper.

In September of 2009, the Philippines was devastated with heavy rains and neck-deep flood, water washed away lives and important assets, including hopes and dreams of a good future. The reason why this happened is the grudge of nature to the people who abuse it. And one main thing we abuse our Mother Nature, trees included, is our need for paper.

The many companies needing office supplies nowadays are booming, the most needed supply is paper. But with this modern age of computers and sophisticated technology gadgets, what is the use of paper for; when we can communicate with our mobile phones, communicate with the world via the Internet, and even chat and laugh with our friends through the social networking media? You say for posterity purposes, but aren’t files better to keep than piles and heaps of dusted paper?

The world today, though, is getting smarter and wiser. Many people have already valued the importance of trees; it is never too late to take care of Mother Earth, replant trees and do reforestation.

Offices and companies too must do their share. There are a number of companies who are already encouraging people to go paperless. There is paperless software which does the job of recording and keeping data in the archive, and producing these data when needed. This paperless software enables the company to do the normal thing as most offices would do, record-keeping, data-entry, and communications, minus the use of paper. In fact, literal as it may seem, but this is what we shall call a paperless office. Cost effective and efficient, it provides an automated paper filing system that can capture, handle effectively and defend the company’s business secrets.

One thing that is expected to do with going paperless is the amount of time you will be wasting in order to manually enter the data you have already gathered. This becomes less of a problem though. The VFiler Rapid Indexer and the VFiler Automated Indexer can help you with getting these manual data-entry jobs.

These paperless software which are already available in the market, can provide you with shorter time in looking for files, increase efficiency in data-keeping/document indexing, increase accuracy of information entered, easier document identification and separation, and most of all, it will increase the chance of trees being saved from being cut and be produced into paper.

Going paperless will make businesses save tons of money of paper, and more importantly, save a lot of trees. It may be a little funny and awkward to see an office without paper and pen, but it would make a good difference. Go check Vircosoft’s website and watch videos on how they make paperless companies work just like any ordinary office.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

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