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Document Management Software With Versioning

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Steve Breault

Version control forms an important part of document management. Though extensively used by software developers, many organizations are now using versioning to manage duplicate content and track document changes. Documents such as monthly reports, presentations and new policies undergo several changes before being finalized, creating several versions of a document, each of which may be required at some point. For instance, a monthly report would change every month, however, the reports created in previous months may be required during yearly appraisal of work done.

Document management software provides the version control feature in order to manage, track, store and retrieve different versions of a document. Such a system is usually required when several team members are working on a project, with many making changes to the same document. For instance, a presentation on project development and progress may require inputs from all the team members working on the project. Thus, changes will be made to the same presentation, saved as a different version by each member, and later integrated to make the final presentation by the team leader.

A version control system in digital document management works through the check-in and check-out system. The check-in allows you to save the current version of a document in the central repository and check-out allows you to retrieve current or previous versions of a document. Versioning often involves several steps such as reviewing, editing and modifying before finally being approved. When several people work on the same document, it may result in confusion over the latest version of a document, who made the changes and why, current working version and final approved version. Document management software can be of great help in sorting out such problems. Some benefits of a version control system are:

Ability to return to a previous working version: In case of an error or accidental deletion of a working version of a document, you can return to a previous working version. Many version control systems work by taking a snapshot of changes being made. This way you can check the order in which the changes were made and recreate the current working version.

Track who made the changes: When you know who made the changes, you can seek clarification and approve the document accordingly. This also avoids duplication of content as you know which version was created and updated by whom.

Maintain previous versions: Document management software allows versioning by enabling you to maintain previous versions and create their replacements at the same time. For instance, a mapping company may require older versions of a map before the new version is created and approved.

Maintain record of development process: Progress reports may be required from time to time to apprise the higher management or simply to check it against the designated completion time. Version control in digital document management helps you keep track of progress of a project and how it is being developed.

The version control system in digital document management works by assigning version numbers to the documents, making it easier for the users to keep track. Apart from this, you can also add comments and descriptions so different team members can check the content of a document before retrieving and using them. Version control may be required at some point in document life cycle. Document management system offers a comprehensive solution to managing different versions of a file.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Best Document Management Software Includes Version Control

Monday, August 23rd, 2010
Steve Breault, CEO

Steve Breault, CEO

Version control is also known as revision control, source control or the software configuration management (SCM). It usually comes as a feature to software management, or software development. It is when you make software document files and many people may have the right to track it, and even make changes to the document that you have. In most cases, the version control can contain codes, they may be numbers, or alphabets that can help you track the way the document has been changed.

In a certain company, many of our employees get to have a copy of a document that is shared by the whole company, from the proposals to the managers who will approve, some documents such as the one mentioned, a proposal, will have to pass through several more people for reviews and opinions. In many cases, these documents will of course require a version control. The version control, as needed by a company to forego with the approval of a document, must be tracked. One of the features of the best document management systems in the world must be version control.

This version control is created to track the sharing of the document, as well as the changes that is incorporated in the document by people who have something to deal with the document. This way, changes to a document or revisions thereof will be highly monitored, and be taken consideration by parties dealing with it. Many of our papers in the office need duplicate copies, one to pass through the higher management positions, and for those who are in the department concerned with the document’s status. Multiple copies are shared, and though some may want to edit it or revise it, others may want to have the document as is. In the case of printed documents, it is usually in the paper itself where scribbling for a revision may be placed. After the document has passed through a lot of people concerned to it, all the revisions will eventually be made into one judgment, an approval or otherwise.

Through version control, there will be no need for a printed copy, each person that has something to deal with the document is given a copy of the file and his share of thoughts regarding the paper will also be saved and shared to many. There is digital document imaging to go with the document, and this can only be done through a version control. This is where Vircosoft is expert. Vircosoft is a company that provides your needs for document imaging software, open source document management software, and if you want to start saving the earth, you can check on their service for providing you a start on paperless office.

Automatically saving copies of changes in a certain document also means documenting thoughts in a certain company. This is helpful in order to facilitate fast approval, and to hasten good coordination among the group. Vircosoft, with its mission to provide a better documenting office, is one to check out. Their service will provide you with blissful understanding of a paperless office, or better yet, start on an office using document imaging software to maximize time and working ability.