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How to Develop a Document Management Plan for Your Business

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Steve Breault, President & Founder, Vircosoft

Documents are a major part of every business, and without them it would be impossible to keep track of transactions. Not long ago every office consisted of shelves and boxes full of files and folders with all kinds of documents. With the advancement in technology, document management software has provided a platform for a paperless office. All your documents are saved in a centralized system, with access allowed only to authorized parties.

Most businesses today have their documents in both soft and hard copies. Even with management software, it is not possible to transition overnight from paper offices. The shift is gradual, towards the electronic storage mode which is easier and more convenient. In the meantime, both types of documents have to be managed efficiently for the business to run smoothly. Developing a document management plan involves the following steps:

1) Set a standard: Related documents should be presented in a particular format. For instance, you can decide that all the monthly reports are to be created using Microsoft Excel. For all other documents such as receipts, spread sheets, payment notices and invoices, come up with an appropriate format or template for each one. Present these procedures to everybody in the office and explain the importance of maintaining the set standards.

2) Obtain soft copies: Hard copies can be damaged easily and consume a lot of space. To enhance the efficiency of your business, scan your documents and work with electronic copies. The papers can be retained as a backup but not for daily references. They can even be transferred to a separate room or the basement, so that the office has enough space. The electronic documents need a backup too. You can save some copies on a separate drive or online so that you are on the safe side even in the case of a system breakdown.

3) Establish a retrieval system: One of the major benefits of document management software is the ease of retrieval. Time, money and energy are lost whenever document retrieval is a lengthy process. In an efficient system, it is possible to search for a document by simply typing in the file name. In a manual system, all files and folders should be clearly labeled. You can simplify the process further by coming up with a file location list. Print and post it on various locations where staff members can locate it easily. The list specifies the location of various documents, whether in soft or hard copies.

By following these steps, you will have brought your business closer to a paperless office. Document loss, misplacement and damage will be a thing of the past. You will save money and space that is required to store all these documents. Sending and receiving information will be as fast as the click of a button. In the near future it will be rare to come across paper documents, as management software is quickly taking over. Prepare your business for the shift as you enjoy the convenience of properly managed documents.

Document Management Software Users Prevail in Customer Services

Friday, June 10th, 2011
Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

If your business is making its customers spend too much time on hold, it certainly requires the deployment of business document management software which is capable of speeding up the rate of processing your documents and also improves the rate of service delivery to your customers while keeping the costs of rendering service to each customer lower.

In a global business environment that is rapidly changing, customer service is cardinal and though sound intelligence is very valuable, yet it is no longer adequate to provide the vast pool of knowledge and the data required to take prompt business decisions when you really need it especially when dealing with a client on phone or one that is physically present in your office but the deployment of business document management solution will help you achieve all the customer satisfactions in a record time when it comes to the rate of hunting down crucial business information. Here are some benefits companies achieve when the business document management software is integrated into a business set up.

Business document management solution guarantees instant retrieval and processing of documents required to provide answer to existing clients’ questions at the right time: The simple reasons why some companies are able to retain many customers every now and then is that they offer their customers a level of satisfaction in terms of answering their inquiries and questions appropriately with relevant documents at the right time. If one of your customers call in to request for a copy of their contract with your company and it takes a longer time to satisfy the client, that is sure to give a poor image of your company and it is an indication that the business document management software needs to be integrated in your business.

Document management software gives the prospect of attracting more clients: When your company customer service is enhanced through the ability of your staff members to access customer records within seconds and the required information delivered or e-mailed immediately, then your company stands as a reference point in a business world of stiff competition such that many referrals can be expected and hence more clients gained for your business. It is therefore true that when a business provides the best customer service possible through electronic record keeping, it seals good relationships with its existing clients and it is therefore placed to gain new ones.

Electronic document management solution helps your employees stay focused on the core business of your company: Research reports says most business managers spend up to 15 per cent of their time reading documents but spend a whopping 50 per cent of the time looking for it. By implementing the document management software in your business, it will help your company eliminate the time wasted on hunting down documents so that both the management team and the employees can spend more time working on the core aspect of the business of your company.  In fact, more employees can be reallocated to business tasks that provide value and increase the income of your business enterprise.




Document Management Software is a Perfect Fit

Saturday, May 21st, 2011
Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Business document management software is a perfect fit for all kinds of businesses; small and mid-sized companies inclusive. As a perfect fit, document management software has come to replace the file cabinets so perfectly and even much more with many benefits over and above the file cabinets. For example, document management software fits into the doctors ‘offices and relieves the offices of many paper based files and at the same time preserve the medical diagnostic  files online to meet regulatory requirements. Business document management application does a similar thing to the lawyer’s office and makes it free of all the old case files while the documents will continue to be legally and properly kept electronically.

The amount of floor space paper documents and file cabinets occupy and the time and human power spent in filing and retrieving documents the traditional way constitute the biggest headaches of businesses. Therefore, business document management can go far to ease every known documents storage headaches for all professionals including doctors and lawyers and therefore boost their efficiency.

The reasons you should dump the file cabinets for document management software includes the followings:

1.      It is often difficult to retrieve the documents if you are not on site or if the person who does the filing is away from your office. With the document management software, you can have access to your documents at anywhere real time with no confusion because the files will all be indexed and stored.

2.      Business document management will help you avoid jinx of any sort that sometimes occur when you have to locate important files urgently. No matter the quantity of your data base, you will never lose any file once you deploy the electronic document management solutions.

3.      You gain the time needed to re-file a document after use into a file cabinet when you deploy the document management application.

Now, here are some of the numerous benefits of using the document management in your organization.

Capacity to import: Good business document management software will enable you to import your file into where you would be able to organize and then store it where you wish to for easy retrieval.

Common storage: You can store all of your documents together according to your choice regardless of origin and file type. So, all drawings, correspondences, e-mails, images, MS office files, and other kinds of files can be stored together.

Ease of Retrieval: The rate at which you are able to find any document stored with the aid of the document management software determines how good the electronic file storage is. Within seconds, any document can be found when you deploy the document management system simply by using search terms which may be in full or in part.

Permits editing of files: Documents store online with the aid of the document management software can be edited at will by you or whoever you authorise to do so.

Improvement in automation and efficiency: The business document software guarantees the efficiency of your business operation and in fact, it allows automation so that things you were doing on paper before can now be done in a more efficient way. The security of your documents is guaranteed so that you alone can determine who should have access to your documents.

Document Management Software Improves Efficiency

Monday, May 16th, 2011


Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

One of the major benefits of deploying technology in business is to improve the way the business is run, minimize costs and hence increase its net profits. Any business related technology that fails this basic rule should not be deployed in any business at all. Document management software is a computer-based technology that guarantees business efficiency and reduces the costs of doing business by cutting labor costs considerably. Here are some of the many ways business document management application aids the efficiency of a business.

Business document management solution stores and retrieves files with ease: When business document management software is deployed in a business, all the business documents can be managed with ease through easy storage and retrieval procedures. Every needed business file will be right at your fingertips in seconds through your computer  while such document will also be available to any other  authorised user at any other place without the constraint that off-site file cabinets symbolises. Any worthwhile business document management software should give you three- fold confidence on improved productivity, prevention of loss of data, and prevention of data theft.

Document management solution will streamline your business operation: Once deployed, streamlining your business operation is a built-in fundamental objective of the business document management system. With the document management solution in operation in a business, cluttered desks and cases of lost documents as a result of using the file cabinets will no longer be issues to worry about.  Also, satisfying the regulatory requirements on file retention will be taken care off once the document management solution becomes functional in your business.

Business document application will help you comply with regulatory demands: Document management solutions are well applicable to such highly regulated businesses as the companies in the healthcare industry. So, a hospital that deploys the document management applications will have all the necessary regulatory details imputed in it in order to make the file management solution unique to your healthcare business. The same applies to law firms, educational institutions, and manufacturing companies. Hence, your ability to keep up with regulatory compliance matters while managing your business files electronically will pose no serious challenge to you once the document management software is deployed in your business.

Electronic document management system is easy to learn and use: Tested document management application is easy to learn and put to use because it easily blends with prevailing business processes and guidelines. The software is designed to quickly capture and process document, index each file, store the document, retrieve the document with ease, and distributes or even archives the file. This file document which could be in any form is stored online automatically by the business document management system.  Every stored document is protected from unauthorised alteration of any kind and it is completely protected from any unauthorised access with the use of the most sophisticated and reliable firewall technology security system.

Record management is a very important part of any business. Record keeping therefore has to be done in one form or the order. However, whatever form is adopted for storing business documents needs to take into consideration efficient indexing system to satisfy the legal compliance requirements for file retention purposes.


Document Management Software is Magic

Monday, May 2nd, 2011


Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Document management software is a management application that is sure to take your business ahead of the pack and it never hurts to be ahead. Business document management has increasingly become famous among all categories of business ventures irrespective of size. The increased popularity of DMS is primarily due to the fact that electronic business document management guarantees efficiency of data storage and it is no longer expensive as it used to be and it is obvious that many people are seeing the usefulness of the application to their businesses all over the world.

Among the numerous benefits of using business document management software (DMS) are the following.

All business documents stored electronically: When you adopt DMS in your business, all your business documents can be stored electronically and that maximises the speed of document storage and retriever process. So, searching for any document or for a specific document or documents containing a particular phrase or phrases which could have taken much of your time before becomes easier with DMS; you are such of getting your search results instantly. No wonder many have likened the business document management software to a magic.

DMS saves time and costs: Time is what is regarded as very valuable in modern business as ever, so that document management software helps to save time spent in managing your business documents both storage and retriever. Your employees can therefore utilise more of their time on other important tasks within your business which of course will save costs since more work will be done in less time. That is sure to improve your business fortune in more ways than could have been imagined.

DMS and document indexing: Document management applications help to give real reference structure to documents and that is what makes searching for the stored documents easier. With a robust indexing system, the DMS enable fast indexing and retriever of documents by content with the aid of full text tagging of documents.

Ease of DMS integration: Most business document management software integrates seamlessly into any Microsoft Windows application system. SQL or Oracle files and Windows Active Register or LDAP protection devices can be integrated as a functional part of DMS and it can be applied without any hassle into factually all business company structure.

DMS and ease of access to records: Through your computer systems, your employees are granted access to important documents from anywhere in real time with the use of DMS. However, a secured multidimensional system allows employees to see and edit only the documents they are granted access to.

DMS and business customization: To ensure your business gain competitive advantage, business document management software applications can be adapted to suit your business needs and also guarantee the efficiency of your business set up. If you are looking for such a DMS product, it is good to ensure you acquire the one that will incorporate the seamless integration of your business infrastructure.  Document management software has imaging capability that promises amazing customization and it is sure to be the product to enhance your business operations.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Document Management Software Makes File Cabinets Obsolete

Thursday, April 28th, 2011
Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

In times past, businesses relied heavily on paper document filing systems and file cabinets to file and also to retrieve their documents when they choose to. However, times have changed and file cabinets are quickly becoming obsolete giving way to electronic business document management with the application of document management software

There are many benefits associated with the use of electronic business document management over the old fashioned paper documentation systems which use the file cabinets.  File cabinet document filing system requires more and more physical space with increase in the quantity of paper documents available for filing while electronic system requires just the bits and bytes of your computer and the electronic filing software for filing your business documents after scanning which will not compete with your employees for space.

The world is gradually going green in factually all things and lovers of the environmentally green concepts have argued in defence of the preservation of trees from which tens of thousands of sheets of papers were made for writing, office and contract documentation purposes. Think of it, when sheets of papers are discarded they turn into methane gas by chemical means which when burnt makes the environment unsafe for human habitation. However, by making use of the document management software process to file your business documents, you would through your business help to protect the forests and also help to protect the environment and keep it safe for human habitation.

The process of accessing and retrieving your data is another very important benefit of electronic business document management. It is much easier when compared to working with and filling paper documents. When more than one employee needs to work with a paper document, there is always the need to make copies of that document for easy accessibility by every employee concerned but with the use of document management software, the need to make copies becomes eliminated as employees authorised to have access to any document stored online can do so at any point in time and at the same time in different locations real time.

The security of your business documents are better guaranteed with electronic storage of files as most common business document management software available make use of the most reliable firewall technology security systems to protect your documents at all times and yet you are allowed the ease of access any time without any encumbrance from the security features since you and any other employees authorised by you will be given free access. In fact, your employees may also be restricted to the level of access you want them to have to your business documents once they have been scanned and stored with the aid of the document management software.

It is sure that the need to file business documents will always remain with us though methods of filing or managing information may change. It is then necessary to endeavour to go with the evolving trend in information management and the way to go when it comes to electronic document filing is the use of the business document management software.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”


The Benefits of Business Document Management Software

Thursday, April 28th, 2011
Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Business document management software is fast becoming a magic wand for all businesses- both small and large companies alike-as the business world  witness a major shift from the traditional paper filing to the all-inclusive electronic integration and preservation of business documents and files online. Fortunately, your business no matter its line of work, can now gain from the array of many benefits which the business document management software provides.

Here are the key benefits your business stands to gain as you integrate the document management software into your daily business operation and management.

Ease of access to your vital documents: Document management software offer you the ease of access to your vital documents when you need them most without any hassle. Though some brands of this software may give your members of staff minor learning curve depending on their ability to manipulate computer systems but the general experience of many users shows a desirable learning curve with the use of this computer software over the old fashioned way of doing everything by hand. The software therefore guarantees your business its document management efficiency that has no end.

Effective cost control: Business document management software offers you a cost effective approach to doing business mainly because it does not require upfront payments and neither do you have to buy any additional hardware to make it fully operational in compatibility with your computer systems. Moreover, the software offers your company its services on pay-as- you- go basis in most cases which is good to enable businesses budget accordingly.

Seamless integration with file scanning services: Document management software systems work seamlessly with computer file scanning systems so that all kinds of scanned files such as letters, receipts, designs and drawings, invoices, microfilm, and others can easily be stored online.

Reliable firewall security: Online business document management software systems use the best form of firewall computer technology to protect all your documents and ensure that you can always trust its security and reliability at all times- no wonder, important government organs like the Home Office and the Pentagon are top users of this important online document filing systems.

While the software guarantees adequate security provisions for your documents, your ease of access at any time to these documents is unfettered so that you are assured your documents are securely protected from any unauthorised access.

Guarantees business continuity: Once your business documents are kept online with the use of this software, your business continuity is enhanced.  That means, in the eventuality that the worst disaster such as fire or flood happens, you can be very confident that your business files are secure.

Power of control and productivity: When you have your documents stored online by using the business document management software systems, you would have absolute control over things like who has the right to access your files and to what extent such right is permitted in relation to functions that can be carried out on your documents.

This online system of file storage also enables your employees to be more productive since accessing any document will always be a click away. 

Document Management Software With Document Capture Combined

Monday, April 18th, 2011

steve-in-white-1Decisions in any business are based on organizational knowledge. In today’s business environment, this knowledge rests not only with some top executives of an organization, but also with the databases and documents that an enterprise maintains. It’s the speed and accuracy with which information can be retrieved that the success of a business largely depends. Digital document management has made it possible to create and store information, and organize it for easy retrieval.

There are generally two types of documents that any organization handles, one that is produced by the organization and second, received from the outside. Most of this documentation in the form of financial statements and monthly or yearly reports come in handy for analysts to formulate future goals and assess current status of the business. Critical information is also received from the outside in the form of invoices, suggestions from clients or customers, letters of complaint and so on. This data comes in several formats, both electronic and paper.

Document capture forms an important part of recording every piece of information received by your organization. If you do not convert paper documents to digital format, it cannot be included in your analysis. This can be of great importance when making critical business decisions. Though scanning a document converts it into an image, it’s of no value without the corresponding metadata which makes it searchable and retrievable. Document management software provides a unique solution to this problem, as every data from a paper document can be captured and stored on the computer.

Document capture can be defined as a process that converts paper information into electronic format, which can then be processed and stored using various technologies. Some important components of the document capture process are:

Scanning or document capture: When a document is scanned it produces an image on the screen of the computer which can be stored on the computer like any other file. Several factors must be considered when choosing a scanner depending on requirement and average number of documents likely to be processed every day. For instance, size, quality of paper, volume is some factors that you must keep in mind. Scanners are extremely handy and can process a variety of documents, from business cards to engineering drawings.

Automatic document feeder: Optimum use of document management software can be made only if you have automatic document feeder. This device feeds paper automatically into the scanner and speeds up the process significantly. The device is quite useful for processing bulk documents such as invoices and forms.

Speed and accuracy: Speed with which documents are processed by document management software decides the quality of the document. Ideally, a standard sized scanner can process anywhere between 6 to 200 pages per minute. However, considering optimal performance, a processing speed of 20-30 pages per minute should suffice for everyday use.

Image cleanup: Most scanners come with enhanced technology to apply cleanup techniques to increase accuracy of data. Contrast adjustment, noise removal, rebuilding broken characters and cropping borders are some of the cleanup techniques used in scanners. This helps in capturing all the information in the original document without compromising on its accuracy.

Data extraction: As in the case of paper documents, digital document management too requires extraction, storage and appropriate indexing of useful information. Document management software normally has an indexing system which organizes documents in form that can be easily searched and retrieved when needed. As such, accurate extraction and storage of information is one of the most important features of any document capture solution.

A digital document management system must perform various tasks to make the scanned data readable and useful for the organization. As each type of document needs to be processed in a different manner, the document management software must be customizable to meet these requirements. New technology has provided a great tool in the form of document management systems to maximize productivity and increase profitability, and is one of the best investments that you can make for your business.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Document Management Software Cuts Costs

Monday, March 14th, 2011

steve-in-white-1Computer technology was incorporated by many companies and organizations throughout the world as a means to automate information management processes. However, many still continue using paper based documents for a variety of reasons. For instance, many companies receive documents in paper format or have important archived documents in paper format. Even if receiving paper documents cannot be helped, filing, storing and sharing of such documents has to be done manually. This turns out to be quite inefficient, unsustainable and costly, compared to an automated system using document management software.

Many enterprises do not realize the loss they incur when handling physical documents. The loss of time and human resources in manual processing of documents is rather staggering. Apart from this, carelessness when handling critical documents, albeit unintentional, can prove to be disastrous for your business. Any organization can take care of common hazards and errors encountered while processing important documents, simply by adopting an electronic documentation system. Document management systems come with automatic data capture feature that can be programmed to scan and store data systematically. By doing this a well-organized approach can be incorporated to create, update, change, store, search and retrieve important information.

Some important features of document management software include:

Import document: The performance, usability and sustainability of a document management system entirely depends on how quickly and efficiently documents in different formats, from wide range of sources, can be imported into the system. Automatic data capture is one of the most important features of a document management system. The entire purpose of automatic capture of information is to reduce manual work and resulting errors.

Automatic filing: The document management system can be easily automated to capture and organize data, so that every document is saved in the right place. Document management software offers a variety of methods of integrating index data obtained from different sources such as databases, text files, address books and forms. Some of the methods are standard to all software while others can be customized depending on the requirements of your business.

Integrated system: A document management system offers an integrated platform to manage both paper and electronic documents. For instance, your office may receive invoices in both paper and electronic format. The document management system can be used to extract information from both types of documents and process it as required by company policy.

Disaster recovery: This is again an important part of electronic document management system. Though most companies find it easier to handle paper documents simply because they are used to it, paper is vulnerable to errors and hazards. For instance, a paper document can get completely destroyed in a fire or misplaced when passing from desk to desk. On the other hand, electronic documents can be easily stored, backed up and retrieved.

Apart from the benefits it offers in terms of document processing, document management software also helps cut costs. On an average, a company spends $20 per hour in searching for misplaced or non-existent files. Similarly, many man-hours are wasted in recreating lost documents. Using automatic data capture you can reduce manual handling of paper documents. Along with this, the information now in electronic format can be easily shared and backed up, reducing the hazard of losing or recreating documents.

Photocopying and printing paper documents are again costly, and this is greatly reduced when you use digital document management system. Apart from this, you no longer require bulky filing cabinets eating up your office space. Every piece of information in your paper files can be imported onto your computer system and organized using document management system. This reduces the need for physical storage space, both inside and outside the office.

Demand for information can come from many sources including upper management and regulatory authorities. Keeping control of proliferating paper and electronic documents can become quite a hassle, especially when making critical decisions for your business. With document management software you can take care of all your document processing needs and ensure consistency in work, thus achieving your business goals.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Document Management Software for SMBs

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

steve-in-white-1Document management has evolved in the past few decades, from records being maintained on registers to the Relational Database Management System and document management software. Information technology has changed the way businesses function today. Most government organizations and industry sectors like engineering, construction, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and banks already have a document management system in place. However, in today’s business environment, every type of organization requires a document management system, no matter what its size or function.

Even if you own a small or mid-sized business, maintenance of different types of records and documents must be of utmost importance. If you are frequently facing problems such as loss of documents, misplaced reports or accidental deletion of records, you definitely require professional document management software. A document management system is not just a software with fancy features. It is a combination of different technologies brought together to provide a sophisticated and comprehensive document management solution. Some technologies used in electronic document management system are:

Automatic data capture or digital imaging: The digital imaging systems in the form of scanners, form recognition packages and character readers convert paper documents into digital documents. Such a system enables employees to capture, store, search, retrieve and share any type of document stored systematically in a digital format. Automatic data capture saves data in two formats, image or PDF which cannot be modified and text format which can be edited. Both formats may be required at some point in time. For example, image format is ideal for invoices coming from outside, as these will not be modified at any stage during processing and archival.

Workflow: Document management software with workflow systems are aimed at automating the business process. Such a system allows a business to define, manage and control the way information moves through various departments or processes. This enables a business to maintain strict quality control, improve customer service and concentrate on business objectives.

Optical storage: Storage in the form of an optical jukebox has become extremely popular in the recent years. It serves as a great option to online storage and enables storage of large volumes of data. So such a system works best for large volumes of video, images or audio files, say in real estate, medical or construction business.

Groupware systems: Groupware systems support more than two users performing the same set of tasks. Such a system provides an interface that can be shared with other users. Some features of groupware systems include bulletin boards, electronic schedulers and discussion databases, all of which can be incorporated into document management software.

Electronic publishing and sharing: Every type of data can be electronically published on a CD or DVD. Apart from this, data can also be shared or distributed via intranet or the World Wide Web through email.

Automatic data capture, storage, automatic indexing, version control, maintenance, security, automatic retention and deletion, are some of the basic features offered by document management software. The type or version of software you choose would depend on the type of business you have. If you have a small business, then document management software with basic functions such as metadata capture, security, version control and storage would suffice. However, for a mid-sized or large business, you may require additional functions such as automatic conversion, free-text search, large storage capacity, networking, and so on.

Apart from being compatible with your existing system of document management, the software you choose must enable you to follow government standards for electronic document management. For instance, public records such as company policy should be easily accessible, whereas confidential documents must have adequate security and access control. With the right type of document management solution you will certainly be able to take care of administrative, technical and legal requirements related to document management.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”