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Document Management Software for Healthcare Facilities

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011
Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Document management software is as relevant in health organizations as it is in any other sector of the economy. All hospitals and other medical facilities need to deploy adequate business document management software systems in order to improve their productivity both in the short and in the long terms. The business document management solution also ensures improvement in operating activities and compliance with regulatory standards and procedures.

The boat-load of administrative procedures handled by hospitals and other healthcare facilities occupy a substantial amount of time and therefore add to the operating costs incurred within the healthcare system. The application of document management software system within a healthcare setting works to centralize numerous pieces of information and it helps to integrate them for use at any time by multiple sections or departments.

Effective business document management solution combines the field of information science and healthcare basics into an electronic software system database program that connects all aspects of a patient’s health records, the patient care logs, the financial statement or reimbursement record, and all privacy protection legalities fused into each patient’s records. The database structures and organizational features incorporated into this software also integrate well with meeting the requirements of HIPAA for patient privacy and easy access to records when needed.

Healthcare administrative application of document management software: Where there are multiple pieces of a patient’s information documented in files, on medical forms and on receipt slips, it becomes difficult if not impossible for such pieces of information to be accessed by all departments of a healthcare facility at the same time. Therefore, when it comes to tracking a patient’s medical history, legalities and financials within a healthcare setup, document management software streamlines information access in a way that anyone who accesses a patient’s medical records will have access to the most comprehensive and updated documentation always.

Document management software system improves patients’ healthcare account payables or payment reimbursement procedures: When it comes to payment reimbursement procedure, it is typical for a healthcare facility especially a hospital to have to relate with multiple health insurance providers where different insurance policies and patient’s out of pocket costs and insured services are all different from one health insurance provider to the other. When document management software is deployed, it permits various reimbursement procedures to be carried out electronically by automation programming based on the records documented in each patient’s database. Since it is certain that there will be inflow of much documentation, business document management system incorporates document imaging device which automatically allows immediate transfer of new pieces of paperwork information into the database of each patient.

Clinical healthcare applications of document management software: Effective document management software solution is built around the electronic health records of each individual so that patients vital information like demography, progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, medical history, results of laboratory tests, and records of immunization are preserved for clinical uses. It follows then that every pertinent detail needed for clinical decisions for each patient is available in one place. The likelihood of overlapping or repeating medication or other services are also eliminated with the application of the document management software since care received from outside health facilities can easily be included in the patient’s existing electronic record and quality control is therefore assured.


Document Management Software is a Perfect Fit

Saturday, May 21st, 2011
Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Business document management software is a perfect fit for all kinds of businesses; small and mid-sized companies inclusive. As a perfect fit, document management software has come to replace the file cabinets so perfectly and even much more with many benefits over and above the file cabinets. For example, document management software fits into the doctors ‘offices and relieves the offices of many paper based files and at the same time preserve the medical diagnostic  files online to meet regulatory requirements. Business document management application does a similar thing to the lawyer’s office and makes it free of all the old case files while the documents will continue to be legally and properly kept electronically.

The amount of floor space paper documents and file cabinets occupy and the time and human power spent in filing and retrieving documents the traditional way constitute the biggest headaches of businesses. Therefore, business document management can go far to ease every known documents storage headaches for all professionals including doctors and lawyers and therefore boost their efficiency.

The reasons you should dump the file cabinets for document management software includes the followings:

1.      It is often difficult to retrieve the documents if you are not on site or if the person who does the filing is away from your office. With the document management software, you can have access to your documents at anywhere real time with no confusion because the files will all be indexed and stored.

2.      Business document management will help you avoid jinx of any sort that sometimes occur when you have to locate important files urgently. No matter the quantity of your data base, you will never lose any file once you deploy the electronic document management solutions.

3.      You gain the time needed to re-file a document after use into a file cabinet when you deploy the document management application.

Now, here are some of the numerous benefits of using the document management in your organization.

Capacity to import: Good business document management software will enable you to import your file into where you would be able to organize and then store it where you wish to for easy retrieval.

Common storage: You can store all of your documents together according to your choice regardless of origin and file type. So, all drawings, correspondences, e-mails, images, MS office files, and other kinds of files can be stored together.

Ease of Retrieval: The rate at which you are able to find any document stored with the aid of the document management software determines how good the electronic file storage is. Within seconds, any document can be found when you deploy the document management system simply by using search terms which may be in full or in part.

Permits editing of files: Documents store online with the aid of the document management software can be edited at will by you or whoever you authorise to do so.

Improvement in automation and efficiency: The business document software guarantees the efficiency of your business operation and in fact, it allows automation so that things you were doing on paper before can now be done in a more efficient way. The security of your documents is guaranteed so that you alone can determine who should have access to your documents.

Document Management Software is Magic

Monday, May 2nd, 2011


Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Document management software is a management application that is sure to take your business ahead of the pack and it never hurts to be ahead. Business document management has increasingly become famous among all categories of business ventures irrespective of size. The increased popularity of DMS is primarily due to the fact that electronic business document management guarantees efficiency of data storage and it is no longer expensive as it used to be and it is obvious that many people are seeing the usefulness of the application to their businesses all over the world.

Among the numerous benefits of using business document management software (DMS) are the following.

All business documents stored electronically: When you adopt DMS in your business, all your business documents can be stored electronically and that maximises the speed of document storage and retriever process. So, searching for any document or for a specific document or documents containing a particular phrase or phrases which could have taken much of your time before becomes easier with DMS; you are such of getting your search results instantly. No wonder many have likened the business document management software to a magic.

DMS saves time and costs: Time is what is regarded as very valuable in modern business as ever, so that document management software helps to save time spent in managing your business documents both storage and retriever. Your employees can therefore utilise more of their time on other important tasks within your business which of course will save costs since more work will be done in less time. That is sure to improve your business fortune in more ways than could have been imagined.

DMS and document indexing: Document management applications help to give real reference structure to documents and that is what makes searching for the stored documents easier. With a robust indexing system, the DMS enable fast indexing and retriever of documents by content with the aid of full text tagging of documents.

Ease of DMS integration: Most business document management software integrates seamlessly into any Microsoft Windows application system. SQL or Oracle files and Windows Active Register or LDAP protection devices can be integrated as a functional part of DMS and it can be applied without any hassle into factually all business company structure.

DMS and ease of access to records: Through your computer systems, your employees are granted access to important documents from anywhere in real time with the use of DMS. However, a secured multidimensional system allows employees to see and edit only the documents they are granted access to.

DMS and business customization: To ensure your business gain competitive advantage, business document management software applications can be adapted to suit your business needs and also guarantee the efficiency of your business set up. If you are looking for such a DMS product, it is good to ensure you acquire the one that will incorporate the seamless integration of your business infrastructure.  Document management software has imaging capability that promises amazing customization and it is sure to be the product to enhance your business operations.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Document Management Software Cuts Costs

Monday, March 14th, 2011

steve-in-white-1Computer technology was incorporated by many companies and organizations throughout the world as a means to automate information management processes. However, many still continue using paper based documents for a variety of reasons. For instance, many companies receive documents in paper format or have important archived documents in paper format. Even if receiving paper documents cannot be helped, filing, storing and sharing of such documents has to be done manually. This turns out to be quite inefficient, unsustainable and costly, compared to an automated system using document management software.

Many enterprises do not realize the loss they incur when handling physical documents. The loss of time and human resources in manual processing of documents is rather staggering. Apart from this, carelessness when handling critical documents, albeit unintentional, can prove to be disastrous for your business. Any organization can take care of common hazards and errors encountered while processing important documents, simply by adopting an electronic documentation system. Document management systems come with automatic data capture feature that can be programmed to scan and store data systematically. By doing this a well-organized approach can be incorporated to create, update, change, store, search and retrieve important information.

Some important features of document management software include:

Import document: The performance, usability and sustainability of a document management system entirely depends on how quickly and efficiently documents in different formats, from wide range of sources, can be imported into the system. Automatic data capture is one of the most important features of a document management system. The entire purpose of automatic capture of information is to reduce manual work and resulting errors.

Automatic filing: The document management system can be easily automated to capture and organize data, so that every document is saved in the right place. Document management software offers a variety of methods of integrating index data obtained from different sources such as databases, text files, address books and forms. Some of the methods are standard to all software while others can be customized depending on the requirements of your business.

Integrated system: A document management system offers an integrated platform to manage both paper and electronic documents. For instance, your office may receive invoices in both paper and electronic format. The document management system can be used to extract information from both types of documents and process it as required by company policy.

Disaster recovery: This is again an important part of electronic document management system. Though most companies find it easier to handle paper documents simply because they are used to it, paper is vulnerable to errors and hazards. For instance, a paper document can get completely destroyed in a fire or misplaced when passing from desk to desk. On the other hand, electronic documents can be easily stored, backed up and retrieved.

Apart from the benefits it offers in terms of document processing, document management software also helps cut costs. On an average, a company spends $20 per hour in searching for misplaced or non-existent files. Similarly, many man-hours are wasted in recreating lost documents. Using automatic data capture you can reduce manual handling of paper documents. Along with this, the information now in electronic format can be easily shared and backed up, reducing the hazard of losing or recreating documents.

Photocopying and printing paper documents are again costly, and this is greatly reduced when you use digital document management system. Apart from this, you no longer require bulky filing cabinets eating up your office space. Every piece of information in your paper files can be imported onto your computer system and organized using document management system. This reduces the need for physical storage space, both inside and outside the office.

Demand for information can come from many sources including upper management and regulatory authorities. Keeping control of proliferating paper and electronic documents can become quite a hassle, especially when making critical decisions for your business. With document management software you can take care of all your document processing needs and ensure consistency in work, thus achieving your business goals.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Document Management Software With Automatic Data Capture

Friday, March 4th, 2011

steve-in-white-1Computer systems were incorporated by many businesses and organizations with a view to automating document processing and reducing administrative burdens on their staff. However, without particular types of software systems, electronic documents are no better than paper files. For instance, even if you save all your documents in digital format, you may still end up searching for the files in the numerous folders on your computer. Document management software provides the very solution to such problems.

With computerized systems most businesses started dealing with electronic documents in every possible way. However, many were still handling paper documents created prior to adoption of a digital system. Organizations usually require older files such as contracts, agreements and other legal paperwork, client information, policies and financial documents. With automatic data capture feature of document management software, paper files can be easily converted into digital format. In fact, such files are also easier to save and store, eliminating the need for massive storage spaces needed for archival files. Apart from this, digital files are also easier to search and retrieve when required.

Many businesses thought it impossible to have a system that requires minimal manual intervention. The macro and coding options provided by some database management systems and customized software based on them, were thought of no less than a miracle. However, with digital imaging incorporated into document management systems, the automatic data capture provides a system which minimizes manual entry to a large extent. Software with form recognition facility captures relevant data from a document and automatically enters it into a tabulated format. For instance, fields on an invoice such as date, invoice number, order number, number of items and so on, are captured through a scanner or OCR system and fed into the software. The software then saves this data systematically for later use.

There are tremendous possibilities presented by such a system. Ask any employee the amount of time taken in manually entering scores of invoices or order forms coming in every day. The amount of time saved with automatic data capture is truly phenomenal, where the time saved can now be utilized for better purposes. Such a solution also helps in streamlining the documentation process. With document management software, your employees and administrative staff can concentrate on achieving the business goals and work towards better services for your clients and customers.

Some processes that can be achieved using document management software are:

· Scanning and capture of relevant information from printed documents

· Capture of electronic documents including emails

· Systematic saving and indexing of data captured

· Easy storage and retrieval when required

· Integration with existing hardware and software systems including spreadsheets and word processing solutions

· Document processing including auto-submission of final draft or delivery of an item to clients

Document management systems were usually associated with large organizations dealing with thousands of documents, which is true. However, timely and accurate information is of utmost importance to every organization, no matter how big or small. Every decision is virtually dependent on how fast information can be retrieved and processed for use by higher management and your clients. In this regard, every establishment handling documents will require a document management system at some point in time. Usually thought of as expensive, document management software have become more affordable and accessible today. They have also become more user-friendly and easy to incorporate into the existing system.

Apart from remote access, data backup and disaster recovery, document management systems is one of the top ten technologies that businesses must adopt in order to stay ahead of the competition. Clients and customers today expect quick solutions to their problems and faster delivery of information or items. The work environment has also become more competitive. With professional document management software, your staff is equipped to handle such an atmosphere and you can surely hope to achieve success for your business.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Digital Document Management is Not Just MainStream

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

steve-in-white-1Records management has gained importance in the past few years, especially in view of regulatory compliance introduced by the government. Legal, financial and government organizations are always required to maintain proper records by virtue of their role and task, and have been known to be meticulous with information management. On the other hand, general recordkeeping with corporate and other private entities was not standardized, which is why regulatory norms such as HIPAA have been formulated. In view of this, document management software is something your organization will surely require at some point in time.

Computer systems and digital document management came as something that ‘can be’ used rather than ‘should be’ used. However, with the regulatory compliance issues, recordkeeping and information management requirements have changed. For instance, as per different regulations, any type of information should be accessible, classified appropriately and easily retrievable, whenever needed. Apart from this, no part of any information should be modified without prior permission or authorization. Some ways in which document management can help in recordkeeping are:

Capture records: Records may be in different formats such as documents, blueprints, audio files, photographs, databases and maps. The automatic data capture feature of document management software scans and registers a record using a unique ID along with the time and date when the document was added into the system. Along with this it also captures metadata details such as author, purpose of creation, source and so on.

Audit requirements: Companies are often required to maintain a record of flow of information through different departments. A digital document management system helps keep track of all the processes pertaining to a document. These may include creation, modification, updation, access and distribution of documents. For instance, at any point you can check who accessed which document and with whom was it shared.

Security and control: The main purpose of recordkeeping is that the information should be available whenever needed, making security a top priority. Apart from this, many establishments also look for solutions to problems such as loss of documents, accidental deletion and so on. With document management software you can monitor and control access to various records. For instance, you can have privacy settings such that documents are available on to those departments that need them, while others can only view and read them.

Automate retention and destruction of records: Not all records will be required for long term usage and some may be deleted after a certain period of time. With document management software you can automate the process of storing important records and deleting redundant ones. For instance, once a file has been converted into a new format, those in older formats will not be required anymore and can be deleted.

Store and preserve records: Risk management is one of the most important aspects of recordkeeping. With document management software you can easily backup all types of data for long term use. Apart from this, you can also migrate records to a newer system of hardware and software whenever needed, without loss of critical information.

Records are maintained by different establishments for various purposes ranging from administration and technical reporting to organizational policy. Most businesses require information management for functional purpose such as evidence of work done. A well-organized document management system will surely enable and support your organization’s vision and mission.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Document Management Software Aids in HIPAA Regulation

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Steve Breault

Technology has changed the way the world functions today. People today want instant solutions to their problems, technical or administrative, and immediate access to information. With most organizations maintaining millions of records in the form of personal information of their clients, financial statements and policies, compliance with HIPAA is one of the biggest concerns.

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, formulated and enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1996. The act has two parts, Title I and Title II, each stating different regulations to be followed with respect to health records. Title I covers availability, portability and continuity of health insurance coverage in the individual as well as group markets. Title II covers accountability of information so as to avoid fraud and abuse of health insurance coverage. It basically covers the Administrative Simplification and requires maintenance of national standards with regard to digital document management of health related information.

It is a wrong notion that HIPAA is only related to healthcare institutes. The law is applicable for all organizations maintaining health records and health insurance information of their employees or clients. This is where document management software can be of tremendous help. The storage and security features of document management software can help you monitor flow of information, retrieve desired data at any time and regulate access to the records.

The Security Rules under HIPAA was formulated and released for compliance in 2003. The law covered different aspects regarding security of information, including administrative, technical and physical safety standards to be followed when maintaining electronic data. With document management software you can easily take care of all these points and ensure compliance with HIPAA. Ways in which document management software can help are:

Administrative safety standards: The access control and privacy settings of document management software allow you to prevent unauthorized access to all type of information. This ensures that the confidentiality of health related data is maintained at all times. As per HIPAA, information related to health insurance should not be accessed by anyone without prior approval. With a document management system, the flow of documents and information, from creation to storage can be easily tracked. This allows you to monitor changes and check if there was any unapproved access.

Technical safety standards: Digital document management allows you to back up all types of information, thus ensuring retrieval in case the data is accidentally erased or modified. This also ensures data integrity, as the copy of original information is always intact in the form of a backup. As per HIPAA, you are also required to enforce data encryption when it is transferred over open networks. Since data can be shared through email or web-based document management, with a professional document management system, you can be completely sure of security of information.

Physical safety standards: As per HIPAA, the software and hardware used for maintaining health insurance records should be in proper condition and free from frequent breakdowns. With the access control features you can ensure that the information is created, modified, stored or deleted by authorized personnel only. This way the information will be accessed only when needed, resulting in better maintenance of both hardware and software. This will also ensure that any personnel coming for repair or maintenance of hardware and software are unable to access any information.

The implementation of Privacy and Security Rules has changed the way health related information is handled by various organizations. Confidentiality is a major concern of both clients and employees when it comes to their health records. Document management software provides a foolproof way to protect the privacy of all information pertaining to your clients or employees and ensure security at all levels.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Document Management Software Replaces File cabinets

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Steve Breault

Document management is an integral part of the administrative system of any organization. Your business objectives or goals can never be reached successfully without a robust document management system. Besides automation, there are several benefits of installing document management software for your business. Higher level of security, better storage options and saving cost on material such as stationery, printers and filing cabinets, are some of them.

With almost every software company coming up with document management solutions, getting document management software that meets your needs can become a bit confusing. Automatic data capture, OMR processing, barcode reading, version control and auto filing of documents in Windows folders are some of the features offered by document management software. However, requirements would differ from business to business and you will have to evaluate your needs before purchasing a document management system. Some features that you must consider include:

Functions related to records management: The software should be able to regulate the creation, modification and maintenance of the digital records. Easy search and access are two of the most important features of a document management system that you must look for. The software should be able to search and retrieve records using keywords or names of files or other conventions such as ID number of files stored on the system. Apart from this, it should be able to file, store and update electronic records. It should also be able to track movement of records or files between different users. For instance, in case a report or policy file was shared or distributed among employees, the software should keep a record of users to whom the files were sent.

General functions: Though you must look for features specific to your business requirements, the document management software you choose should definitely have general functions. Software developers usually include Help files and Menu shortcuts so that the software is easy to use. Make sure that the software you choose is simple to learn and operate. For instance, the Menus and Commands of the software should be easy to understand and operate. Similarly, the error messages should be easy to follow and rectify.

Customization: Though automatic data capture always forms part of a document management system, you must look for software that can be modified to meet the specific requirements of your business. As such, the software must be customizable so that particular requirements pertaining to your business can be incorporated. For instance, following a naming convention for files or documents always makes it easy to search or file. This is can easily be implemented if the software is customizable.

Manage different file formats: As your business grows you will be using several file formats such as videos or audio files for presentations, PDF, text, images, and so on. Make sure you select software that supports all types of file formats. For instance, a relational database system can support only tabulated data. However, such a system will not be feasible when your records contain other file formats.

Performance: The document management software you choose should be compatible with your current computer system. However, if you are planning to change or upgrade to a higher version of the hardware, make sure the document management software you purchase is compatible with the new system. Also, in case you plan to upgrade the hardware system at a later stage, the software should be able to adapt to the new system.

Once you have selected software that meets your requirements, make sure it is tested with mock records and file formats before you make the purchase. This is because in case there is a problem, it is fixed before the software is installed for your entire office. This can be done either at the vendors’ place or by installing the trial version of the software on one of the computers in your office.

Automatic data capture will be one of the primary features of any document management system that you choose. Apart from this, an important point to consider is versions of software available, so you can simply upgrade to another version instead of purchasing a new software as the need arises.

Go Paperless – Save Time With Document Imaging Software

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

Since companies are hesitant to go paperless, or to create a paperless office, they are missing out on the opportunity to save a lot of time and make work easier for their employees. Completely eliminating paper will create more space in the workplace and a faster acquisition of documents and information.

Document imaging is the primary tool in starting a paperless office. They are systems that can replicate documents and come in the form of copiers, scanner or other paperless software that can capture, save and reprint images. While these tools are relatively expensive, investing on them will result in bigger benefits and less cost to your company in the future.

Document imaging software is a space saver. Since your records are stored electronically, you will no longer need filing cabinets, drawers and storage boxes to keep your documents. These types of furniture are huge and heavy, so if you have a small office, movement will be limited with these around. All you need is a computer with a hard drive that can handle the software and your documents.

You will also save a lot more time when looking for records since you don’t need to open a bunch of cabinets just to acquire one document. Instead, all you need is to type in the file name or title of the document in the software and your stored information will be shown in seconds. With this, your employees can perform more tasks in a lesser amount of time.

Another beefit is customer satisfaction. Customers who come to the office with their queries and needs often have other appointments to attend to, so their patience is limited especially if they have to wait a long time before being entertained. The software you use will help you respond to your customer’s requests quicker and your satisfaction rating will increase. You will also be able to serve double the number of customers in the time you spent manually searching for records.

Document imaging also saves a lot of time when it comes to disseminating information. Say you are the CEO of your company and about to attend a business meeting. A few minutes before presenting your data, you realize that you forgot your papers in the office. You will waste a lot of time and embarrass yourself by making your clients wait for you if you decide to go back to your workplace just to get the documents. On the
other hand, if you make use of software, you can call one of your employees and have him send what you need through e-mail.

If you are unsure of where to start acquiring your document imaging software, one of the popular names is Vircosoft. Vircosoft is the most affordable open source document and management software in the market. It has two products, SMB open source document management software called HighPoint and an Enterprise version dubbed KnowledgeTree. With Vircosoft’s integrated VFilter, it would be easier to manage the number of documents you have stored electronically. Best of all, it is easy to use, so you do not have to worry about spending a lot of time learning how to use it.

The benefits of a paperless office are endless. If you start investing now, you are sure to save a lot of expenses in the long run. Also, not only do you save time and space, you also help the environment. So what are you waiting for? Go paperless now!

Thank you,
Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Go Paperless – Small Price, Huge Value, Fast ROI

Monday, May 24th, 2010

steve-in-white-for-blogsLet me let you in on a secret… vFiler Rapid Indexer makes document imaging, capture and indexing easy and inexpensive.  Hundreds of businesses world-wide are saving thousands of dollars with this powerful Paperless Office solution.

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  • Metadata Publishing
  • Interface to YOUR accounting system through ODBC for data validation
  • File documents to Windows Folders
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