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Digital Document Management Software Creates Employee Retention

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

If we take away the mundane task of filing paper documents and the use of the file cabinets by integrating electronic document management software into your business operations, you will surely see a dramatic positive change. A paperless office also creates a positive attitude among office staff.

Digital document management systems allow you to manage your business documents using your computers and system network  to create, scan, store, retrieve, edit, share, email, and even print your documents at anytime and anywhere you choose to access your documents once they are digitally stored. Performing this task of electronic filing of documents using capture and indexing software is a performance enhancer for any business process and can be used to improve efficiencies and cut overhead cost which is what modern day businesses are aiming at.

Document management software enhances productivity and creates positive attitude to work among office staff in many ways which in turn improves employee retention. Here are some ways this software will help improve employee retention for your business:-

Digital document filing software will help your workers to work smartly: Office staff loves to work smartly and digital document filing solution provides them with the tool for easy access to documents just at the click of a computer mouse without any need for searching through heaps of paper files or looking through file cabinets while keeping customers waiting. Working with digital document management software phases out posting, faxing, printing, and making photocopy of documents before sharing important business information with fellow office staff or a customer which is a smart way of working which employees love.

Electronic document management solution will help your employees to work remotely: Once the business document management software has been incorporated into your business operation, it allows your workers or staff to work remotely and access your documents from anywhere so long there is an internet connection and any type of internet access like dial-up, desktop computer with broadband connection, laptop, Wi-Fi, VPN and PDA. Even smart mobile phones can be used to gain access to your online documents which enhances productivity and makes working fun for employees and it will even encourage them to work from home even at odd hours if necessary.

Business document management software will improve multi-user access and enables your employees to get work done faster: This software allows multiple users to access any given document simultaneously without creating multiple copies of the same document on different computers within the same network since the document management software stores the documents in one central database and it therefore makes sharing of documents among many users easy.

Whenever you choose to manage your office documents digitally, you will be making an important decision that has many inherent benefits in it for you, your employees and the future of your company since employee retention is a crucial factor that helps to improve a business outlook, its efficiency, its profitability and how it is accessed by existing and potential customers.



Document Management Software is the Lastest Business Acquisition

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Business document management software is a tool that saves time, money, and guarantees operational efficiency when installed in the setup of a business or an organization.

There is no doubt that running a business or an organization based on paperwork and file cabinets significantly reduces productivity and increases the costs of doing business in a wide range of processes of which labor costs is substantial.

Document management software permits you to capture, archive, store, and access your business information online. Once the deployment of business document management is accomplished in your business setup, you can access your business information from anywhere, securely and when you need it. Other major benefits of the electronic document software include ease of compliance with regulatory requirements where applicable and disaster recovery support which should give you confidence when it comes to critical documents.

Besides the basic functions of capturing, archiving, storing, and the ease of access to your online documents, business document management software does a lot more in a business or an organization some of which are stated as follows:

Document management software will ease your business inter-departmental approvals and improve customer care: With electronic document management, staff members’ ability to get urgent inter-departmental approvals comes with ease in a record time. This is because this electronic document solution creates a more streamed-lined and functional system for sharing business documents across the departments of a company which helps to improve customer care. Here is a scenario that explains this better:  If a client places a call to the Customer Care Department of your company where the document management software has been installed with a request for a refund, the Customer Care Officials will surely access the document online with ease within seconds. If after discussing with this client the Customer Care Officials proceeded to make a refund, the relevant document can be forwarded to the Billing Department within a record time so that the client gets a refund almost instantly.

Business document management solution improves the operations of a company’s accounting department: In an attempt to ensure a high level of success and return on investment, many businesses have chosen to start their electronic document management software deployment in the accounting department. Typically, document management system can create extreme evident efficiencies within an entire traditional business organization that has a pattern of conventional processes involving paperwork like the purchase order in requisition process of product or service procurement applications through the approval stages to the level of obtaining checks for payment by a bank. In this type of system, delays are bound to occur at some points in the approval process due to the non-availability of one or more of the managers or executives involved.

However, once the electronic document solution is installed in this company’s corporate network, the whole process can be completed in a record time with a single entry of information needed by the requestor and distributed to all managers concerned electronically. The concerned parties can be notified automatically about the arrival of a new document in their mailboxes waiting for their review and action after which the requisition is relayed directly to the purchasing unit while the entire procedure is done speedily and efficiently.

Document Management Software for SMBs

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

steve-in-white-1Document management has evolved in the past few decades, from records being maintained on registers to the Relational Database Management System and document management software. Information technology has changed the way businesses function today. Most government organizations and industry sectors like engineering, construction, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and banks already have a document management system in place. However, in today’s business environment, every type of organization requires a document management system, no matter what its size or function.

Even if you own a small or mid-sized business, maintenance of different types of records and documents must be of utmost importance. If you are frequently facing problems such as loss of documents, misplaced reports or accidental deletion of records, you definitely require professional document management software. A document management system is not just a software with fancy features. It is a combination of different technologies brought together to provide a sophisticated and comprehensive document management solution. Some technologies used in electronic document management system are:

Automatic data capture or digital imaging: The digital imaging systems in the form of scanners, form recognition packages and character readers convert paper documents into digital documents. Such a system enables employees to capture, store, search, retrieve and share any type of document stored systematically in a digital format. Automatic data capture saves data in two formats, image or PDF which cannot be modified and text format which can be edited. Both formats may be required at some point in time. For example, image format is ideal for invoices coming from outside, as these will not be modified at any stage during processing and archival.

Workflow: Document management software with workflow systems are aimed at automating the business process. Such a system allows a business to define, manage and control the way information moves through various departments or processes. This enables a business to maintain strict quality control, improve customer service and concentrate on business objectives.

Optical storage: Storage in the form of an optical jukebox has become extremely popular in the recent years. It serves as a great option to online storage and enables storage of large volumes of data. So such a system works best for large volumes of video, images or audio files, say in real estate, medical or construction business.

Groupware systems: Groupware systems support more than two users performing the same set of tasks. Such a system provides an interface that can be shared with other users. Some features of groupware systems include bulletin boards, electronic schedulers and discussion databases, all of which can be incorporated into document management software.

Electronic publishing and sharing: Every type of data can be electronically published on a CD or DVD. Apart from this, data can also be shared or distributed via intranet or the World Wide Web through email.

Automatic data capture, storage, automatic indexing, version control, maintenance, security, automatic retention and deletion, are some of the basic features offered by document management software. The type or version of software you choose would depend on the type of business you have. If you have a small business, then document management software with basic functions such as metadata capture, security, version control and storage would suffice. However, for a mid-sized or large business, you may require additional functions such as automatic conversion, free-text search, large storage capacity, networking, and so on.

Apart from being compatible with your existing system of document management, the software you choose must enable you to follow government standards for electronic document management. For instance, public records such as company policy should be easily accessible, whereas confidential documents must have adequate security and access control. With the right type of document management solution you will certainly be able to take care of administrative, technical and legal requirements related to document management.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Document Management Software Begins New Era

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Steve Breault

Quick decision making, increase in amount of data, gaining competitive edge over others and need for risk management are some of the factors influencing businesses to adopt document management systems for day-to-day functioning. Apart from this, increasing need to cut costs and optimizing productivity are some of the challenges that businesses face today. Though most companies and organizations today have switched to digital document management, many are yet to utilize this technology to its full potential.

Some methods such as taking backup on CDs and DVDs, using RDBMS and web-based sharing of documents do work to a limited extent. However, document management software presents a more integrated and holistic approach towards information management. Features such as automatic data capture, indexing, easy search and quick retrieval make document management systems an integrated solution.

Streamlining critical operations and increasing efficiency is vital for a business to grow. Some important functions that document management software must perform are:

· Use automatic data capture tool to import documents into the system

· Store and archive data for use when required

· Index documents for easy and quick retrieval

· Provide tools to distribute and share documents at different levels

· Provide tools to protect documents from unauthorized access

The main aim of document management software for your organization should be to simplify business processes and consequently increase efficiency. Along with this, it should help expedite different procedures, promote greater collaboration within departments or organizations and facilitate compliance with filing norms.

Various surveys and research has shown that, on an average a worker spends approximately 12 minutes in processing a document such as a form or an invoice. Out of these, 9 minutes are spent in looking for related data such as previous records or reports. An office makes approximately 20 copies of a document per day, loses at least 1 document out of 20 and spends close to $250 in searching, reordering or recreating a file. Statistics plainly state that precious time is spent in searching and recreating documents, which can otherwise be utilized to review business goals, increase productivity and concentrate on customer satisfaction. Document management software can help your business in several ways such as:

Save time: Document management system helps you answer critical issues immediately by providing required information instantly. Search and retrieval tools help locate documents quickly, thus decreasing processing time. Along with this, the storage and archival features have completely eliminated the issue of lost documents, thus saving time spent on searching and recreating documents.

Cut costs: With everything saved in a digital format, there is no longer need for filing cabinets. Apart from this, most documents can be shared or distributed over a network, thus reducing the cost of printing documents.

Minimize errors: A document management system works with minimum human intervention, thus decreasing common filing mistakes. The automatic data capture features scans and files document in a user-specified windows folder, eliminating any mistakes that may be caused when filing documents.

Increase collaboration: The system is available centrally and is integrated such that documents can be retrieved by anyone who may require it. This helps organizations work in a coordinated manner. For instance, one department need not wait for another to provide any information as all they need is available through document management system.

With rapidly-changing technology, your clients expect quick solutions to their problems and instant access to any information they want. People today are quick to change their service provider even if smallest of problems are not resolved within a given timeframe. It’s needless to say that your business can only compete with its counterparts when you employ the latest tools and assure customer satisfaction.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Go Paperless – Save Time With Document Imaging Software

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

Since companies are hesitant to go paperless, or to create a paperless office, they are missing out on the opportunity to save a lot of time and make work easier for their employees. Completely eliminating paper will create more space in the workplace and a faster acquisition of documents and information.

Document imaging is the primary tool in starting a paperless office. They are systems that can replicate documents and come in the form of copiers, scanner or other paperless software that can capture, save and reprint images. While these tools are relatively expensive, investing on them will result in bigger benefits and less cost to your company in the future.

Document imaging software is a space saver. Since your records are stored electronically, you will no longer need filing cabinets, drawers and storage boxes to keep your documents. These types of furniture are huge and heavy, so if you have a small office, movement will be limited with these around. All you need is a computer with a hard drive that can handle the software and your documents.

You will also save a lot more time when looking for records since you don’t need to open a bunch of cabinets just to acquire one document. Instead, all you need is to type in the file name or title of the document in the software and your stored information will be shown in seconds. With this, your employees can perform more tasks in a lesser amount of time.

Another beefit is customer satisfaction. Customers who come to the office with their queries and needs often have other appointments to attend to, so their patience is limited especially if they have to wait a long time before being entertained. The software you use will help you respond to your customer’s requests quicker and your satisfaction rating will increase. You will also be able to serve double the number of customers in the time you spent manually searching for records.

Document imaging also saves a lot of time when it comes to disseminating information. Say you are the CEO of your company and about to attend a business meeting. A few minutes before presenting your data, you realize that you forgot your papers in the office. You will waste a lot of time and embarrass yourself by making your clients wait for you if you decide to go back to your workplace just to get the documents. On the
other hand, if you make use of software, you can call one of your employees and have him send what you need through e-mail.

If you are unsure of where to start acquiring your document imaging software, one of the popular names is Vircosoft. Vircosoft is the most affordable open source document and management software in the market. It has two products, SMB open source document management software called HighPoint and an Enterprise version dubbed KnowledgeTree. With Vircosoft’s integrated VFilter, it would be easier to manage the number of documents you have stored electronically. Best of all, it is easy to use, so you do not have to worry about spending a lot of time learning how to use it.

The benefits of a paperless office are endless. If you start investing now, you are sure to save a lot of expenses in the long run. Also, not only do you save time and space, you also help the environment. So what are you waiting for? Go paperless now!

Thank you,
Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Go Paperless – Small Price, Huge Value, Fast ROI

Monday, May 24th, 2010

steve-in-white-for-blogsLet me let you in on a secret… vFiler Rapid Indexer makes document imaging, capture and indexing easy and inexpensive.  Hundreds of businesses world-wide are saving thousands of dollars with this powerful Paperless Office solution.

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  • Hardware Independent – Monitors / Watches folders
  • All MFPs and Scanners Supported
  • Capture from Multiple Folders
  • Capture from Outlook
  • OCR Multiple Zones, Full Page, or ALL Pages
  • Batch Process & Separate Documents while Indexing
  • Create Pull-down lists for RAPID-INDEXING
  • Database Lookup (Query) for RAPID-INDEXING
  • Creates searchable PDFs
  • Metadata Publishing
  • Interface to YOUR accounting system through ODBC for data validation
  • File documents to Windows Folders
  • File documents to ODBC databases
  • Automatically File documents to HighPoint™ or KnowledgeTree™
  • Launch HighPoint™ or KnowledgeTree™ Workflows automatically by publishing document types or to specified folders
  • Links HighPoint™ or KnowledgeTree™ metadata

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Steve Breault, “Doc Meister”

The Paperless Office, Beaten to a Pulp and Then Some!

Monday, April 12th, 2010


The Paperless Office has more definitions than, well, definitions. Everyone has an opinion. After over ten years in the business we have pretty much seen them all.

This sound like you? “I want to capture and file incoming images from fax and email. I want to convert & store hard copy paper to an electronic format at bargain basement pricing.  Then I want to easily (automatically if possible) file, store, find and share them and while I save big money.

How? Do your homework on the Search Engines or find a professional to conduct an evaluation of your processes. Buy a good scanner. Buy a good low-cost imaging system that can be easily upgraded as you determine what features you actually need.

Powerful feature-laden systems starting at under $1000.

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The Paperless Office: Software Should Include These Features

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
Steve Breault, CEO

Steve Breault, CEO

The concept of the Paperless Office has been kicked around for years. Some say there will never truly be a Paperless Office. Others tout that it is too hard, too expensive or too complicated for the small and mid-sized business. Twenty years ago they all would have been right. I say it is not only possible today, but necessary to compete. The low-cost and the ease of setting up a Paperless Office is unprecedented.

Why, one might ask? It is the technology and mind-set my friend. What used to be complicated is now so easy, given the right solution, even someone with no computer experience (a rarity today of course) can start work in a Paperless Office environment comfortably and efficiently.

Every office is weighted down with paper, but that does not mean you have to follow suit. This issue is easily solved. What has become even bigger problem to effectively manage are the hundreds; perhaps thousands of electronic images sent and received every day from scan-to email, fax-to-email and attachments of all type formats. Once received, then what?

Traditionally in the absence of an electronic filing system recipients simply created their own filing system on their PC’s. Sound familiar? Need I go through the pitfalls of this type of system? I think not. Too often when a document was needed, post haste, no one could find it. Not a great strategy for the customer standing by, often under pressure, for a copy of a maintenance agreement the auditor needs now.

Have you ever calculated the annual cost to find, retrieve, re-write and reproduce on the good ole’ copy machine? The number will most likely be staggering. Download this Cost Savings Calculator from Vircosoft and see for yourself. We have been working with businesses for over ten years. Once they saw the value, ease-of-use and fast R.O.I. started the transition to The Paperless Office immediately. The R.O.I. can be under six months, often faster.

Today inexpensive world-class software can transition your business to The Paperless Office quickly and easily. Look for these features:

§ Project & Task Management with Gantt Chart

§ Shared Calendars

§ Bulletin Board for Team Collaboration

§ Search folders, document contents and metadata

§ Group and User Level Security

§ Document Audit Trail

§ Check-in and Check-out Documents

§ Document Version History

§ Hardware Independent – Monitors / Watches Folders

§ All MFPs and Scanners Supported

§ Capture from Multiple Folders Simultaneously

§ Capture from Outlook

§ Automatically Split Multi-Page Documents Easily

§ Automatically Straighten, De-speckle, de-skew, rotate and resize images

§ Auto-Orientation

§ Reads 16 Barcode Types (1D and 2D)

§ OCR Multiple Zones, Full Page, All Pages, or Selected Pages

§ Create Searchable PDFs

§ Interface to Your Accounting System through ODBC for data validation

§ UNLIMITED Document Processing – NO CLICK CHARGES

§ High-end Forms Recognition – (form template training)

§ Metadata Publishing

§ Marked Processing

§ OMR Processing

§ Document Imprinting

§ Index and file multiple document types and departments simultaneously

§ Auto-create Windows Folders by User-Definable Indexed Fields

§ Auto-name File Names by User-Definable Indexed Fields

§ Automatically Publish metadata into ODBC compliant databases

§ Automatically Publish documents and metadata into leading Document Management Systems

§ Automatically Publish documents and metadata into SharePoint

§ Automatically Publish documents and metadata into HighPoint™ or KnowledgeTree™

§ Launch Routing work flows inside HighPoint™ or KnowledgeTree™ by Document Type



Make no mistake about it the Paperless Office is here and you can have it. Software from Vircosoft and other major development and distribution companies is available for download and testing free of charge. During these challenging economic times many companies are pondering difficult decisions. No one wants to let an employee go. The Paperless Office can enable someone to work on other tasks that will help maintain the business.


Thank you,

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

The Paperless Office: Defying The Bad Economy

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010


Sales of vFiler™ our document imaging software are UP, UP, UP!

Some people are buying vFiler™ to automatically file documents hands-free into their current document management system and others are creating their Paperless Office by bundling vFiler™ with our HighPoint™ or KnowledgeTree™.

Offering great products and services is one thing. Reaching NEW motivated customers, especially; during a recession (not over yet regardless of what the politicians say), when the private sector is under attack and tumultuous economic times, is quite another!

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Steve Breault “DocMeister”

The Paperless Office Lowers the Cost of Managing Your Business

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Steve Breault

Is your office a beehive of paper-chasing activity? Most have employees scampering around searching for mislaid or lost documents. The time wasted adds up to really big dollars! The Paperless Office makes it easy when anyone wants to find a document by using the retrieval tools available in the document imaging system. Having access when needed is critical. If the documents are easily accessible the cost falls through the floor. Access is provided by the document imaging system. There continues to be major enhancements in scanning technology enabling the conversion of paper documents to electronic images fast, cheap, and easy. Purchasing a business quality scanner moves paper documents into your database system simple.

Your storage system provides long-term and reliable repository for your electronic paper. A reasonably priced storage system will accommodate changing documents, mounting volumes and advancing technology. Indexing creates an organized document filing system and makes future retrieval simple and efficient. A good indexing system will make existing procedures and systems more effective. The Vircosoft retrieval system uses information about the documents, including index and text to find images stored in the system. A good retrieval system will make finding the right documents fast and easy.

Storing records in an imaging system both maximizes retrieval ease and speed and markedly lowers storage cost and employee expenses. Envision being able to look throughout all active and inactive files for any buyer from your desktop. Document Indexing enables you to allocate or route a document to anyone anyplace on the network. Taken in its entirety imagine how much you can reduce the cost of managing your business while increasing your efficiency.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”