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Does a Good Document Management System Really Reduce Operating Costs?

Monday, February 11th, 2013
Steve Breault, President & Founder, Vircosoft

Steve Breault, President & Founder, Vircosoft

Document storage is one issue that both small and large organizations have in common, and with the emergence of latest technology, now many of them are interested in a paperless office, because this makes them more efficient, and also helps in reducing their operational cost. This is the reason why many companies have started using document management system to deal with all office issues. It is a computer based document management system that makes all the difference.

Most of the electronic document retrieval systems have built in feature that helps companies in managing their workflow process smoothly. They will be able to streamline their entire routine to ensure its smooth operation. The automated workflow processing of all vital documents also ensures that only right documents are right employees.

Let’s have a close look at some benefits of electronic document management system (EDMS):

* Less need of space for papers-Commercial space is expensive, and documents can just keep piling up with time. Think of al the money you spend on paper and huge cabinets to store them. You must also consider the commercial space you use to store them. This space can be used to install some equipment or to house more employees.

The implementation of electronic document management system removes all physical issues of managing the documents. In one stroke, you can remove rows and rows of cabinets, and hours spent in managing and retrieving the documents.

* Faster retrieval of documents-The electronic document management system ensures faster retrieval and storage of documents and other important files. All the company files, data, and information is stored in a central database, and is loaded onto the server, and is accessible to all departments and branch offices through network. Therefore, any employee with necessary access rights can retrieve the documents within seconds. Interdepartmental exchange of information is fast and more convenient.

* Savings on time and money-All important documents in a company are centralized using document management system. This makes it easy for employees to locate, retrieve, and edit them. Manual retrieval can take hours, and there is danger of documents getting in wrong hands. This is not so with document management software as only authorized people will be allowed to access the information.

An electronic document management system also means that companies can also comply with rules and regulations easily due to the faster movement of files. The amount of indexing, security control, archiving and audit trails make it easy for companies to comply with various regulatory measures.

Lost files can be a pain, especially if they are important for the operations of a company. All those who use electronic document management system would never suffer from this problem as all vital documents will be there on central database with backup.

* Cost reduction- Lastly, with electronic document management system, there is considerable reduction in the operational cost to the company as it helps companies in getting a clutter free paperless office. As files are now in electronic form, there won’t be any need for spending too much money on paper, toners or printers as there will be less need for printing documents.

How to Choose the Best Document Management System for My Small Business

Monday, February 11th, 2013
Steve Breault

Steve Breault

Being the owner of a small business these days means relying heavily on your computer and the Internet; in fact no new firm these days can be a true success without. Keeping all your information and files in one place has many advantages, an open source document management software being a must for today s astute business man. Below are just five of the features of good software that will allow you to choose from the best and never look back.

Firstly, by using such as system for your small business you will be instantly saving on time and labor. The last thing you need as a new business on a tight budget it to have to employ someone to file paper documents and fetch and carry. By using the best management software this task is performed for you automatically and will allow you to have more time to spend in other areas. With the introduction of a document management system you can also cut back on staff labor, these non core tasks being eliminated and replaced by a computerized system.

Secondly, as a small and new business, your empire will begin to grow. As welcoming as it may be to your eye and to your monthly income, you need to look for a solution that will allow you to continue to grow without having to employ new staff or even worse move to larger premises. By digitizing everything about your business with the help of management software you will instantly eliminate the need for storage for cumbersome paper files.

The third point to the best management system for your documents is that they will prevent disaster occurring. Just as you like to insure your stock in case of burglary, you need a system where your paper files are kept in a condition where they can simply not be destroyed by disaster. To achieve this efficiently you do not only have to transfer all paper documents into digital form but also make regular back ups and burn to CD and DVD. With the best small business solutions you will be reminded of this periodically and given the option to back up or burn to disc.

Next, any small business that finds itself in transit without the correct management system is a disaster just waiting to happen. Only when all your documents have been digitized and backed up can you rest assured that you will be able to access all the information that you need at the touch of a button, from anywhere in the world. You never know when you or your office will need to relocate and by digitally recording and backing up all your files your move will run safely and smoothly.

Lastly, when you are investigating the different options for an open source document management system you need to turn your attention to key employee attrition. With the ability to capture all the work files and knowledge of your best employees in digital form the headache that often arises when training new staff is all but alleviated. A long standing employee can hold a great deal of domain expertise and retraining can be tiring and time consuming; with the best document management system installed this process will be anything but!

Should Your Business Documents Be Operating in the Cloud?

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Steve Breault, President & Founder, Vircosoft

In traditional model of an office structure, organizations generally allocate material, human and technology for taking care of the documents of the organization or the office. Most of these resources are tied down on tasks to deploy, configure, maintain and upgrade the documents of the organization, which usually does not provide much added value in the output. The idea of a paperless office has always been an attractive one and has drawn many business owners towards implementing it in their businesses. In the recent times, Cloud Computing has made many businessmen realize the idea of a paperless office. Cloud computing is a paradigm that provides computing services via the Internet.

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of letting your business documents operate on the Cloud:

1. Little or no provisioning costs.
It is the most attractive advantage presented by cloud computing, and if not the most attractive at least the most obvious advantage of this technology. By leaving the responsibility of document viewing on the document viewing platform provided by the infrastructure provider, the client does not have to worry about buying computer equipment, training personnel for the setup and maintenance of the server.

2. Availability.
With the business documents being on the cloud, the supplier is obliged to ensure that the service is always available to the client. Hence this translates into the documents being always accessible to the client.

3. Access from any location.
Applications designed on the paradigm of cloud computing can be accessed from any computer equipment in the world that is connected to the Internet. Access is usually done through a web browser, which enables the application to be used not only from a desktop computer or a laptop but goes even beyond, allowing the user to use the application even from mobile devices such as smartphones.

As a result of the aforementioned advantages, the business owner can focus more on other aspects of business requirements that have a direct impact on the business processes rather than managing piles of files and cupboards full of old records.

1. Privacy.
One major drawback generated by this technology is of data insecurity. With your business documents being on the cloud, small loophole or a technical glitch can result in big disasters like the confidential information and trade secrets being revealed to competitors.
2. Availability.
While it is true that the availability is an advantage, it remains solely so till the time the service provider maintains the system properly. In the event of a system failure, all your documents go unavailable till the time system is restored.
3. Lack of control over resources.
By having all the infrastructure and even the documents on the servers located in the cloud, the client completely lacks control over resources and even on his own information once it is uploaded to the cloud.
4. Dependency.
In a solution based on cloud computing, the client becomes dependent not only on the service provider, but also on the internet connection because the user must be permanently connected to the internet to access that is in the cloud.
5. Integration.
It might not always be easy to upload and access all your documents on the cloud. One must do a thorough study of the feasibility of such a venture being undertaken before going for it.
It is anybody’s guess that if used with caution and care, business documents of cloud can actually make a paperless office an appealing business prospect. However, these pros and cons of doing so need to be kept in mind in order to be able to best utilize the service.

Indexing Software Saves Time and Money

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Steve Breault, CEO & Founder, Vircosoft

For companies that have thousands of documents and files, whether it is a doctors office, or any other business that deals with various customers, accounts, and internal document work, the use of document indexing software is the ideal option to go with. Not only will this save time for the employees and front office staff who manually index the documents, but it is also going to save money for the company if a top notch document indexing software package is chosen, due to the fact that employees can focus their attention on other tasks that have to get done each day.

In businesses where various documents are added to client files each day, or where new merchandise comes in and has to be filed in to a particular account, the use of document indexing software will automatically do the updating for your business. Where in the past an employee had to pull down the folder, get the client information, and manually input the new information and documents in to their file and account, if the company employs the right document indexing software, this is no longer going to be the case. As soon as the document is inputted in to the system, the software will do the work, and will automatically input the information in to a client account, or in to the information about a particular product type.

By cutting back on the manpower that was required to do this work in the past, when a business chooses the most reliable document indexing software, they can cut back on staff. This is going to save on the cost of employee pay, and it is going to make the office more efficient, as only the most productive workers are going to be on hand, and will be working on other projects which were pushed aside in the past. The daily tasks in the office will also go by much more uniformly when document indexing software is employed in to the day to day business structure. Since employees are going to know their role, they are going to be able to pay more attention to customers, offer better customer care, and perform other tasks that have to get done in the office each day, rather than have to worry about setting aside time to file documents at the end of each business day.

Not only can staff get cut, but time is also going to be saved when the top document indexing software is put in to use at any business infrastructure. Employees can do other important work, the work and documents will automatically update themselves, and the clients are going to find much better customer care and satisfaction, as workers can focus their time on dealing with other issues. So, rather than do it the old way, choosing the top document indexing software on the market is something all business structures should consider, in order to cut costs, save time, and make the entire office structure more streamlined in their daily tasks.



Document Management Software is for ALL Businesses

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Many owners and managers of small and mid-sized businesses think that digital document management solution is for  larger corporations or enterprise sized businesses when in fact, small businesses around the world have begun to deploy document management software into their business operations because the costs have gone down drastically. It is no longer as expensive as it used to be for you to now manage your business documents electronically and have to deal with less paper files while your business runs optimally.

There is no doubt that people all over the world are seeing the benefits of running a paperless office with efficient business document management though a slight learning curve might be experienced depending on your employees’ capability to use the computer systems and the brand of digital document solution being deployed. While some electronic document filing solution will be easier for employees to use than other brands, once your staff gets accustomed to filing and managing your business documents by using computer applications, it will soon be evident to you the height to which document management software will help your business attain through efficiency and optimum employee productivity. Here are some benefits a document management solution will help you achieve:

Easy filing and retrieval of your business documents. Filing your business documents digitally will help you maximize the processes involved with the retrieval and management of files greatly. For example, you could search for documents based on keywords or certain phrases and get your desired results within seconds, whereas such search could have taken hours before. Instant retrieval of documents is possible because when you scan and convert your business files, you can apply optical character recognition which will make it possible for your documents to be searchable based on text content so that searches based on keywords or phrases will return all relevant results to your search query instantly.

Reduced cost for paper management while increasing employee productivity: Since time is more valuable in this modern business age than ever, integrating business document management software in your business setup will help your employees to do more in as little time as possible and hence improve their capacity to concentrate more on tasks that matters most to the growth and profitability of your business. Once efficiency is achieved in running your business, it should save you on costs of doing business while also helping your business to grow in a way that could be difficult to calculate.

Electric document management will make your employees happier and satisfied with doing their work: Document management solution helps employees to speed up their work and employees that accomplish much more in a relatively little amount of time are bound to be happier doing their job. With more productivity and on-the-job improved performance, your team can earn more incentives linked to productivity and business growth and increase their job satisfaction and commitment to the goals of your business. Digital document management software is a win-win for all businesses and their employees.


Why Document Management Software?

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Paper and the file cabinets have always played important roles in running a business and in managing any organization no matter the aims and objectives of the organization. However, paper documents have a way of increasing rapidly and before you realize it, you will have  mountains of paper.  Once your business has collected volumes of paper based files, searching through them will become a serious challenge particularly when you need to look for a document in a hurry; it will take longer to respond to the inquiry of your customers, doing business may soon become a task due to inefficiency, overhead costs may soon increase because some personnel have to be saddled with the job of just searching for paper documents and storage of new ones in file cabinets. Endless is the pain of running a paper based office but such scenarios as this never happen with businesses that have incorporated the computer based paperless business document management software.

There are several ugly sides to running a business without document management software: Many ugly incidences play themselves out in a company that relies on running its business operation with paper documents depending on the size of the company. There are challenges of misplacement or outright loss of important documents, there will be gross inefficiency in sharing documents within a department and across other departments within your company. The process of getting approval by subordinates from their superiors on issues that shouldn’t take time at all may be so prolonged such that the mission statement of your company becomes blurred in the eyes of your employees. Personnel can’t access business documents they need when outside the four walls of your office premises. Now, think of what happens when there are changes in personnel and the person who was in charge of filling your paper documents leaves and you have to search for documents archived for the past 5 five years or more.

Business document management solves business procedural problems: There are tons of problems which the electronic document management software solution will help you solve in running your business. It will help your business run swiftly and efficiently, it will drive the growth of your company and minimize costs of doing business and more importantly, it will help you keep with the competition of running your company in a modern-day business environment.  Once incorporated in the daily operation of your company, this business document management software will help you manage incoming documents with ease, indexing, storage, and retrieval of information will be done electronically with little learning curve experienced by your employees.

Document management software has proved to be a savings and not a cost: When it was first invented, business document management software was expensive and the return on investment was for large businesses only but today, going paperless is simple and cost effective due to the lost in upfront costs and high return after implementation. In fact, there are many companies that have introduced novel approaches to the acquisition of this software which means you can get the software deployed in your business operations right away without breaking the bank and you will start to see the impact of this electronic file document solution as a savings and not a cost.



Easy to Use Document Management Software

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

More and more businesses are switching over from the use of physical paper filing and file cabinets for filing business documents to the all-digital business document management software which makes scanning, storing, searching, editing and sharing of business information easier, faster and secured for all categories of business enterprises. It is obvious that time is a fundamental resource that most people think they don’t have enough of; therefore, document management software provides employees with digital document management and filing tools that saves time and tremendously increases productivity at work.

Relative ease of use of efficient business document management: Most business managers are concerned about how complex or otherwise the office paperless software will be for employees to use since there is no point aiming at employee efficiency if the software solution will slow down business operation when staff finds operating the application complex to manipulate. There are many companies the world over that develop business document management solution and how each brand of software works depends on the company behind it and while we cannot speak for every developer of each brand of paperless office software, we are of the opinion that if you are looking to buy this software and make the running of your company paperless then you need to look for the brand that guarantees easy learning curve for employees and that its simple to use while it retains its usual power of maintaining complete and efficient paperless operational workings of your business.

There is a document management solution for every type of business setup: The operation of business document management spans every business sector. There are legal document filing application meant specially for the legal professional offices, the engineering application that caters for the need of companies in the engineering sector of the economy, and the medical document management software that applies to companies that are in the health based or produced health related products or services. Though the software has different areas of application yet they offer the same functionality and reliability if sourced from a credible company.

How to find the best fit document management software for your business: If you shop around the Internet and even ask for a practical demonstration of the software you are looking to buy where possible, you can get the document management software that will give your business the best operational efficiency expected. Good and efficient paperless office application software is one a ten year old who can operate a computer should be able to use with a little learning curve and it should therefore not be difficult for any adult employee to adapt to and use in their daily workings and operational activities on the job.

Look for the main functionalities any useful paperless software should have such as the ease of scanning, importing, exporting, editing, and sharing new documents within each department of your company and across other departments via email.  Business document management application is meant to make running of your business easier. Efficient paperless electronic document filing solution which is ISO 9001:2000 certified will help you build your business as a cost minimizing and profit maximizing application you really need.

Document Management Software is the BUZZ

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

There is a great deal of buzz about implementing a paperless office just like there is a great deal of buzz about improving our environment. Every business owner is talking about the immense benefit of incorporating electronic business document management software into a business.

The news about business document management software is really the buzz. The cost of purchasing this software has become affordable for the small and mid-sized businesses now, so it has now become the boardroom event. Think of it, we all know the importance of conserving our ecosystem and making our activities eco-friendly and this shouldn’t be just in our homes but also in our offices. Document management software helps you to achieve making operating your office eco-friendly and just as eco-friendliness is a buzz, business document management has also become a buzz; and that is what it is in reality.

Benefits of running a paperless office: When you incorporate business document management software in your business operations totally, you make the office paperless and the benefits are many. In line with eco-friendly principles, your business will not be using many papers for its operations and then your company will not be contributing much to the environmental issues which means fewer trees will be used to make paper and more oxygen will be available for our survival. Thousands of animals will therefore be able to keep their homes since deforestation will not be much of an issue. The benefit also encompasses less overhead costs and more employee efficiency or productivity on the job which means more profits will be generated for your business.

The digital document filing software will also help you to store and search for all your business documents in record time without needing the paper versions of the documents in order to find the information that you are looking for or cause any environmental impacts which could really be significant.

Document management software is more affordable and more simplified: With the advent of advanced computer technology, there is less need for paper documents and the file cabinet more than ever and because the cost has become affordable for small and medium based companies, there is a change that is really working to revolutionize the workplace. Electronic business document management system has also been simplified and made easy for all categories of people to use with little learning curve and it has also been made adaptable to all kinds of computer operating systems.

Why a larger number of businesses should go paperless in their offices: Global warming is bound to be eliminated if a greater number of businesses adopt document management software in order for them to become completely paperless. Paper and ink have been noted by experts as one of the greatest causes of global warming. Trees used for producing papers are not often replaced or handled ethically by many paper manufacturers. Also, fumes from the use of ink causes significant damage to our eco-system on the long run when it accumulates.

All of these stated facts have made environmentalists and concerned business owners to talk more of the importance of business document management solution just the way they consider the importance of being eco-friendly.


Document Management Software Reallocates Staff

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

If you are looking to increase the efficiency and the productivity of your employees in order to grow your business and improve profits, integrating business document management software into the operations of your company is one of the best options available to you.  Employees play key roles in ensuring the efficiency and productivity of any business and it is your responsibility to make sure that every employee of your company is placed in the right position and provided with the right tools to work in order to make productivity possible, minimize costs while profits are maximized and business document management is one of the right tools to integrate.

A paper based business has the challenges of loss or misfiling of business documents, loss of time while searching for a file, inability to access and use business documents while off-site and when it is needed, heavy overhead costs for employees detailed to file and search for paper documents, and a lot more factors that reduces productivity and minimizes profits of a business which are completely eliminated when the operations of a business runs on document management software.

Electronic business document management was not designed to eliminate employees from a business organization, but it is meant to reallocate them to more profitable areas of your company.  When all documents can be automatically filed electronically there it enables you to move your employees to other aspects of the business where their contributions will bring more efficiency and improve your business profits. Here are some a few instances where reallocating the members of staff of your company due to the incorporation of business document management software can boost efficiency and improve profits.

Business document management software will enhance customer care department and improve the image of your company: When your business runs as a paperless concern, accessing your customer records becomes easier so that your employees reallocated to work in the customer care department can swiftly consider and process any requests of every customer within seconds. Whether the request of the customer is for a refund or it is for the details of a contract agreement or a copy of their contract with your company, you can gain a reputation for being customer focused by attending to every request on time. If you treat every customer as a king through efficient customer care made possible by having your documents scanned, indexed, stored, and archived electronically, you will be rewarded through their sense of satisfaction with loyalty and continual patronage. A business that runs on paper documents and the file cabinets will always be weighed down with lack of human ability to trace customer records on time or inability to grant their requests in record time.

Business document management will ease approval processes within your business departments and make running your company a delight to your employees: Getting inter-departmental approvals for business processes often constitute major challenges to paper based businesses where every detail will have to be accessed and checked manually by employees and even senior company managers before responses can be given. With electronic document management software, a streamlined and functional online method of accessing documents, sharing and getting inter-departmental approvals becomes easier. Businesses can therefore be run efficiently, productively, and you are sure of getting improved profits at the end of each year when business decisions taken by a department goes through inter-departmental approvals in record time.

Document Management Software Should Be Your Next Asset

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

How to manage information for your business purposes has become a very important issue. Loss or misplacement of important business document, distribution of wrong documents for important projects, cases of stealing confidential business and security data are surfacing every day. So, equipping your business with the most reliable and efficient business document management software in order to prevent any unwanted incidents is indeed one of the needs of the hour and an important asset that must not be undermined. A tested electronic business document management solution will help you to create, scan, index, store, retrieve, edit, fax, email, share information securely within company departments, improve your business customer relationship, maximize profits for you, improve employee productivity, help you to meet industry regulations, preserve your business information from being destroyed in any disaster, and even print your documents when you need to do so.

The importance and asset nature of digital business document management software is illustrated in the following scenarios:

1. A renowned civil engineering construction company submitted a bid for a project with the wrong set of drawings due to the use of poor in-house document management system. Being famous for quality deliverable, the project was awarded to them and the construction works advanced so much after which one of the project supervisors suddenly realized the drawings being used were the wrong set of drawings. The constructions already completed had to be demolished and rebuilt to keep off litigation which resulted in the loss of millions of dollars to the company. If they had integrated efficient document management software, this professional disaster and misjudgment won’t have happened and there are many companies that have lost lots of money due to inefficient document management practices in use.

2. Imagine manufacturing companies that have manufactured tons of parts and even shipped them before coming to realize that the engineering drawings used for manufacturing the parts were out dated and not the currently approved standard drawings.

3. There are many companies that usually have multiple projects and tons of employees accessing many documents across these projects. Imagine two people editing the same document simultaneously and one person’s edits gets overwritten in the process because the business document management application in use is archaic. What this implies is that such document will be shared and much damage would have been done before someone gets to realize rather too late that the document distributed was actually the wrong document.

If there is any reason you have to integrate the electronic document management software into your business processes, it is to avoid an extremely costly error commonly associated with the use of inadequate or outdated document filing solution as it has been revealed in the instances stated above. There are many companies that have practically lost millions of dollars while some have been locked in avoidable legal battle with their clients as a result of distributing wrong project files or documents. Good business document management software is reasonably priced compared to the value of costly mistakes that comes with the use of inefficient document filing system. In fact, the price of an efficient business document management application is indirectly an asset that keeps on helping your company to maximize profits and run efficiently.