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Document Capture and Indexing Software Reduces Costs of Shipping and Data Input

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

steve-in-white-for-blogsDid you know that you can save money in labor costs by scanning your documents into an automated document capture and indexing system? Once scanned your documents can be electronically transmitted to anywhere in the world in seconds and provide virtually immediate retrieval. What if your employees could operate from any PC with a browser, whether at home or in another town, city, state or country, while reducing cost, drastically and increasing efficiency. Capture software frees up employees time to accomplish other important tasks.

Using vFiler to capture, validate and automatically file your documents.

vFiler from Vircosoft is world-class document capture software used by companies of all types and sizes, worldwide. vFiler provides a faultless integration to your back-end business applications and image repositories. ODBC (Open Source Database Connectivity) technology provides instantaneous verification, validation and indexing of your documents, hands-free. Software is not required on the remote client, thereby eliminating administrative management. vFiler is low-cost, high value document capture software, easy to install and utilize. The ROI is fast, generally under 90 days, often sooner.

Here are a few Key Features of vFiler

” Hardware Independent – Monitors / Watches Folders

” All MFPs and Scanners Supported

” Capture from Multiple Folders concurrently

” Capture from Outlook

” Automatically Split Multi-Page Documents Easily

” Automatically adjust, De-speckle, de-skew, rotate and resize images

” Auto-Orientation

” Reads 134 Barcode Types (1D and 2D)

” OCR Numerous Zones, Full Page, All Pages, or Selected Pages

” Create Searchable PDFs

” Interface to Your Accounting System through ODBC for data validation

” UNLIMITED Document Processing – NO CLICK CHARGES

” Forms Recognition

” And much more…

The payback to business, including improved organization of paper, reduction in the cost of administration, management and storage can be significant. Electronic paper management using capture technology is where smart businesses are going both to better operate today and to be well equipped as the economy improves. Compete better and earn more, now that is capitalism at its best.

Many business applications can benefit from remote data capture solutions, especially isolated organizations, including transportation, human resources, healthcare, finance, or government. Even traditionally centralized capture operations now typically have a few remote scanning or verify stations, just to give IT more options for increases in volume or temporary reassignment of tasks.

Steve Breault (DocMeister)

Affordable Document Capture Software