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Planned Document Imaging Improves Office Efficiency

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Steve Breault, CEO, Vircosoft

Electronic document management involves the storage of documents in digital form for ease of use and accessibility. Through document imaging, it is possible to automate an office environment through conversion of all hardcopy documents into more manageable digital formats such as pdf and others. Large volumes of hardcopy documents are not only hard to manage, but also consumes large office space. It is therefore evident that, planned document imaging plays an important role in improving office efficiency.

Ways through which planned document imaging program improves office efficiency.

* Improved document accessibility and security: digital documents can be kept in a document management system where they can be accessed quickly from any office computer if the documents are shared. This means that many matters or customers can be handled within a given time, thus increasing services efficiency. In addition, it can be defined who gains access to particular documents. Sensitive documents access may also be set to ask for authentication such as security passwords.

* Enhances automated processing: matching and merging capabilities enable different departments in a certain firm to populate fields automatically. In addition, there is software that can process scanned documents and get all the required information quickly. Also, when data is entered in a document management program, it is easy to carry out computations and analysis such as producing charts and graphs. Finally, automated processing eliminates human errors.

* Dependable file backup up: documents stored in a computer hard drive can be duplicated easily through a copy-pasting action. Other documents could be stored in removable storage devices like DVDs or external hard discs. In addition, documents can be stored in online repositories and be accessible anywhere in the world where internet is available. Having file backups eliminates inconveniences and delays caused by lost or damaged documents thus improving office efficiency.

* Enhances collaboration: multiple office workers can work on the same project from different computers. This
promotes team work and saves time; for instance, if a given worker only fills part A of a given document, while
another worker fills part B of the same document, the two could do it simultaneously. This saves time and builds a compact workforce thus improving the office efficiency.

* Improves external communication: with a well planned document imaging program, stored documents can be sent through emails and the required transactions carried out quickly. In addition, the general documents can be shared in a company’s website for interested users to download or preview.

* Increases office space: elimination of large files and filing cabinets saves office space and makes it look
tidy. In addition, rented file storage is also eliminated. Enough office space and a tidy look promote workers

freedom and ensure to proper air circulation thus making activities to run smoothly.

* Enhances Versioning:  Versioning refers to the ability to have different document versions depending on changes. This helps in work follow-ups and timely documentation. Record keeping and record management is every important in any office. The efficiency of processes in any office depends on the methods used. When modern good electronic document management programs are employed, things can be simplified. We can therefore comfortably conclude that, applying planned document imaging program improves office efficiency.


IT Managers Search for Document Management Software

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Most company managers are looking to convert to a paperless office and are very aware of the benefits they will derive once business document management software is incorporated into the setup of their companies. When it comes to scanning, indexing and securely storing business information digitally onsite or offsite, easy access or retrieval of business documents with the click of a mouse, excellent operational efficiency and productivity, meeting and surpassing customer expectations by providing top-notch services and 24/7 remote access to documents from anywhere, IT managers know that digital document management software takes businesses years ahead of paper and mixed media once installed. If a company operates in a sector where cumbersome regulations and frequent audits are required, then this business document management application provides excellent audit trails paper files can’t withstand.

There are basic features company executives and managers should look for in any electronic document management software that promises efficiency and enhanced productivity and here is a checklist that will help you avoid a pitfall in selecting the best business document management software your company needs:-

User friendly interface: Any efficient digital document management application must be built on a solid user friendly interface. It is obvious that the best software solution can fail if it’s difficult to use by employees. Efficient electronic filing system will have tool tips or help functions to guide users through every step whether it is document scanning or capturing, indexing, accessing and general procedures involving management of business information. The software should have a single sign-on for all applications so that users won’t have to sign-on every now and then or need to remember and use multiple sign-on passwords.

Features to help make content searchable easily: If a digital filing solution will make successful search of content possible in a flash, then it must have thorough, logical and consistent indexing features. Look for a business document software solution that incorporates a full text or enterprise search options in order to enhance search performance. It may be good to ask some clients of your prospective vendor about their content search user experiences before you proceed to seal the purchase contract. Don’t settle for an electronic document filling application that is known for occasional document loss and don’t settle for an application that offers less than an excellent result when you are in a haste to locate a document file.

It should be scalable for your current and future needs: Consider the future of your business and its growth potentials and see if the document management software is scalable to offer relevance and support to the present and future needs of your business. Will the digital document solution be adequate for your present and future needs? Will the vendor offer professional integration services or will you have to struggle alone? Ask yourself these questions because the greatest return on your investment once you incorporate the digital filing application will be when you can leverage on it to improve your business now and in the future.

For every business to thrive and grow, it requires reliable access to its documents (including emails) which must be safe and secured always from unauthorized persons. Efficient document management software helps businesses rise above daily challenges while its managers are focused on reaching projected goals.

Is Document Management Software Important?

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Documents are a critical component of running a business. Keeping business documents helps in ensuring the survival of every business. While every business owner knows this, too often, because of the sheer volume, mission critical documents are left unsecured or simply placed in a file cabinet.  In fact, many businesses put a higher priority on managing their office supplies than they do their business documents. There is a simple, low-cost, easy to use solution in the form of document management software.  Digital business document management software is what you need.

How business document management software will support the growth of your business: An efficient business document management solution will help you turn your paper files into electronic documents, index the files, store them and help you to retrieve instantly. Imagine never losing or misplacing a document ever again?  A business document management system will help you monitor the progress of your business even when you are offsite or on a business trip by having real time access to every document.

It will assist you to prepare your business financial statements accurately and in record time, it will help you to keep track of your business receipts from anywhere and at any time and identify the sources of every receipt. When you need to prepare your business tax returns, this electronic document management software will assist you to track every document needed to file your tax returns accordingly, it will also help you to keep track on your customer database and information when you need them as well as keep track of vital business contractual documents.

The software will also ensure maximum security of your business information from all unauthorized persons and you could restrict some parts of your documents from being accessed by unauthorized persons even among your employees while enabling you to be efficient in attending to your customers at a speed that is not attainable with the use of paper document and the file cabinets, hence, helping you to improve your customer relationships and satisfaction and enabling your employees to be more efficient and productive- which are really the basic elements a business needs to grow.

Document management solution will help you to run your business automatically and cope with multitasking situations: Once incorporated into a business setup, document management system aids a business to run automatically and then you will able to cope with multitasking business requirements without the need to waste time, energy and money  in tracing any business document again. Your company should be able to focus more on the core aspect of your business which will improve productivity and your business profits.

What is Your Strategy for a Document Disaster?

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

The importance of data in the operation of your business can not be overemphasized because business data is arguably the most valuable asset of your business irrespective of whether it is a small, medium or a large business enterprise. However, it is common to find business owners who assume (perhaps hope is a better way of stating it) that nothing untoward will happen to their businesses when the subject of man-made or natural disasters comes up. Though experiencing a fire, flood, tornado or a hurricane is the last thing a business wants, not planning for this type of a disaster is a “disaster waiting to happen”.

Therefore there is the need for business document management software to be incorporated into your business operations for effective management of your business information and for easy recovery of data in the eventuality of a disaster. Once your business documents are converted and stored in a business document management system, they are easily backed up to tape, disk or even in offsite storage.  This is a true disaster recovery strategy for your business documents and your file cabinets.

Why your business needs a strategy to curtail document disaster: A recent report released by the Business Continuity Institute shows that out of five businesses, one faces the danger of major operational disruption like data loss occasioned by things like power outage or a natural disaster that destroys a business premises. If most businesses now run with the aid of computer systems and its networks, a major IT disruption or data loss can lead to lots of business hardships including bad reputation that could build up so quickly leading to strained relationships with customers, business partners, creditors, suppliers not to mention the huge revenue loss that can cripple the operation of a business, decrease its productivity, lead to many unexpected additional expenses and lots more in the eventually of a major data loss due to a man-made or the occurrence of a natural disaster.

Put your business in a vantage position with document management software: With a proper planning on disaster preparedness and data recovery strategy by integrating business document management solution into your business operations, what you get is an implementation plan that secures the future of your business against all kinds of data loss even if the whole premises were destroyed with no salvage at all. Running your business while document management software keeps guard over your business documents besides helping you to auto file documents, retrieve documents in a record time and comply with regulatory requirements, it also ensures your business survives and recovers from any disaster eventuality even if it is the most devastating incident.

How business document management works to secure the future of a business: Once incorporated into your business setup, the document management solution will alleviate your need for keeping heaps of paper documents and the file cabinets.  It will allow you to manage your existing paper documents in electronic forms, auto file every business document produced in your business thereafter while every incoming paper document will be scanned and stored electronically. Every stored document will automatically be backed up in most cases in offsite location with the use of cloud technology and the most reliable firewall security features to give you the confidence that your documents are not only secure from disaster but also from malicious intentions of people.

Does Document Management Software File Documents?

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Every business must deal with boatloads of paper and digital documents. Managing these documents can very challenging. The advent of electronic document management software, filing paper documents digitally couldn’t be much easier, time saving, and cost saving. Think of the space, time and labor costs you will save it you shift away from dealing with bulky paper documents and the file cabinets which could often results into sorting through heaps of papers while searching for a particular paper file.  If you had a choice of having all of your documents digitized and stored on your computer so you could search for any document within seconds at any location by clicking the mouse, wouldn’t it be better for your business?

That business document management software file documents electronically and helps you locate any document you need right away is not in doubt. Besides electronic filing of documents, business document management solution will perform the following functions for you:

1. It is a document auto-capture device- Document management solution is the document auto-capture solution you need. From scanning to image conversions and text recognition, digital document management application will convert your paper documents into digital information thereby improving its accessibility when you have to distribute your business information among many people.

2. Business document management software stores your scanned document online and makes your data portable- This software works to store your documents online away from the effects of disasters or physical theft of whatever form. You can therefore work from anywhere or any location and gain access to your documents anytime you wish to and share any document with any authorized worker as you like which is cost saving and also eliminate worry as you do not have to go about carrying loads of documents with you on any business trip as all your documents will be kept online ready for your easy access anytime and anywhere.

3. This digital document filing system guarantees maximum security of your business documents- This software is incorporated with the most incredible security features that protects your business documents from being accessed by unauthorized persons even with whatever tricks they may have. Besides, your documents are protected from the negative effects of computer breakdown or power outages as well as server crashes or any other forms of data loss associated with the storage of information using the internet. If you like, business document management software allows you to use password to protect your entire files and a part of it if you want and thereby restricting access of unauthorized persons to any part of your online documents which you want kept from away from others.

This software is loaded with many other features and functionality for the benefits of your business besides the primary function of electronic filing and easy access to your business documents already stored online and therefore allowing you and your employees to work without the limitations commonly associated with the use of paper documents and the file cabinets.



Digital Document Management Software is a Business Benefit

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Every business owner who has incorporated document management software in the setup of the operations of their companies is talking of the great benefits of digitizing paper documents. Digitizing your existing and incoming paper documents is the role of efficient document management software.  The software will perform this task by using capture and indexing tools and it is a performance enhancer when incorporated into the network processes of a business and it can be used to improve efficiencies of your business and also cut overhead to the barest minimum.

What document management software will help you achieve: Digital business document management solution is a computer based software application that allows you to create a document or scan an existing document, store, edit, and retrieve it when you need to do so within seconds. The application will also assist you to share your business documents within each department and among various departments of your company. If you need to email, fax or print any document, the software will help you achieve all that and much more.  In fact, you can manage your scanned paper documents and the electronic documents from any location outside your business premises with full security in order to prevent any unauthorized access to your business information once this enabling software has been installed to work with your business applications.

You no longer need to worry about being overwhelmed with the sheer volume or accumulated number of paper documents you and your employees have to handle in the course of running your business once the operation of your company has been made paperless with the business document management software.

Benefits of deploying business document management software in your business setup: Any efforts made at making an office paperless gives many benefits of which the followings are notable.

  1. Improved work efficiency of employees. Business document management application allows many users to access any given document already scanned or electronically stored simultaneously thereby resulting in getting work done faster. The effect of work efficiency translates to customer satisfaction as customers will see your company as being client focused and an efficient company a customer would want to do business with particularly where documents needs to be emailed to clients.
  2. A savings in time and costs. Companies are known for dealing with much information and where you have your documents already well organized by folders, tags and types of documents with the use of digital document software, time wasting is eliminated because a quick search attempts will locate the needed document within seconds.  Besides the cost savings in terms of cutting overhead expenses since you do not need to employ people who would be there to help you file and search for paper documents from file cabinets, most document management applications offer you a one off expenses particularly if the system you choose is a desktop application which you only need to buy once and then use it as long as you wish to continue using it.
  3. A good recovery in time of disaster. With the advent of cloud technology, business document management software work to store your scanned paper documents in the cloud away from the effects of any type of disaster and hence make running your business stress and worry free when it comes to preserving your business documents from disasters.

Document Management Software Reallocates Staff

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

If you are looking to increase the efficiency and the productivity of your employees in order to grow your business and improve profits, integrating business document management software into the operations of your company is one of the best options available to you.  Employees play key roles in ensuring the efficiency and productivity of any business and it is your responsibility to make sure that every employee of your company is placed in the right position and provided with the right tools to work in order to make productivity possible, minimize costs while profits are maximized and business document management is one of the right tools to integrate.

A paper based business has the challenges of loss or misfiling of business documents, loss of time while searching for a file, inability to access and use business documents while off-site and when it is needed, heavy overhead costs for employees detailed to file and search for paper documents, and a lot more factors that reduces productivity and minimizes profits of a business which are completely eliminated when the operations of a business runs on document management software.

Electronic business document management was not designed to eliminate employees from a business organization, but it is meant to reallocate them to more profitable areas of your company.  When all documents can be automatically filed electronically there it enables you to move your employees to other aspects of the business where their contributions will bring more efficiency and improve your business profits. Here are some a few instances where reallocating the members of staff of your company due to the incorporation of business document management software can boost efficiency and improve profits.

Business document management software will enhance customer care department and improve the image of your company: When your business runs as a paperless concern, accessing your customer records becomes easier so that your employees reallocated to work in the customer care department can swiftly consider and process any requests of every customer within seconds. Whether the request of the customer is for a refund or it is for the details of a contract agreement or a copy of their contract with your company, you can gain a reputation for being customer focused by attending to every request on time. If you treat every customer as a king through efficient customer care made possible by having your documents scanned, indexed, stored, and archived electronically, you will be rewarded through their sense of satisfaction with loyalty and continual patronage. A business that runs on paper documents and the file cabinets will always be weighed down with lack of human ability to trace customer records on time or inability to grant their requests in record time.

Business document management will ease approval processes within your business departments and make running your company a delight to your employees: Getting inter-departmental approvals for business processes often constitute major challenges to paper based businesses where every detail will have to be accessed and checked manually by employees and even senior company managers before responses can be given. With electronic document management software, a streamlined and functional online method of accessing documents, sharing and getting inter-departmental approvals becomes easier. Businesses can therefore be run efficiently, productively, and you are sure of getting improved profits at the end of each year when business decisions taken by a department goes through inter-departmental approvals in record time.

Document Management Software for the Mail Room

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

There is a common scenario with businesses where business document management software isn’t in place. Does this common business scenario look and sound familiar to you? The loss of valuable time due to manual opening and preparing business mail for internal distribution is a common phenomenon. Besides, there is the possibility of misplacing important documents because of the inefficiencies that goes with handling large volume of mail manually. Often, such important documents may be left in unsecured settings or not delivered as at when expected or delivered altogether to the wrong person. Any of these stated instances can happen to any business if it continues to run without integrating the electronic document management software in the mail room. If these statements illustrate the condition of your business mail room, it’s the right time to integrate the automated mail room services enabled by business document management solution into your business processes.

Benefits of integrating automated mail room services enabled by electronic document management software in your business: When compared to manual sorting of mail, automated mail room services enabled by business document management does not require multiple handling by several people before it gets to its intended person. Therefore, the possibility of loss is eliminated. Another benefit is the improvement in business workflow processes which shows itself in the efficient delivery of every mail to the intended destination. Of utmost importance is the security of each mail which cannot be compromised once this software is activated within your business processes because every crucial document can be scanned at the point of entry to your company, separated, indexed, and filed automatically while the recipients receive just the email notification of each document. Hence, the flow of information into your firm is thereby automated and secured at the mail room level.

How the automated mailroom services solution enabled by business document management software work in a business network: Once the critical business processes of your company is made compatible with the automated mail room services solution, each mail is scanned and indexed according to your predetermined settings so that each document, for example, a scanned invoice, is afterward sent automatically to the right top management personnel for review and approval before it gets forwarded to the account section for payment processing. With this streamlined system, you can easily imagine the level of business efficiency such process automation will bring to your company once this document management software is fully integrated.

In like manner, each document is tracked as it passes from one desk to another so quickly and effortlessly as each employee carries out action on it based on your predetermined business routine rules.

Business document management software that enables automated mail room services is able to secure and deliver to you improved business efficiency and very significant dollar incentives once it is applied to your business procedures. In fact, your employees will have much time to devote to the critical aspect of your company which guarantees improved cash flow and a continual increase in your business profits.

Document Management Software Files Automatically

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011
Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Business document management software is an efficient electronic filing system that works well for all types of businesses. Software helps the business owner save money, improve efficiency and render better customer service.

The smooth operation of any business depends on how effective the process of storage, retrieval, sharing, control and management of its information has been. For most organizations, the challenge of managing documents increases as the volume of documents increases particularly where the modern system of filing documents has not been deployed. 

When the business document management software is deployed in a business, it helps to create, name, index, store, control, retrieve, and in fact, manage the entire process of document filing within the business organization. The software has been designed to manage large volumes of files simultaneously among all users in the business set up with utmost efficiency.

Business document management is beneficial to those businesses whose costs of filing and managing paper based files is increasing by the day. It also benefits those businesses that require quick and easy access to business documents regularly in order to share information with clients, partners, and even regulatory agencies or vendors.

Here are the basic features of good and efficient document management software you should look out for when you are seeking to deploy the technology in your business.

Efficient document management software facilitates multiple indexing and customer satisfaction: Efficient business document management must enable multiple indexing of documents for easy reference and retrieval. Any user should be able to locate the right file within seconds from among the large volumes of the already stored documents. The document software must enable easy and logical search operations of stored files including the different versions of any given document.

This is particularly beneficial to you since it implies that your employees can attend to customers’ enquiries and questions while on the phone. So, if a customer calls in to ask for specific information or a copy of their contract and such information isn’t provided within seconds, then the filing system of that business must be working against customer satisfaction and must be replaced with proven document management software.

Efficient document management software guarantees customizable security options: Efficient business document management must provide effective security options that allow customization of features to meet the needs of your business. With this security customization, there comes your control over all users who have access to the stored documents. Good document management system also protects the original document throughout its entire lifespan.

Good document management solutions work seamlessly with client’s existing computer systems and server: When deployed in your business, efficient document management software will work in compatibility with existing computer systems and your company server to do the magic of filing your business documents automatically. Good modern technology filing solutions also allow easy integration with third party software systems whether the software is for scanning or imaging.

Document Management Software Lowers Labor Costs

Monday, May 16th, 2011
Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Document management software (DMS) is a computer- based application that captures, process, does document indexing, stores the file, aids easy retrieval, and distributes or even disposes of the document. This document which could be in any form is automatically stored online by the business document management software and it is protected from unauthorised access by the most sophisticated firewall security system.

DMS eliminates obstacles and reduces cost of doing business: The adoption of business document management software in a business removes most of the costs and obstacles associated with and created by the use of paper and file cabinets. The intensive labor costs due to paper duplication procedures, the effects of slow distribution of documents, the problem of misplaced originals and the near difficulty of retrieving files from off-site file cabinets are all completely eliminated when the document management software is adapted into a business set-up.

Experienced management experts have said that the methods of reducing or cutting business labor costs include the application of technology and by streamlining the processes of a business. When labour intensive jobs like manual document filings are replaced with technology, labour costs reduces considerably.

It is true that computers and the appropriate computer software applications can easily automate most normal tasks and eliminate errors. Good computer-based software ensures a hassle free, impartial, and orderly manner of meeting specific needs without any element of confusion. Electronic document management software has been declared to have a better accuracy of filing documents than the manual approach to filing documents.

DMS automates document filing and lowers labor costs: From experience, document filing is much of a chore. You have to always decide how to file a document, where to file the document, the location and the right sequence for the document. Besides, while filing the document you have to consider the ease of locating it when it is needed again. The labor costs involved in doing all these manual filing and retriever processes can add-up so quickly so that electronic filing is the way to go.

Let us assume that it takes an average of five minutes for an employee who earns $20 per hour to search for and locate a needed document in a file cabinet, retrieve the information needed from the document, replace it and walk back to her seat. If she needed to take the file with her to get more information, we should expect that the time taken would be longer than five minutes!

If this employee handles not more than five files a day, this translates to about 108 hours spent a year filing documents. In monetary terms, this translates to about $2,166 a year at $20 per hour. If the number of files handled per day increases to ten, the labor cost becomes $4,333 for just one employee who does document filing in your business organization. That labor costs could have been eliminated if computer based business management system is deployed where every employee that needs a file would get it on the computer within seconds without having to even stand up from their chairs.

This system of filing also eliminates the costs of recreating lost documents and it makes business operation effective and efficient.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”