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Document Management Software is the Future and it’s Here Now

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Steve Breault

Document management is one of the primary concerns of any type of organization, be it a law firm, a retail store or a government entity. An organization without a robust document management system in place is sure to face problems such as loss of documents, delayed processing time and lengthy workflow. The result is slow progress of the business and consequently slower returns on investment. In today’s competitive world, a business can only succeed when it has document management software to record its documents and data systematically.

Documents maintained by any organizations are usually of two types, in image format and in file format. Data such as monthly reports, databases and forms are generally in file format and can be modified. However, data such as invoices coming from other organizations and brochures may be required to be scanned and saved in image format. And these cannot be modified. Whether your business is big or small, you may be receiving a large amount of information on daily basis. With document management software you can ensure that all this information flows smoothly and is available when required.

Mismanagement of documents invariably leads to several problems such as time-consuming retrieval system, loss of information, slow productivity and consequently, reduced customer satisfaction. A document management system offers a solution to these problems through document indexing and identification based on date of creation, author, purpose of the data, and so on. Though earlier systems required scanning of paper documents, today’s systems have features such as automatic data capture to scan and save documents in a digital format. In fact, data in the form of text and table files can even be modified and updated regularly.

Some benefits of installing a document management system include:

Prevents loss of information and enables quick and easy retrieval: When data is saved in digital format using automatic data capture, it becomes easier to manage compared to paper documents. A paper file often moves from desk to desk and is very likely to get misplaced. However, such a risk is completely eliminated when documents are in electronic format, which can be easily recovered. In addition to this, automatic data capture requires details such as date of creation, modification and updation, name of author and how the document moved, so it’s easier to keep track of data at all times.

Increased efficiency: Searching for a document in file cabinets is the number one reason for delay in processing time in almost every organization, not matter how efficient their workforce. Even the most qualified engineers, managers or technicians cannot eliminate human error. For instance, a paper document on the wrong desk is very likely to get misplaced and may even end up in the garbage bin! However, with document management software, every document scanned and every piece of information is stored systematically. Information cannot be stored till the time it fulfills all the criteria for its creation and storage, thus eliminating human error to a large extent. For instance, if an employee does not conform to a particular naming convention, the file will simply not be saved.

Increased productivity and ROI: With a professional document management system you can be completely sure of precision in processing of various documents in different stages. Some documents may be moving from one department to the other, finally reaching the higher levels of management. Unlike paper documents, movement of digital information is much faster, as data is integrated, saved centrally and shared electronically. This ensures that less time is consumed in searching, analyzing or even recreating content in any form.

Research has shown that on an average, employees spend about 27 hours per week searching for information. More than 3 hours a week is spent in looking for data that is not there or has been misplaced. Apart from this, more than 3 hours per week is spent in recreating or getting a copy of this lost information. If your knowledge workers have been employed at $15-$20 per hour, you can calculate the loss in business. Document management software almost completely eliminates these issues, providing a robust and foolproof system for creation, storage and retrieval of documents.

Why Attorneys Need Document Management

Monday, November 23rd, 2009


Document imaging software technology has advanced considerably over the past several years especially for the small and mid-sized business market. Businesses of all types and sizes are looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce paper management costs.

Forms recognition software leads the charge. Imagine the ability to stack a bundle of documents into the automatic document feeder in virtually any brand of copier or MFP hardware, press GO and in the time it takes to walk back to your computer all the documents have been processed, file folders created and the information ready for instantaneous retrieval from anywhere in the world with 100% accuracy at a fraction of the cost of doing this manually.

There are hundreds of document imaging software solutions on the market. Selecting the best software for you should start with a demonstration using your own sample documents. You should see just how your documents will process. Look for software that provides complete flexibility. You want software that enables you to determine how your documents will process, not how the developer thinks it should process. One size does not fit all.

Here are some of the features every business should demand:

” Hardware Independent – Monitors / Watches Folders
” All MFPs and Scanners Supported
” Capture from Multiple Folders Simultaneously
” Capture from Outlook
” Automatically Split Multi-Page Documents Easily
” Automatically Straighten, De-speckle, de-skew, rotate and resize images
” Auto-Orientation
” Reads 16 Barcode Types (1D and 2D)
” OCR Multiple Zones, Full Page, All Pages, or Selected Pages
” Create Searchable PDFs
” Interface to Your Accounting System through ODBC for data validation
” UNLIMITED Document Processing – NO CLICK CHARGES
” High-end Forms Recognition – (form template training)
” Metadata Publishing
” Marked Processing
” OMR Processing

One powerful world-class very low-cost document imaging software application is vFiler™ from Vircosoft. vFiler processes scanned documents (134 different file types) automatically directly into Windows folders, document management systems, HighPoint™ or KnowledgeTree™ Repository.  Many sophisticated technologies are used during this process.  The processing steps are user definable; allowing you to customize the steps to maximize the performance.

Thank you,

Steve Breault “Docmeister”