Document Management Software Begins New Era

Steve Breault

Quick decision making, increase in amount of data, gaining competitive edge over others and need for risk management are some of the factors influencing businesses to adopt document management systems for day-to-day functioning. Apart from this, increasing need to cut costs and optimizing productivity are some of the challenges that businesses face today. Though most companies and organizations today have switched to digital document management, many are yet to utilize this technology to its full potential.

Some methods such as taking backup on CDs and DVDs, using RDBMS and web-based sharing of documents do work to a limited extent. However, document management software presents a more integrated and holistic approach towards information management. Features such as automatic data capture, indexing, easy search and quick retrieval make document management systems an integrated solution.

Streamlining critical operations and increasing efficiency is vital for a business to grow. Some important functions that document management software must perform are:

· Use automatic data capture tool to import documents into the system

· Store and archive data for use when required

· Index documents for easy and quick retrieval

· Provide tools to distribute and share documents at different levels

· Provide tools to protect documents from unauthorized access

The main aim of document management software for your organization should be to simplify business processes and consequently increase efficiency. Along with this, it should help expedite different procedures, promote greater collaboration within departments or organizations and facilitate compliance with filing norms.

Various surveys and research has shown that, on an average a worker spends approximately 12 minutes in processing a document such as a form or an invoice. Out of these, 9 minutes are spent in looking for related data such as previous records or reports. An office makes approximately 20 copies of a document per day, loses at least 1 document out of 20 and spends close to $250 in searching, reordering or recreating a file. Statistics plainly state that precious time is spent in searching and recreating documents, which can otherwise be utilized to review business goals, increase productivity and concentrate on customer satisfaction. Document management software can help your business in several ways such as:

Save time: Document management system helps you answer critical issues immediately by providing required information instantly. Search and retrieval tools help locate documents quickly, thus decreasing processing time. Along with this, the storage and archival features have completely eliminated the issue of lost documents, thus saving time spent on searching and recreating documents.

Cut costs: With everything saved in a digital format, there is no longer need for filing cabinets. Apart from this, most documents can be shared or distributed over a network, thus reducing the cost of printing documents.

Minimize errors: A document management system works with minimum human intervention, thus decreasing common filing mistakes. The automatic data capture features scans and files document in a user-specified windows folder, eliminating any mistakes that may be caused when filing documents.

Increase collaboration: The system is available centrally and is integrated such that documents can be retrieved by anyone who may require it. This helps organizations work in a coordinated manner. For instance, one department need not wait for another to provide any information as all they need is available through document management system.

With rapidly-changing technology, your clients expect quick solutions to their problems and instant access to any information they want. People today are quick to change their service provider even if smallest of problems are not resolved within a given timeframe. It’s needless to say that your business can only compete with its counterparts when you employ the latest tools and assure customer satisfaction.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

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