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Steve Breault, CEO

Steve Breault, CEO

How would you like to go back in time and search for an older version of a document that you feel is more helpful with the task you need to complete rather than the version that you currently have? Going through all the looking up process is definitely a hassle and very sensitive especially if you needed those to be able to come up with a finely polished business document. Well, you or your business does not deserve to go through such trouble. Resolve all these mischief with a business document management software!

If you are still ripping pages and pages of papers then, your business is definitely so outdated and is losing bigger opportunities of getting bigger profits. Digital document management systems are so in today and it’s driving every business establishments to prosperity. Controlling versions of a document is not an easy task. Companies that do not have version control systems are prone to error and a little mistake could end up costly wasting resources that would have been a profit.

Errors and mistakes are considered to be the effect of the absence of version control. Digital document management systems are integrated with version controls. Without it, having different versions of the document across the departments is most likely to happen. Without proper document management, a different copy could be available in the network, another copy in staff’s hard drive, and perhaps paper copies that are different, too. Such an arrangement definitely generate an environment where scheming which one is the right version becomes virtually impossible if not, tedious.

Management always plays a big role on how we gain success over the things that we aspire for. Technology continuously evolves to help us with our goals. It aims in making us more productive, speed things up for us, and making everything as easy as it can be for us to attain our goals. Gone are those days when we have to dig through all those printed materials, wasting time in a dark dusty document storage room, and making us weary after hours of search. Then, after the wasted time, we end up finding that we just sent the incorrect version to the client. How would that impact your business? How much or what would it cost you if the wrong version gets to a client, a manufacturer, or a contractor? It might even cost you your business.

One very helpful tool with this business document management technology is its ability to record and capture versions of your documents. It magically captures the evolution of a document wherever you did the revisions – email, servers, or hard drives. Version control through these digital document management systems allows you and other users to keep documents from being overwritten by whoever is editing it.

There is so much that digital document management can offer. One, as discussed above is it helps in preventing others from overwriting it. With this, whenever a rollback is considered necessary, the desired version can be easily recovered. Then there’s tracing the versions, merging essential revisions, and managing the entire project. With the latest tools that technology offers us today, we sure can achieve things easier and faster.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”


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