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Politics, sex, sports, hobbies, family, friends, religion and vacations aside for the moment, is there anything more fascinating than what is happening in our digital world, right now?

I think not. Let me explain. Having spent the last ten years of my life in the document management software development and distribution biz, I have seen a lot, experienced even more. Had my fair share of ups and downs and it has been, uh…memorable! I have seen many great ideas explode onto the market with the ferocity of C4 only to sputter, fizzle and die, unheralded, forgotten and alone.  Many startups have suffered the same fate.

And yet, here we are, Vircosoft, plugging away, gaining strength and market share (probably much to the surprise of many skeptics) and, in the words of the immortal Vince Lombardi continuously practicing “block & tackle, block & tackle” with periodic touchdowns and the occasional Hail Mary!

We came from the trenches, literally. Way back when, as babes in the woods, we visualized a world full of computer literate people, buried under mountains of paper and government rules & regulations, lost documents, smudged ink, grease covered estimates, high-speed super sophisticated computers masquerading as copiers, and saw opportunity! I call it “Visionary” others might call it strange!

We have progressed from our first product, a very cool entry-level document management solution (read Wright Brothers) to our current releases (read Space Shuttle).

The ride has been awesome.

The purpose of this BLOG is to have fun, share information and, well, to have fun.

I will say, shamelessly, that we currently provide the most exciting, low-cost Open Source DMS / Project Management Software and Document Capture & Indexing Software (bundled read Inter-Galactic Star Ship) available on the market today.

The “Big Guys” can’t touch us (sounds like a song). While we are tooting our horn, a bit, do not miss the real objective. Our technical savvy in this industry is unsurpassed and cutting edge.

We are looking to talk with I.T. and hardware professionals, end-users in search of information and end-users who have seen what is out there and are looking for “what can be'”. We want to wallow in the bliss of exchanging ideas, successes, failures, goals and objectives, all for the common good. Our greatest experiences have come from communicating and Smart Partnering. The sum really is greater than the whole.

We hope you will get into it. Come on back, comment, criticize (PG-13 is OK, XXX, not so good).

Let’s see where we can go.

Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget to leave a comment!

Steve “DocMeister” Breault

“Leadership & Prosperity Through Innovation”
The most affordable document imaging software and open source document management software

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