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Wednesday, October 14th, 2009


History has taken on a new meaning. “We have a history” in this business used to mean decades…like “we have been in business since 1902”. Not so in the Open Source Document Management business. History can almost be measured in years even months. The technology is changing that fast. Our “history” started in 2000. That makes us “Old Timers”, “Sages”, With Wisdom”, or simply “Old Farts”.

It seems like yesterday. The majority of potential document management software users (techies excluded of course) were basically computer hard- and software illiterate. WOW, not so anymore. Sales reps, if unprepared, can easily find themselves painted into the proverbial corner in a flash. It used to be that the CTO or IT Manager “the dreaded nemisis” could walk into the room while the sales rep was making a presentation, and ice would form on the reps eyebrows.  Today sales reps better be prepared to go toe-to-toe with previously considered “non-techies”. The office manager  may be laying in wait, armed to the teeth. You show your stuff and the business will be yours. I have been there…done that! In fact, we have helped train hundreds and hundreds of sales reps present document management software solutions and close big commission sales, with confidence!

If you are a sales rep tasked with selling document management software and in need of some REAL HELP, contact Vircosoft at 800.385.7863 or We can help you make money in this business.

Steve “DocMeister” Breault