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Document Management Software for Healthcare Facilities

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011
Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Document management software is as relevant in health organizations as it is in any other sector of the economy. All hospitals and other medical facilities need to deploy adequate business document management software systems in order to improve their productivity both in the short and in the long terms. The business document management solution also ensures improvement in operating activities and compliance with regulatory standards and procedures.

The boat-load of administrative procedures handled by hospitals and other healthcare facilities occupy a substantial amount of time and therefore add to the operating costs incurred within the healthcare system. The application of document management software system within a healthcare setting works to centralize numerous pieces of information and it helps to integrate them for use at any time by multiple sections or departments.

Effective business document management solution combines the field of information science and healthcare basics into an electronic software system database program that connects all aspects of a patient’s health records, the patient care logs, the financial statement or reimbursement record, and all privacy protection legalities fused into each patient’s records. The database structures and organizational features incorporated into this software also integrate well with meeting the requirements of HIPAA for patient privacy and easy access to records when needed.

Healthcare administrative application of document management software: Where there are multiple pieces of a patient’s information documented in files, on medical forms and on receipt slips, it becomes difficult if not impossible for such pieces of information to be accessed by all departments of a healthcare facility at the same time. Therefore, when it comes to tracking a patient’s medical history, legalities and financials within a healthcare setup, document management software streamlines information access in a way that anyone who accesses a patient’s medical records will have access to the most comprehensive and updated documentation always.

Document management software system improves patients’ healthcare account payables or payment reimbursement procedures: When it comes to payment reimbursement procedure, it is typical for a healthcare facility especially a hospital to have to relate with multiple health insurance providers where different insurance policies and patient’s out of pocket costs and insured services are all different from one health insurance provider to the other. When document management software is deployed, it permits various reimbursement procedures to be carried out electronically by automation programming based on the records documented in each patient’s database. Since it is certain that there will be inflow of much documentation, business document management system incorporates document imaging device which automatically allows immediate transfer of new pieces of paperwork information into the database of each patient.

Clinical healthcare applications of document management software: Effective document management software solution is built around the electronic health records of each individual so that patients vital information like demography, progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, medical history, results of laboratory tests, and records of immunization are preserved for clinical uses. It follows then that every pertinent detail needed for clinical decisions for each patient is available in one place. The likelihood of overlapping or repeating medication or other services are also eliminated with the application of the document management software since care received from outside health facilities can easily be included in the patient’s existing electronic record and quality control is therefore assured.