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Document Imaging Software Increases Office Efficiency and Saves Money

Friday, August 31st, 2012
President and Founder of Vircosoft

President and Founder of Vircosoft

Document Imaging software can help business owners and managers in easily locating, scanned files, PDF papers, records and other electronic documents. The software to manage documents can be a web-based application or computer software. Today, businesses must not only manage electronic documents but also know how to deal with problems that are associated with managing these documents like version control and finding the right documents. The need for a good Electronic Data Management Software (EDMS) is clear and any product you get must be able to solve your problem. However, not everyone can afford to buy an expensive EDMS. There are many managers and personal users who are looking for a free solution to their problem. These people can get good open source document management software that can help in solving their problem.

There are several tangible and intangible benefits of getting an electronic document management system. Here are some tangible benefits of getting this system:

Reduce storage

When you have EDMS software, you don’t have to maintain a hard copy of the documents. Almost all the paper documents can be saved as electronic documents which can be saved in an archive or within the business. This will help in reducing the storage requirements of your business.

Reduce retrieval time

Getting paper documents from an archive or a storage facility can be more time consuming when compared to electronic retrieval of documents. EDMS not only reduces the retrieval time but also help in conducting advanced searches. Conducting these searches can be especially useful when you are trying to make some major changes or searching for information or data that is subject to litigation.

Reduces cost

If you maintain paper documents, you have to take print outs of documents which will increase your expenses on paper and toner. Paperless office is not possible but it is anticipated that using EDMS can help in reducing the need for paper copies of documents. Even if you use an EDMS that does not have electronic signature capability, you must only get the master paper printed which will reduce expenses.

Improve productivity

When documents are electronically stored, employees have to spend less time searching for the documents. Improved document approval and review cycle will reduce processing time and improve the efficiency of business.

Improved disaster recovery

Most EMDS contains important business document and has a disaster recovery system that allows the user to restore the documents when there is a disaster or disruption.

EDMS not only offer several tangible benefits but can also offer some potential intangible benefits. Some of the intangible benefits offered include:

a) The documents that are stored electronically are more secure than paper documents. These electronic documents are stored in a secure location which ensures that only the right people get access to these documents.

b) When the documents are electronically stored, there is improved compliance to legislation and regulation.

c) There is central management and control of all electronic documents.

d) There are reduced chances of documents getting lost or stolen.

e) EDMS can help in enhancing competitive situation as it improves internal documentation processes.

f) Customer service improves as employees have faster access to important customer information.

What Are the Benefits of Document Indexing Software?

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Document indexing is the process of adding tags and marks to documents. These tags and marks are then stored in an index and used when someone wants to search for a document. Document indexing is normally used by engines to help retrieve information from different websites. It helps search engines to be fast in document retrieval. Document indexing can also be used by an organization which wants to optimize its filing system.

An organization which needs document indexing done automatically should use document indexing software for automation of the indexing process. There are many benefits which an organization can get from document indexing. Some of these benefits are discussed in detail below.

Faster retrieval of documents:

When the documents are indexed tags and marks are used to identify them. These tags are normally derived from the content in the documents and/or a short description used to describe the document. When a user searches the document index using a certain keyword the index quickly returns a list of documents with tags same as the searched keyword. Therefore a user can quickly select the document that he/she wants. Unlike document filing which requires a user to search the content of each file individually so as to find what he/she wants. There indexed documents are easily accessible.

Allows easy orientation for new employees:

When your organization recruits new employees you will need to familiarize them with the filing system and other aspects of the organization. With document indexing software the new employees will be quickly shown how to search for files in the organization. If you are using the old filing system for document organization then you need to go through the whole filing system so that the new employees can understand how to find files.

Faster Decision making:

In an organization decision making is normally made by using files which have important information about the organization. If the organization uses document indexing software they can quickly search through and find what need quickly enabling them to make faster decisions.

Increases efficiency and reduces running costs:

In organizations with indexed documents, document access speeds are highly increased. This makes the overall efficiency of the organization to increase especially when the organization deals with a large number of documents. When the efficiency of document retrieval is increased the running costs for document retrieval services is reduced. This is because you can employee fewer employees to do the document retrieval work.

Improved security of documents:

Tags can be used to represent security levels on documents. This can be used to restrict some users from accessing documents with certain tags. This greatly helps the organization to protect its organizational secrets.

Gaining a competitive advantage:

Many organizations do not use document indexing software. This makes their file retrieval system cumbersome. If your organization uses a document indexing and retrieval system you gain a competitive advantage. Better customer service and reduced cost are two examples.

Faster batch processing of documents:

Some documents have similar characteristics thereby they have similar tags. By using document indexing software you can quickly search through your documents and arrange them to be batch processed. Batch processing involves the manipulation of documents with similar characteristic in a queue. This also allows for faster and easy updating of documents.

Planned Document Imaging Improves Office Efficiency

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Steve Breault, CEO, Vircosoft

Electronic document management involves the storage of documents in digital form for ease of use and accessibility. Through document imaging, it is possible to automate an office environment through conversion of all hardcopy documents into more manageable digital formats such as pdf and others. Large volumes of hardcopy documents are not only hard to manage, but also consumes large office space. It is therefore evident that, planned document imaging plays an important role in improving office efficiency.

Ways through which planned document imaging program improves office efficiency.

* Improved document accessibility and security: digital documents can be kept in a document management system where they can be accessed quickly from any office computer if the documents are shared. This means that many matters or customers can be handled within a given time, thus increasing services efficiency. In addition, it can be defined who gains access to particular documents. Sensitive documents access may also be set to ask for authentication such as security passwords.

* Enhances automated processing: matching and merging capabilities enable different departments in a certain firm to populate fields automatically. In addition, there is software that can process scanned documents and get all the required information quickly. Also, when data is entered in a document management program, it is easy to carry out computations and analysis such as producing charts and graphs. Finally, automated processing eliminates human errors.

* Dependable file backup up: documents stored in a computer hard drive can be duplicated easily through a copy-pasting action. Other documents could be stored in removable storage devices like DVDs or external hard discs. In addition, documents can be stored in online repositories and be accessible anywhere in the world where internet is available. Having file backups eliminates inconveniences and delays caused by lost or damaged documents thus improving office efficiency.

* Enhances collaboration: multiple office workers can work on the same project from different computers. This
promotes team work and saves time; for instance, if a given worker only fills part A of a given document, while
another worker fills part B of the same document, the two could do it simultaneously. This saves time and builds a compact workforce thus improving the office efficiency.

* Improves external communication: with a well planned document imaging program, stored documents can be sent through emails and the required transactions carried out quickly. In addition, the general documents can be shared in a company’s website for interested users to download or preview.

* Increases office space: elimination of large files and filing cabinets saves office space and makes it look
tidy. In addition, rented file storage is also eliminated. Enough office space and a tidy look promote workers

freedom and ensure to proper air circulation thus making activities to run smoothly.

* Enhances Versioning:  Versioning refers to the ability to have different document versions depending on changes. This helps in work follow-ups and timely documentation. Record keeping and record management is every important in any office. The efficiency of processes in any office depends on the methods used. When modern good electronic document management programs are employed, things can be simplified. We can therefore comfortably conclude that, applying planned document imaging program improves office efficiency.


Best Document Management Software for Archiving Documents

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

Offices do not waste paper, they always and in all ways keep papers, papers bearing documents since time immemorial, keeping them with the intention of archiving them and letting them rot in piles and piles of boxes or steel cabinets. Most offices are like this, they keep documents that are long obsolete, and those papers which are no longer needed are being kept to be part of the company’s history. Many of the offices act like these papers and documents are still needed and can be helpful when they need them, but judging that some of these documents are already ten years old, or the most recent being two years old, they are already called rubbish.

But what if these papers really do contain some things that are important? Do you really need to keep them in dust-gathering vaults and cabinets where they can rot and be brittle even for reading purposes? Today’s technology dictates that these papers can already be thrown away and we can start anew with document keeping.

One of the best document management systems that is in line with today’s need for document keeping is the digital document imaging of today. A digital document imaging will be able keep your documents in store for you while being used as well. A world-class document management system is being provided to you by Vircosoft. They can provide the best document management system that is available, and with using this document management system, an office or company will be able to use the documents, old and new, for safe keeping. With this digital document imaging, we are able to keep our records and dig them up from the archive when you want to or when the need arises.

This digital document imaging is paperless, which means, everything is retrievable. You can retrieve everything, from accounts to memoranda, and other significant documents that are in safe keeping. Other records can be kept as well, but there is no use for piles and piles of cabinets for these paper documents that keep these records. In fact, there’s only one need for this to be retrieved, a computer that is able to run the software and keep all the valuables inside it. The files can be arranged by chronological order, or by the order you want. Each is retrieved by the file names you have given them and the records are arranged as you have made them appear on your list. Very easily retrieved, and very easily kept, this is what makes this new technology more convenient for keeping.Retrieve is simple software you can use, one that makes use of interface to get the records. Retrieve is designed to give users a fast way to discover and find old information and can be indexed by the VFiler. Retrieve is free for every purchase of the VFiler.

If you want other digital document software by Vircosoft, you might want check on their website for further understanding of their software.

Go Paperless – Save Time With Document Imaging Software

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

Since companies are hesitant to go paperless, or to create a paperless office, they are missing out on the opportunity to save a lot of time and make work easier for their employees. Completely eliminating paper will create more space in the workplace and a faster acquisition of documents and information.

Document imaging is the primary tool in starting a paperless office. They are systems that can replicate documents and come in the form of copiers, scanner or other paperless software that can capture, save and reprint images. While these tools are relatively expensive, investing on them will result in bigger benefits and less cost to your company in the future.

Document imaging software is a space saver. Since your records are stored electronically, you will no longer need filing cabinets, drawers and storage boxes to keep your documents. These types of furniture are huge and heavy, so if you have a small office, movement will be limited with these around. All you need is a computer with a hard drive that can handle the software and your documents.

You will also save a lot more time when looking for records since you don’t need to open a bunch of cabinets just to acquire one document. Instead, all you need is to type in the file name or title of the document in the software and your stored information will be shown in seconds. With this, your employees can perform more tasks in a lesser amount of time.

Another beefit is customer satisfaction. Customers who come to the office with their queries and needs often have other appointments to attend to, so their patience is limited especially if they have to wait a long time before being entertained. The software you use will help you respond to your customer’s requests quicker and your satisfaction rating will increase. You will also be able to serve double the number of customers in the time you spent manually searching for records.

Document imaging also saves a lot of time when it comes to disseminating information. Say you are the CEO of your company and about to attend a business meeting. A few minutes before presenting your data, you realize that you forgot your papers in the office. You will waste a lot of time and embarrass yourself by making your clients wait for you if you decide to go back to your workplace just to get the documents. On the
other hand, if you make use of software, you can call one of your employees and have him send what you need through e-mail.

If you are unsure of where to start acquiring your document imaging software, one of the popular names is Vircosoft. Vircosoft is the most affordable open source document and management software in the market. It has two products, SMB open source document management software called HighPoint and an Enterprise version dubbed KnowledgeTree. With Vircosoft’s integrated VFilter, it would be easier to manage the number of documents you have stored electronically. Best of all, it is easy to use, so you do not have to worry about spending a lot of time learning how to use it.

The benefits of a paperless office are endless. If you start investing now, you are sure to save a lot of expenses in the long run. Also, not only do you save time and space, you also help the environment. So what are you waiting for? Go paperless now!

Thank you,
Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Document Indexing Software Easy on Any Budget

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

steve-in-white-for-blogsEveryone wants the most features at the lowest cost, right? Well if you are on a budget but still in need of fast, 100% accurate indexing then you need to stop for a minute and look at what is referred to as manual Indexing or Rapid Indexing at far less cost of jumping into a fully automated system. Document Indexing Software is often referred to as “Rapid Indexing” you get a big bang for a small bite. Many systems offer an easy upgrade to automated systems.

Let’s look at a few benefits:

You do not have to be a techno-whiz to operate vFiler Rapid Indexer. The best of both worlds is the ability to connect to a myriad of document management software applications through Rapid Indexer’s ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity) connector. Automatic conversion to PDF. 100% accuracy. Low, low cost. ROI super fast.

Imagine this…load your document indexing software onto a workstation or server, easily design work flows (video training comes with the solution) that do what you want done and start scanning. Rapid Indexer plows through your documents like a rampaging wild bull elephant on a mission. Everyone has virtually instantaneous access to the documents from their PC located anywhere in the world at a cost that so much less than manual indexing & filing that to attempt a clever comparison is ludicrous.

Take a peek, watch document imaging software in action and see first hand want all the buzz is about.

Thank you,

Steve Breault “Doc Meister”

Document Indexing Software, Semi-Manual Indexing Can Save Your Thousands

Monday, January 18th, 2010

steve-in-white-for-blogsEveryone wants, demands, the most features at the lowest cost, right? Well if you are on a budget, but still in need of fast, 100% accurate document imaging software you can perform from your desktop, then you need to stop for a minute and look at what is referred to as manual Indexing or Rapid Indexing from Vircosoft at far less than the cost of jumping into a fully automated system. Often referred to as “Rapid Indexing” you get a big bang for a small buck. Vircosoft offers an easy upgrade path (easy on your wallet too) to its vFiler automated systems.

Start by watching the Rapid Indexer Video from Vircosoft.

· Independent – Monitors / Watches folders

· All MFPs and Scanners Supported

· Capture from Multiple Folders

· Capture from Outlook

· OCR Multiple Zones, Full Page, or ALL Pages

· Batch Process & Separate Documents while Indexing

· Create Pull-down lists for RAPID-INDEXING

· Database Lookup (Query) for RAPID-INDEXING

· Creates searchable PDFs

· Metadata Publishing

· Interface to YOUR accounting system through ODBC for data validation

· Much more

What is even more cool is that your people have immediate access to your documents. And, taaa-daaaa…the documents will be in the right place, easy to find, every time! You will never lose a document again. Imagine that! No one wandering around the office searching under every file folder, yesterday’s leftover donut box or rummaging through the trash. Now that is progress!

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of document indexing solutions out there on the Internet. So how do you choose?

Try it! Push technical support unmercifully, you know, to distraction. Most software works great. Mediocre (often non-existent) technical support will negate any perceived value and leave a taste in your mouth that…well lets leave that one to your imagination.

Thank you for your time here today, please check back in often.

Steve Breault “SEM Meister”

Law Firms Need Powerful Low Cost Document Capture & Indexing Software!

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

steve-in-white-for-blogsLaw firms are buried in paper, literally. While there are many fine manual filing systems on the market, today’s technology and declining costs have made moving to an electronic document imaging system easy and very inexpensive. Whether large or small, law firms can drastically reduce the cost of filing, storing and retrieving documents in seconds. Imagine never losing a document ever again or sharing documents across the Internet to collaborate without leaving the comfort of your office? Easily done! Increase productivity, and reduce stress. Documents will be at your fingertips.

How many boxes are you managing? How many hours per week are spent looking for a discovery document or updated contract you needed yesterday? How did that file get placed under the wrong client name? The list goes on and on.

All law firms retain rows of filing cabinets and workrooms crammed with documents, and paying for storage space at premium pricing. Off-site storage is available reducing the cost of physical storage but simply add cost again to retrieve and transport between the facility and the firm. How much are you paying every time you need a document?

Following are examples of streamlining achieved with document imaging software:

¢ Find any document anywhere on the network or via the web in seconds.
¢ Routing documents fast and accurately
¢ Versioning (always maintain a running record of updates & changes)
¢ Reduce or eliminate off-site storage and retrieval
¢ Never lose or misplace a document again
¢ Reduce copy machine costs
¢ Reduce the cost of storage

Conversion of “Old Documents” to “Electronic Manageable New Documents”:

Imagine having all of your documents easily and automatically converted to Searchable PDF format. Continuity of electronic documents with hardcopy paper documents is fundamental for law firms because it helps discovery, enables collaboration among group participants in different location needing access to files that look the same. PDF assures compliance with regulatory requirements. Using PDF you can easily view, print, and collaborate on PDF files. PDF retains the integrity of any document irrespective of its origin, electronic file, paper, or Web, and portrays collaterals on screen identical to the way they would look in print.

Document imaging software and document capture software such as vFiler from Vircosoft make it possible using the searchable PDF function for law firms to browse millions of PDF files to find the information they need quickly, easily and accurately. Dramatically reduce the time normally spent by a staff of researchers to find exactly what is needed.

Look for a system that is easily transportable. Why carry boxes of files to court (or leave in the trunk of your car) when you can simply log in and retrieve what you need in seconds. Talk about efficiency while unnerving your opposing counsel!

Increasingly, judges are permitting computers into the courtroom or as part of the trial presentation procedure. Exhibits can be shown to the jury on monitors and even highlighted to emphasize particularly important information.


¢ Reduce document retrieval time dramatically
¢ Streamline case-management
¢ Insure the integrity and safety of the document
¢ Multiple, simultaneous users
¢ Better and faster collaboration
¢ Reduce hardcopy storage space
¢ Never lose or misplace a document
¢ More

Wishing you and yours a healthy and prosperous 2010

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Document Imaging Software: Powerful Solution for Business

Friday, December 18th, 2009

steve-in-white-for-blogsForms processing applications let you identify forms completed by hand to facilitate automated information entry tasks.  There has been a dramatic increase in the capability of hand printed forms recognition during the past several years. Additionally the cost has declined as well as the technology continues to improve. Accuracy also continues to improve. These factors combined have made sophisticated applications such as vFiler from Vircosoft easily affordable by the small and mid-sized business market.

Today forms processing software is available under two primary categories.

1.  Traditional, fixed-format, hand-filled forms and surveys.  This includes credit applications, tax forms and bank deposit slips that require hand-written answers that need to be printed in separate boxes for each character.

2. Document Imaging Software representing new technology is available designed to locate common data such as a social security number date or social security number anywhere they appear on the page.  This lets you automate virtually any data entry task originating on paper.  The prime example of this type of application is invoice processing where the documents you receive have names, dates and amounts you need to capture, but these appear in different locations on each page.

Recognition Software from Vircosoft enables your business to automatically migrate information from electronic documents such as email, fax, hard-copy paper onto a computer system by incorporating current affordable data capture technology such as vFiler from vFiler document capture & indexing system from Vircosoft.

vFiler recognizes data on documents such as invoices and forms appearing in up to 134 different formats. As this data is pulled from the documents it is confirmed, validated and then moved onto your computer system. Automation and technology makes this process fast, easy and accurate.

Forms recognition is processed by several methods including OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which works with machine produced print and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) with enables vFiler software to recognize handwritten characters.

Automated filing systems like vFiler save businesses money and virtually eliminates error inevitable with human intervention.

Thank you,

Steve Breault, CEO Vircosoft  “DocMeister”

Why Attorneys Need Document Management

Monday, November 23rd, 2009


Document imaging software technology has advanced considerably over the past several years especially for the small and mid-sized business market. Businesses of all types and sizes are looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce paper management costs.

Forms recognition software leads the charge. Imagine the ability to stack a bundle of documents into the automatic document feeder in virtually any brand of copier or MFP hardware, press GO and in the time it takes to walk back to your computer all the documents have been processed, file folders created and the information ready for instantaneous retrieval from anywhere in the world with 100% accuracy at a fraction of the cost of doing this manually.

There are hundreds of document imaging software solutions on the market. Selecting the best software for you should start with a demonstration using your own sample documents. You should see just how your documents will process. Look for software that provides complete flexibility. You want software that enables you to determine how your documents will process, not how the developer thinks it should process. One size does not fit all.

Here are some of the features every business should demand:

” Hardware Independent – Monitors / Watches Folders
” All MFPs and Scanners Supported
” Capture from Multiple Folders Simultaneously
” Capture from Outlook
” Automatically Split Multi-Page Documents Easily
” Automatically Straighten, De-speckle, de-skew, rotate and resize images
” Auto-Orientation
” Reads 16 Barcode Types (1D and 2D)
” OCR Multiple Zones, Full Page, All Pages, or Selected Pages
” Create Searchable PDFs
” Interface to Your Accounting System through ODBC for data validation
” UNLIMITED Document Processing – NO CLICK CHARGES
” High-end Forms Recognition – (form template training)
” Metadata Publishing
” Marked Processing
” OMR Processing

One powerful world-class very low-cost document imaging software application is vFiler™ from Vircosoft. vFiler processes scanned documents (134 different file types) automatically directly into Windows folders, document management systems, HighPoint™ or KnowledgeTree™ Repository.  Many sophisticated technologies are used during this process.  The processing steps are user definable; allowing you to customize the steps to maximize the performance.

Thank you,

Steve Breault “Docmeister”