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Best OCR Software For Human Resource Archiving

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

Companies are liable for all their workers, which includes looking out for their safety, handing their benefits and overseeing their general welfare inside the office. Human resource management is used so companies may ensure that employees develop their capabilities and at the same time, make use of their services while giving them just compensation for the kind of work they are doing for the business.

Since companies have hundreds of workers under their wing, it is important to keep track of who they are and store important information about them. The traditional method, of course is to keep these records in folders and filing cabinets, but if the need arises for these documents to be retrieved, it might take up a lot of time, and those workers assigned to access them might not be able to complete other tasks. For this, it is better to make use of the best OCR software available in the market today.

OCR software enables companies to scan their documents and store it virtually, so they would never have to use paper again. The best part about this is that all documents, whether handwritten or printed, can be deciphered and turned into an electronic file. It can also be edited (words can be searched and replaced and file size can be reduced) and reproduced without having to scan the original document again. Basically, OCR software turns the scanned papers into images and allows user to access it like they would with a word processor. It is even equipped with a reader that can recognize different barcode ocr types, so documents that are given these unique codes can be properly viewed and categorized, and users will know what these documents are labeled as.

Utilizing OCR software does not only save a lot of paper, but it also maximizes floor space in any office and reduces company expenses. For the most affordable software, companies should purchase applications by Vircosoft, which are integrated with a powerful tool called VFiler, an OCR software that can also manage, arrange and automatically file all documents. This is especially needed in Human Resource Archiving, so information about employees can easily be organized and retrieved without having to spend too much time searching for them. This would not only lessen the worries a company may have, but would also benefit their workers as they are assured that they are well taken care of. So if you want to keep track of your documents and manage them without spending too much, Vircosoft is the best choice. They not only have the strongest software, they can also assure that with their applications, all your information are safe.

Best OCR Software For Automatic Document Filing

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

It has statistically been proven that becoming a paperless office reduces a company’s expenses in terms of labor costs and money spent on paper products and other related equipment. Even if the primary cost used for a paperless office seems expensive, in the long run, it will reap more benefits for any company who chooses this alternative.

Investing in document management software is especially beneficial, as it would allow companies to manage all of their documents, allowing for quick filing and easy retrieval. Imagine the hours saved if an employee can retrieve a document in a few simple clicks, and send it to many individuals in a matter of seconds. This is radically better than having to find a single file in a bunch of folders found inside cabinets, produce copies and manually deliver it to each recipient. The hours saved can instead be delegated to completing other tasks.

To become a paperless office, companies may look into the best OCR software available in the market today. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, the process in which scanned images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text are converted into machine-encoded text. It is a process commonly used for books and other documents, so it can be transformed into digital files. OCR software enables users to access the files and view it as seen in a word processor – they can edit, find and replace words, reduce its file size or reproduce it without having to scan the original document again. It is an image turned into a text file, where users can interact with it like it is an ordinary document from a word processor.

One of the leading producers of OCR software today is Vircosoft. Their OCR software is among the most affordable and most efficient tools, which help companies make things easier. Two of their powerful applications, HighPoint and KnowledgeTree are integrated with VFiler, a document imaging software that can process scanned documents through OCR and arrange them so users can easily manage their files. It can also recognize several barcode OCR types, so users can easily view what a specific document is labeled as.

Vircosoft has created powerful tools to help companies organize their documents without worries. Their best OCR software would automatically file any scanned document and label it accordingly, so accessing or editing it would take a few simple clicks. Its many features, like its ability to process barcode OCR types and capture multiple folders at the same time, set it above other document management software which can only do a few things. Best of all, its price tag is set in a reasonable scale, so even companies who are just starting their business may opt for a paperless office. So if
you want to avail of the best OCR software without straining your budget, go for Vircosoft and VFiler.

Thank you,

Steve Breault “DocMeister”