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Steve Breault, CEO

Steve Breault, CEO

Our lives may have been spent in the office, days and nights, in order to generate income for our families, but instead of earning, we find ourselves getting moree and more frustrated because of the daily grind. Often we have piles and bigger piles of paper work staring us in the face that has be completed. One of the greatest solutions is digital document management.

We have all been there. Someone needs something immediately or for a meeting with a client and surprise it is not where it is supposed to be. Break out the troops! Suddenly everyone is running around searching. Not only is this time consuming it is very expensive, especially during this economic doldrum in which we all find ourselves. This is just one example of the many situations that arise daily. We find ourselves searching for that elusive single sheet of paper, one single sheet, but too important to be missing.

We have good news for you. The high demand of new technology has become our saving grace. Your manual search for documents can already be tracked and saved by only one business document management software that does most of the things expected to be kept by cabinets and desks. Companies everywhere have already or are poised to Go paperless! There is a software nowadays that can preserve automatic data capture, and even if it sits on your files for a long time, one click and you will find it immediately when you need it.

Going Paperless can start off as easily as getting software that can help in document tracking and data-entry. To go paper-free from all departments in your office, Vircosoft has this software that is prepared for the AR, AP and for human resources. They can be easily used as they are easily understood as well. This software includes a digital document imaging that helps you to keep the files whether they are shared to everyone or is a confidential document.

Today, although we have become very well adjusted to a paperless through social networking and email communication for example. Email and other forms of communication such as Skype and YM make us all the more dependent on the Internet. This is similar to using our softwares digital document imaging capability.

Retrieval of files and other important documents is a breeze as well when using Vircosoft’s Retrieve, High Point and vFiler. As an added benefit you can join the millions of us who are interested in finding simple ways to help preserve nature.

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