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steve-in-white-for-blogsForms processing applications let you identify forms completed by hand to facilitate automated information entry tasks.  There has been a dramatic increase in the capability of hand printed forms recognition during the past several years. Additionally the cost has declined as well as the technology continues to improve. Accuracy also continues to improve. These factors combined have made sophisticated applications such as vFiler from Vircosoft easily affordable by the small and mid-sized business market.

Today forms processing software is available under two primary categories.

1.  Traditional, fixed-format, hand-filled forms and surveys.  This includes credit applications, tax forms and bank deposit slips that require hand-written answers that need to be printed in separate boxes for each character.

2. Document Imaging Software representing new technology is available designed to locate common data such as a social security number date or social security number anywhere they appear on the page.  This lets you automate virtually any data entry task originating on paper.  The prime example of this type of application is invoice processing where the documents you receive have names, dates and amounts you need to capture, but these appear in different locations on each page.

Recognition Software from Vircosoft enables your business to automatically migrate information from electronic documents such as email, fax, hard-copy paper onto a computer system by incorporating current affordable data capture technology such as vFiler from vFiler document capture & indexing system from Vircosoft.

vFiler recognizes data on documents such as invoices and forms appearing in up to 134 different formats. As this data is pulled from the documents it is confirmed, validated and then moved onto your computer system. Automation and technology makes this process fast, easy and accurate.

Forms recognition is processed by several methods including OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which works with machine produced print and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) with enables vFiler software to recognize handwritten characters.

Automated filing systems like vFiler save businesses money and virtually eliminates error inevitable with human intervention.

Thank you,

Steve Breault, CEO Vircosoft  “DocMeister”

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