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Does Document Management Software Reduce Business Expenses?

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

In today’s tough economic situation, the focus of many businesses is on cutting costs, eliminating waste and making a business operate more efficiently in order to improve on its bottom line. Companies usually have clear objectives for achieving these goals and lots of strategies are often deployed but the practical steps for achieving these goals are not always obvious. One of the important areas business managers should focus attention on when it comes to cutting costs and making a business run efficiently is the proper management of paper based business documents by deploying digital business document management software.

A research report reveals that an average office staff spends half an hour searching for lost or misfiled business documents each day which amounts to a whopping 130 hours every year while management staff spends one hour every week looking for the same sets of misfiled or lost documents. Put together, a staggering but wasted 182 hours in overhead costs each year goes for searching documents at a time when technology helps businesses runs efficiently. Every man hour spent on the job searching for lost or misfiled documents takes away from your business rather than add to its profit. Here are some ways document management software helps businesses cuts the costs of doing business drastically and improves business profits:

Business document management solution prevents lost man hours, cost of replacing lost document, saves cost of warehousing paper documents, eliminates paper related costs like printing and photocopy and makes efficient use of your office staff: Digital document management software that scans your paper files and stores them electronically in the form that makes accessibility easy and quick at any time and from any location adds to the profits of your business in many ways. This software which is bundled with a capture and indexing solution system will ultimately save your business money in many ways like saving you the cost of warehousing heaps of paper documents and removes the cost of printing and making photocopy of documents and even the cost of hiring messenger and courier services for distributing business documents.  If you’re looking to auto-file documents then you will need an auto-capture solution bundled with your document management software to perform that task and eliminate man hour needed to file documents manually.

Once it is deployed, this electronic filing solution will help your staff work efficiently without the need to waste time searching for any document and you don’t even have to worry about losing any document. So, there is no need paying for wasted man-hour since every man-hour contributes to the growth of your business and profit maximization. You do not also need to bear overtime costs with clerical staff once your business operation becomes automated.

Document management software will help you improve invoice processing, enhance payment of bills promptly and gain discounts for early payments, eliminate cost of using courier services for mailing documents to customers, improve customer service and hence gain customer satisfaction: Business document management software helps a business to improve its cash flow, avoid duplicate payments, gain access to customer information in record time and answers customer questions or inquiries promptly.


Digital Document Management Software Creates Employee Retention

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

If we take away the mundane task of filing paper documents and the use of the file cabinets by integrating electronic document management software into your business operations, you will surely see a dramatic positive change. A paperless office also creates a positive attitude among office staff.

Digital document management systems allow you to manage your business documents using your computers and system network  to create, scan, store, retrieve, edit, share, email, and even print your documents at anytime and anywhere you choose to access your documents once they are digitally stored. Performing this task of electronic filing of documents using capture and indexing software is a performance enhancer for any business process and can be used to improve efficiencies and cut overhead cost which is what modern day businesses are aiming at.

Document management software enhances productivity and creates positive attitude to work among office staff in many ways which in turn improves employee retention. Here are some ways this software will help improve employee retention for your business:-

Digital document filing software will help your workers to work smartly: Office staff loves to work smartly and digital document filing solution provides them with the tool for easy access to documents just at the click of a computer mouse without any need for searching through heaps of paper files or looking through file cabinets while keeping customers waiting. Working with digital document management software phases out posting, faxing, printing, and making photocopy of documents before sharing important business information with fellow office staff or a customer which is a smart way of working which employees love.

Electronic document management solution will help your employees to work remotely: Once the business document management software has been incorporated into your business operation, it allows your workers or staff to work remotely and access your documents from anywhere so long there is an internet connection and any type of internet access like dial-up, desktop computer with broadband connection, laptop, Wi-Fi, VPN and PDA. Even smart mobile phones can be used to gain access to your online documents which enhances productivity and makes working fun for employees and it will even encourage them to work from home even at odd hours if necessary.

Business document management software will improve multi-user access and enables your employees to get work done faster: This software allows multiple users to access any given document simultaneously without creating multiple copies of the same document on different computers within the same network since the document management software stores the documents in one central database and it therefore makes sharing of documents among many users easy.

Whenever you choose to manage your office documents digitally, you will be making an important decision that has many inherent benefits in it for you, your employees and the future of your company since employee retention is a crucial factor that helps to improve a business outlook, its efficiency, its profitability and how it is accessed by existing and potential customers.



Does Document Management Software File Documents?

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Every business must deal with boatloads of paper and digital documents. Managing these documents can very challenging. The advent of electronic document management software, filing paper documents digitally couldn’t be much easier, time saving, and cost saving. Think of the space, time and labor costs you will save it you shift away from dealing with bulky paper documents and the file cabinets which could often results into sorting through heaps of papers while searching for a particular paper file.  If you had a choice of having all of your documents digitized and stored on your computer so you could search for any document within seconds at any location by clicking the mouse, wouldn’t it be better for your business?

That business document management software file documents electronically and helps you locate any document you need right away is not in doubt. Besides electronic filing of documents, business document management solution will perform the following functions for you:

1. It is a document auto-capture device- Document management solution is the document auto-capture solution you need. From scanning to image conversions and text recognition, digital document management application will convert your paper documents into digital information thereby improving its accessibility when you have to distribute your business information among many people.

2. Business document management software stores your scanned document online and makes your data portable- This software works to store your documents online away from the effects of disasters or physical theft of whatever form. You can therefore work from anywhere or any location and gain access to your documents anytime you wish to and share any document with any authorized worker as you like which is cost saving and also eliminate worry as you do not have to go about carrying loads of documents with you on any business trip as all your documents will be kept online ready for your easy access anytime and anywhere.

3. This digital document filing system guarantees maximum security of your business documents- This software is incorporated with the most incredible security features that protects your business documents from being accessed by unauthorized persons even with whatever tricks they may have. Besides, your documents are protected from the negative effects of computer breakdown or power outages as well as server crashes or any other forms of data loss associated with the storage of information using the internet. If you like, business document management software allows you to use password to protect your entire files and a part of it if you want and thereby restricting access of unauthorized persons to any part of your online documents which you want kept from away from others.

This software is loaded with many other features and functionality for the benefits of your business besides the primary function of electronic filing and easy access to your business documents already stored online and therefore allowing you and your employees to work without the limitations commonly associated with the use of paper documents and the file cabinets.



Digital Document Management Software is a Business Benefit

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Every business owner who has incorporated document management software in the setup of the operations of their companies is talking of the great benefits of digitizing paper documents. Digitizing your existing and incoming paper documents is the role of efficient document management software.  The software will perform this task by using capture and indexing tools and it is a performance enhancer when incorporated into the network processes of a business and it can be used to improve efficiencies of your business and also cut overhead to the barest minimum.

What document management software will help you achieve: Digital business document management solution is a computer based software application that allows you to create a document or scan an existing document, store, edit, and retrieve it when you need to do so within seconds. The application will also assist you to share your business documents within each department and among various departments of your company. If you need to email, fax or print any document, the software will help you achieve all that and much more.  In fact, you can manage your scanned paper documents and the electronic documents from any location outside your business premises with full security in order to prevent any unauthorized access to your business information once this enabling software has been installed to work with your business applications.

You no longer need to worry about being overwhelmed with the sheer volume or accumulated number of paper documents you and your employees have to handle in the course of running your business once the operation of your company has been made paperless with the business document management software.

Benefits of deploying business document management software in your business setup: Any efforts made at making an office paperless gives many benefits of which the followings are notable.

  1. Improved work efficiency of employees. Business document management application allows many users to access any given document already scanned or electronically stored simultaneously thereby resulting in getting work done faster. The effect of work efficiency translates to customer satisfaction as customers will see your company as being client focused and an efficient company a customer would want to do business with particularly where documents needs to be emailed to clients.
  2. A savings in time and costs. Companies are known for dealing with much information and where you have your documents already well organized by folders, tags and types of documents with the use of digital document software, time wasting is eliminated because a quick search attempts will locate the needed document within seconds.  Besides the cost savings in terms of cutting overhead expenses since you do not need to employ people who would be there to help you file and search for paper documents from file cabinets, most document management applications offer you a one off expenses particularly if the system you choose is a desktop application which you only need to buy once and then use it as long as you wish to continue using it.
  3. A good recovery in time of disaster. With the advent of cloud technology, business document management software work to store your scanned paper documents in the cloud away from the effects of any type of disaster and hence make running your business stress and worry free when it comes to preserving your business documents from disasters.

Why Document Management Software?

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Paper and the file cabinets have always played important roles in running a business and in managing any organization no matter the aims and objectives of the organization. However, paper documents have a way of increasing rapidly and before you realize it, you will have  mountains of paper.  Once your business has collected volumes of paper based files, searching through them will become a serious challenge particularly when you need to look for a document in a hurry; it will take longer to respond to the inquiry of your customers, doing business may soon become a task due to inefficiency, overhead costs may soon increase because some personnel have to be saddled with the job of just searching for paper documents and storage of new ones in file cabinets. Endless is the pain of running a paper based office but such scenarios as this never happen with businesses that have incorporated the computer based paperless business document management software.

There are several ugly sides to running a business without document management software: Many ugly incidences play themselves out in a company that relies on running its business operation with paper documents depending on the size of the company. There are challenges of misplacement or outright loss of important documents, there will be gross inefficiency in sharing documents within a department and across other departments within your company. The process of getting approval by subordinates from their superiors on issues that shouldn’t take time at all may be so prolonged such that the mission statement of your company becomes blurred in the eyes of your employees. Personnel can’t access business documents they need when outside the four walls of your office premises. Now, think of what happens when there are changes in personnel and the person who was in charge of filling your paper documents leaves and you have to search for documents archived for the past 5 five years or more.

Business document management solves business procedural problems: There are tons of problems which the electronic document management software solution will help you solve in running your business. It will help your business run swiftly and efficiently, it will drive the growth of your company and minimize costs of doing business and more importantly, it will help you keep with the competition of running your company in a modern-day business environment.  Once incorporated in the daily operation of your company, this business document management software will help you manage incoming documents with ease, indexing, storage, and retrieval of information will be done electronically with little learning curve experienced by your employees.

Document management software has proved to be a savings and not a cost: When it was first invented, business document management software was expensive and the return on investment was for large businesses only but today, going paperless is simple and cost effective due to the lost in upfront costs and high return after implementation. In fact, there are many companies that have introduced novel approaches to the acquisition of this software which means you can get the software deployed in your business operations right away without breaking the bank and you will start to see the impact of this electronic file document solution as a savings and not a cost.



Easy to Use Document Management Software

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

More and more businesses are switching over from the use of physical paper filing and file cabinets for filing business documents to the all-digital business document management software which makes scanning, storing, searching, editing and sharing of business information easier, faster and secured for all categories of business enterprises. It is obvious that time is a fundamental resource that most people think they don’t have enough of; therefore, document management software provides employees with digital document management and filing tools that saves time and tremendously increases productivity at work.

Relative ease of use of efficient business document management: Most business managers are concerned about how complex or otherwise the office paperless software will be for employees to use since there is no point aiming at employee efficiency if the software solution will slow down business operation when staff finds operating the application complex to manipulate. There are many companies the world over that develop business document management solution and how each brand of software works depends on the company behind it and while we cannot speak for every developer of each brand of paperless office software, we are of the opinion that if you are looking to buy this software and make the running of your company paperless then you need to look for the brand that guarantees easy learning curve for employees and that its simple to use while it retains its usual power of maintaining complete and efficient paperless operational workings of your business.

There is a document management solution for every type of business setup: The operation of business document management spans every business sector. There are legal document filing application meant specially for the legal professional offices, the engineering application that caters for the need of companies in the engineering sector of the economy, and the medical document management software that applies to companies that are in the health based or produced health related products or services. Though the software has different areas of application yet they offer the same functionality and reliability if sourced from a credible company.

How to find the best fit document management software for your business: If you shop around the Internet and even ask for a practical demonstration of the software you are looking to buy where possible, you can get the document management software that will give your business the best operational efficiency expected. Good and efficient paperless office application software is one a ten year old who can operate a computer should be able to use with a little learning curve and it should therefore not be difficult for any adult employee to adapt to and use in their daily workings and operational activities on the job.

Look for the main functionalities any useful paperless software should have such as the ease of scanning, importing, exporting, editing, and sharing new documents within each department of your company and across other departments via email.  Business document management application is meant to make running of your business easier. Efficient paperless electronic document filing solution which is ISO 9001:2000 certified will help you build your business as a cost minimizing and profit maximizing application you really need.