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Document Management Software Should Be Your Next Asset

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

How to manage information for your business purposes has become a very important issue. Loss or misplacement of important business document, distribution of wrong documents for important projects, cases of stealing confidential business and security data are surfacing every day. So, equipping your business with the most reliable and efficient business document management software in order to prevent any unwanted incidents is indeed one of the needs of the hour and an important asset that must not be undermined. A tested electronic business document management solution will help you to create, scan, index, store, retrieve, edit, fax, email, share information securely within company departments, improve your business customer relationship, maximize profits for you, improve employee productivity, help you to meet industry regulations, preserve your business information from being destroyed in any disaster, and even print your documents when you need to do so.

The importance and asset nature of digital business document management software is illustrated in the following scenarios:

1. A renowned civil engineering construction company submitted a bid for a project with the wrong set of drawings due to the use of poor in-house document management system. Being famous for quality deliverable, the project was awarded to them and the construction works advanced so much after which one of the project supervisors suddenly realized the drawings being used were the wrong set of drawings. The constructions already completed had to be demolished and rebuilt to keep off litigation which resulted in the loss of millions of dollars to the company. If they had integrated efficient document management software, this professional disaster and misjudgment won’t have happened and there are many companies that have lost lots of money due to inefficient document management practices in use.

2. Imagine manufacturing companies that have manufactured tons of parts and even shipped them before coming to realize that the engineering drawings used for manufacturing the parts were out dated and not the currently approved standard drawings.

3. There are many companies that usually have multiple projects and tons of employees accessing many documents across these projects. Imagine two people editing the same document simultaneously and one person’s edits gets overwritten in the process because the business document management application in use is archaic. What this implies is that such document will be shared and much damage would have been done before someone gets to realize rather too late that the document distributed was actually the wrong document.

If there is any reason you have to integrate the electronic document management software into your business processes, it is to avoid an extremely costly error commonly associated with the use of inadequate or outdated document filing solution as it has been revealed in the instances stated above. There are many companies that have practically lost millions of dollars while some have been locked in avoidable legal battle with their clients as a result of distributing wrong project files or documents. Good business document management software is reasonably priced compared to the value of costly mistakes that comes with the use of inefficient document filing system. In fact, the price of an efficient business document management application is indirectly an asset that keeps on helping your company to maximize profits and run efficiently.

Document Management Software is a Fit for ALL Businesses

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

More and more businesses irrespective of their size are making the switch from the traditional methods of filing documents with the use of file cabinets into electronic business document management software which promises better efficiency, more productivity, customer satisfaction, cost savings, and long term growth. Once incorporated into your business, document management software provides a one stop shop for scanning, indexing, saving, editing, and departmental sharing of your documents. Electronic business document management software has been tried, tested, and proved useful by large businesses as a means to win customer satisfaction, lower costs, improve efficiency, and enhance business growth on the long run.

However, one of the main concerns of small businesses looking to make a switch into business document management is the cost of acquiring or the affordability of the electronic document management software by small enterprises. There is also the concern of how complex such business document management will be for their staff to be able to understand and use with relative ease. Here are some hints about the affordability of the digital document management solution and its simplicity of use that will interest you.

Availability of easily affordable document management software: Small and mid-sized enterprises that have been yearning for an affordable electronic document filing solution now have it in their grasp. Easily affordable digital document management applications with the full range of benefits of lowering costs, enhancing business efficiency, and lots more are available for small businesses. The increase in demand of this software has driven down its cost so much that you can find them far less affordable than they were before. In fact, the smallest businesses who are looking to deploy this application and individuals who would like to deploy the document management software in their homes can now do so at very affordable price while they still enjoy the benefits of good return on investment since it guarantees security and effective departmental sharing of documents.

Document management software offer easy usage and smooth learning curve: Electronic document filing solution allows you to scan, index, and store all your paper documents with ease and little learning curve. What may be complex and hard to do is looking for lost or misplaced document when you file in the traditional way with paper documents and file cabinets and not with business document software though you may need to spend a few seconds in scanning and indexing your documents. Think of the record time you have to search a document that has been well indexed and stored using the business document management software and getting what you want almost instantly. That gives less stress and makes your business operation more productive and reliable yet the software is affordable.

There has never been a better time to think of acquiring this electronic business document software to work for you than now. Even in recession, your target is to save cost of doing business while productivity is increased. The numerous benefits of integrating document management software in your business far outweigh the present price.

Document Management Software for the Mail Room

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

There is a common scenario with businesses where business document management software isn’t in place. Does this common business scenario look and sound familiar to you? The loss of valuable time due to manual opening and preparing business mail for internal distribution is a common phenomenon. Besides, there is the possibility of misplacing important documents because of the inefficiencies that goes with handling large volume of mail manually. Often, such important documents may be left in unsecured settings or not delivered as at when expected or delivered altogether to the wrong person. Any of these stated instances can happen to any business if it continues to run without integrating the electronic document management software in the mail room. If these statements illustrate the condition of your business mail room, it’s the right time to integrate the automated mail room services enabled by business document management solution into your business processes.

Benefits of integrating automated mail room services enabled by electronic document management software in your business: When compared to manual sorting of mail, automated mail room services enabled by business document management does not require multiple handling by several people before it gets to its intended person. Therefore, the possibility of loss is eliminated. Another benefit is the improvement in business workflow processes which shows itself in the efficient delivery of every mail to the intended destination. Of utmost importance is the security of each mail which cannot be compromised once this software is activated within your business processes because every crucial document can be scanned at the point of entry to your company, separated, indexed, and filed automatically while the recipients receive just the email notification of each document. Hence, the flow of information into your firm is thereby automated and secured at the mail room level.

How the automated mailroom services solution enabled by business document management software work in a business network: Once the critical business processes of your company is made compatible with the automated mail room services solution, each mail is scanned and indexed according to your predetermined settings so that each document, for example, a scanned invoice, is afterward sent automatically to the right top management personnel for review and approval before it gets forwarded to the account section for payment processing. With this streamlined system, you can easily imagine the level of business efficiency such process automation will bring to your company once this document management software is fully integrated.

In like manner, each document is tracked as it passes from one desk to another so quickly and effortlessly as each employee carries out action on it based on your predetermined business routine rules.

Business document management software that enables automated mail room services is able to secure and deliver to you improved business efficiency and very significant dollar incentives once it is applied to your business procedures. In fact, your employees will have much time to devote to the critical aspect of your company which guarantees improved cash flow and a continual increase in your business profits.

Document Management Software Takes Over Customer Service

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Steve Breault, Vircosoft Founder / CEO

Business document management software is an agent of effective customer service which helps a business to grow when integrated. When your customers feel connected to your business, you receive in return the best form of advertisement which is referral or word of mouth advertising. Referral is the most organic form of advertisement for a business organization. If your business makes its customers who call in to make inquiry on their business transactions wait, that is not good for business. But if they can enjoy speedy responses in seconds with the information needed they will recognize that your business is customer service oriented and that is good for you too.

However, it is a common knowledge that in most businesses, employees find it difficult to locate and control key documents when it matters most because of the cabinet document filing system in use. For efficiency in keeping up with customer service inquiries, document management software provides you a more efficient document filing system needed to keep all your customers information as well as all regulatory compliant documents and eliminate paper records and individual document filing pattern of your employees. Here are some facts that show the importance of the document management software in every business.

Challenges and inadequacies of keeping paper documents: Often, there are many challenges associated with a business that lacks the application of the business document management and they include the inability to know where the business documents are kept, replacement of documents because the originals were lost or got missing in transits, difficulty of tracing out important files when somebody goes on holiday, difficulty of keeping track of many paper records, payment of wages to someone for filing and archiving files, poor response rate to customer inquiry, and the worry of being able to find appropriate document if the company is suddenly sued to court. All these challenges will be completely wiped out once the electronic document management software is integrated in your business.

Business document management is the solution for keeping business files electronically organized: Electronic document management software is the technology of efficient organization of business information and the ease of retrieval when needed. It involves the process of scanning, indexing, storage, retrieval, ease of sharing files with every employee intended, and the security of every archived document from unauthorized access. When any document has been stored with this software, the danger of being lost or misplaced is ruled out. You will have access to every document when you need it at anytime of the day and at anywhere even if you are at offsite locations.

The role of electronic document management software for enhancing customer service: When business document management is integrated in your business, it saves time in finding any files since all files are indexed and stored. That guarantees improved service to your customers at all times. Every required file can be accessed on each computer in every office and sharing of information between departments becomes easier particularly where a superior approval is needed to meet with a customer’s requests.