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Best Document Management Software for Archiving Documents

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

Offices do not waste paper, they always and in all ways keep papers, papers bearing documents since time immemorial, keeping them with the intention of archiving them and letting them rot in piles and piles of boxes or steel cabinets. Most offices are like this, they keep documents that are long obsolete, and those papers which are no longer needed are being kept to be part of the company’s history. Many of the offices act like these papers and documents are still needed and can be helpful when they need them, but judging that some of these documents are already ten years old, or the most recent being two years old, they are already called rubbish.

But what if these papers really do contain some things that are important? Do you really need to keep them in dust-gathering vaults and cabinets where they can rot and be brittle even for reading purposes? Today’s technology dictates that these papers can already be thrown away and we can start anew with document keeping.

One of the best document management systems that is in line with today’s need for document keeping is the digital document imaging of today. A digital document imaging will be able keep your documents in store for you while being used as well. A world-class document management system is being provided to you by Vircosoft. They can provide the best document management system that is available, and with using this document management system, an office or company will be able to use the documents, old and new, for safe keeping. With this digital document imaging, we are able to keep our records and dig them up from the archive when you want to or when the need arises.

This digital document imaging is paperless, which means, everything is retrievable. You can retrieve everything, from accounts to memoranda, and other significant documents that are in safe keeping. Other records can be kept as well, but there is no use for piles and piles of cabinets for these paper documents that keep these records. In fact, there’s only one need for this to be retrieved, a computer that is able to run the software and keep all the valuables inside it. The files can be arranged by chronological order, or by the order you want. Each is retrieved by the file names you have given them and the records are arranged as you have made them appear on your list. Very easily retrieved, and very easily kept, this is what makes this new technology more convenient for keeping.Retrieve is simple software you can use, one that makes use of interface to get the records. Retrieve is designed to give users a fast way to discover and find old information and can be indexed by the VFiler. Retrieve is free for every purchase of the VFiler.

If you want other digital document software by Vircosoft, you might want check on their website for further understanding of their software.

Business Document Management Software for Accounts Payable

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

Your business may be one that is involved in selling services, goods or any other kinds of materials that will include documents for record-keeping and data entry. Most companies like grocery stores, one that involves provision of services and other goods have to keep document software that will help them track every transaction that the business entails. This is the case that most owners or managers, and even CEOs of large companies are most concerned with; this business document management is one important factor in the record-keeping department of the business entity. Having a good business document management will eventually make the managers, owners and CEOs to track the status of their business.

Many companies, even the smallest ones nowadays have to record their daily sales, their inventories and even the cash on hand and the accounts receivables and payables. This record keeping will make businesses to prosper more and be more efficient in checking for their business dealings in each business day. Hence, businesses, whether small ones or even the biggest ones now use a business document management that may meet their needs for every record-keeping they incorporate in their companies.

A part of the business document management that will make things easier for them is to track their receivables and payables. When employees concerned can see a shared document, one that comes from the finance department or from the department concerned, they can see a transaction that alerts them of their payables to a certain supplier or store. This way, they are notified of their obligation to pay and may eventually schedule for the payment, or have the account settled as soon as possible. Details like these things are needed in order to maintain a good relationship with other companies.

This will entice a good employee to do his or her job the speedy way too, accounts receivables and payables will be acted upon immediately. The digital imaging incorporated into the business document management system will be good enough to make the easy reports as the business document management can multi-task a lot of things. And no one has to delay the job that he has in acting for the duties he has; the document management software can be shared by people, select or not, inside the business system.

A good business establishment can provide the employees the easier way of communications and record-keeping. Making things in manual type, from encoding to record-keeping is such an old school. A solution is given to you by Vircosoft. They are the ones that have the capability to provide you with a business document management which system can be easy and even fun for the employees of the company.

Vircosoft has version control, one document software that allows for the document to be shared and revised by all, but still saving the changes for all to see. Version control is a much needed factor for a good business document management. You must check out the services that they have in store for you. Check online and be amazed at their services

Best Document Management Software Includes Version Control

Monday, August 23rd, 2010
Steve Breault, CEO

Steve Breault, CEO

Version control is also known as revision control, source control or the software configuration management (SCM). It usually comes as a feature to software management, or software development. It is when you make software document files and many people may have the right to track it, and even make changes to the document that you have. In most cases, the version control can contain codes, they may be numbers, or alphabets that can help you track the way the document has been changed.

In a certain company, many of our employees get to have a copy of a document that is shared by the whole company, from the proposals to the managers who will approve, some documents such as the one mentioned, a proposal, will have to pass through several more people for reviews and opinions. In many cases, these documents will of course require a version control. The version control, as needed by a company to forego with the approval of a document, must be tracked. One of the features of the best document management systems in the world must be version control.

This version control is created to track the sharing of the document, as well as the changes that is incorporated in the document by people who have something to deal with the document. This way, changes to a document or revisions thereof will be highly monitored, and be taken consideration by parties dealing with it. Many of our papers in the office need duplicate copies, one to pass through the higher management positions, and for those who are in the department concerned with the document’s status. Multiple copies are shared, and though some may want to edit it or revise it, others may want to have the document as is. In the case of printed documents, it is usually in the paper itself where scribbling for a revision may be placed. After the document has passed through a lot of people concerned to it, all the revisions will eventually be made into one judgment, an approval or otherwise.

Through version control, there will be no need for a printed copy, each person that has something to deal with the document is given a copy of the file and his share of thoughts regarding the paper will also be saved and shared to many. There is digital document imaging to go with the document, and this can only be done through a version control. This is where Vircosoft is expert. Vircosoft is a company that provides your needs for document imaging software, open source document management software, and if you want to start saving the earth, you can check on their service for providing you a start on paperless office.

Automatically saving copies of changes in a certain document also means documenting thoughts in a certain company. This is helpful in order to facilitate fast approval, and to hasten good coordination among the group. Vircosoft, with its mission to provide a better documenting office, is one to check out. Their service will provide you with blissful understanding of a paperless office, or better yet, start on an office using document imaging software to maximize time and working ability.

Go Paperless – Saving Time With a Document Management System

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

Do you know that it takes one tree to produce 17 reams of paper? But it takes many years for a tree to be sturdy enough to be made into paper.

In September of 2009, the Philippines was devastated with heavy rains and neck-deep flood, water washed away lives and important assets, including hopes and dreams of a good future. The reason why this happened is the grudge of nature to the people who abuse it. And one main thing we abuse our Mother Nature, trees included, is our need for paper.

The many companies needing office supplies nowadays are booming, the most needed supply is paper. But with this modern age of computers and sophisticated technology gadgets, what is the use of paper for; when we can communicate with our mobile phones, communicate with the world via the Internet, and even chat and laugh with our friends through the social networking media? You say for posterity purposes, but aren’t files better to keep than piles and heaps of dusted paper?

The world today, though, is getting smarter and wiser. Many people have already valued the importance of trees; it is never too late to take care of Mother Earth, replant trees and do reforestation.

Offices and companies too must do their share. There are a number of companies who are already encouraging people to go paperless. There is paperless software which does the job of recording and keeping data in the archive, and producing these data when needed. This paperless software enables the company to do the normal thing as most offices would do, record-keeping, data-entry, and communications, minus the use of paper. In fact, literal as it may seem, but this is what we shall call a paperless office. Cost effective and efficient, it provides an automated paper filing system that can capture, handle effectively and defend the company’s business secrets.

One thing that is expected to do with going paperless is the amount of time you will be wasting in order to manually enter the data you have already gathered. This becomes less of a problem though. The VFiler Rapid Indexer and the VFiler Automated Indexer can help you with getting these manual data-entry jobs.

These paperless software which are already available in the market, can provide you with shorter time in looking for files, increase efficiency in data-keeping/document indexing, increase accuracy of information entered, easier document identification and separation, and most of all, it will increase the chance of trees being saved from being cut and be produced into paper.

Going paperless will make businesses save tons of money of paper, and more importantly, save a lot of trees. It may be a little funny and awkward to see an office without paper and pen, but it would make a good difference. Go check Vircosoft’s website and watch videos on how they make paperless companies work just like any ordinary office.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”