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Digital Document Management Saves Businesses Time and Money

Friday, July 30th, 2010
Steve Breault, CEO

Steve Breault, CEO

Remember decades and maybe centuries ago when you are trying to look for an old document, let’s say in your local registrar, and you are asked to come back another week to have it? It may be good for those people who are nearby the office and can just drop by anytime of the day. What if you live miles away and going back is a waste of time, effort and money? What will you do if you are in the midst of doing your presentation and you miss printing out an important detail? You excuse yourself for a minute that may take probably 30 minutes since the file that you need is a year old and you cannot seem to find it.

Business document management is a system that almost, if not all, small to medium enterprise and big corporate do all their paper works – that includes contracts of new hires, existing employees, suppliers, clients, minutes of the board meeting, incoming and outgoing of the people accessing the files and so much more. Before the turn of the century, people rely on papers. Tons and tons of paper are being used, thrown away, recycled and reused again since scarcity of trees for papers becomes an issue. Brilliant minds then start to think of how to have a paperless day.

Fortunately, with the onset of modern technologies, digital document management is invented and innovated in the sole aim of helping businesses of different mediums to lower down hidden costs and increase productivity.
More space, more freedom, saves money Always remember that the bread and butter of a certain company are its employees. All the money coming in is possible because of the hard work of your workers. Make your employees happy by providing them more space to work and to move around the office. For this to happen, all you should need is a space for a computer table and a chair. If there is more space in the working area, your employers are not congested thus they have the freedom to roam and they feel healthy.

Digital document management eliminates the need for steel cabinets, shelves, folders, paper clips and all those things. The overall impact is the company being able to save money. The money can be saved for more productive allocations or it can be used for your employees’ incentive. Buying a piece of paper may not mean at all because it only costs cents, but, you may be surprised when you check the monthly expense report that you have used 10,000 pieces of paper and that can be a hundred bucks.

Another way to look at it is to eliminate the need for more workers to do certain tasks. If one person is assigned to control the incoming and outgoing of documents, DDM can do that accurately. One person’s monthly salary is ousted thus allowing the company to save money.

More time to be more productive If done manually and in a room of shelves full of files, folders and documents, how much time is consumed looking for a single document only? 10 minutes? 20 minutes? 1 hour? With the birth of DDM time can be spent productively by your employees. It enables the workflow to be faster and workers can now work efficiently and effectively. Waiting time is over and with DDM more thorough and accurate information is stored, processed and provided. Time that is spent in looking for a single document is now used further in other productive activities.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Digital Document Management Controls Document Versions

Friday, July 30th, 2010
Steve Breault, CEO

Steve Breault, CEO

How would you like to go back in time and search for an older version of a document that you feel is more helpful with the task you need to complete rather than the version that you currently have? Going through all the looking up process is definitely a hassle and very sensitive especially if you needed those to be able to come up with a finely polished business document. Well, you or your business does not deserve to go through such trouble. Resolve all these mischief with a business document management software!

If you are still ripping pages and pages of papers then, your business is definitely so outdated and is losing bigger opportunities of getting bigger profits. Digital document management systems are so in today and it’s driving every business establishments to prosperity. Controlling versions of a document is not an easy task. Companies that do not have version control systems are prone to error and a little mistake could end up costly wasting resources that would have been a profit.

Errors and mistakes are considered to be the effect of the absence of version control. Digital document management systems are integrated with version controls. Without it, having different versions of the document across the departments is most likely to happen. Without proper document management, a different copy could be available in the network, another copy in staff’s hard drive, and perhaps paper copies that are different, too. Such an arrangement definitely generate an environment where scheming which one is the right version becomes virtually impossible if not, tedious.

Management always plays a big role on how we gain success over the things that we aspire for. Technology continuously evolves to help us with our goals. It aims in making us more productive, speed things up for us, and making everything as easy as it can be for us to attain our goals. Gone are those days when we have to dig through all those printed materials, wasting time in a dark dusty document storage room, and making us weary after hours of search. Then, after the wasted time, we end up finding that we just sent the incorrect version to the client. How would that impact your business? How much or what would it cost you if the wrong version gets to a client, a manufacturer, or a contractor? It might even cost you your business.

One very helpful tool with this business document management technology is its ability to record and capture versions of your documents. It magically captures the evolution of a document wherever you did the revisions – email, servers, or hard drives. Version control through these digital document management systems allows you and other users to keep documents from being overwritten by whoever is editing it.

There is so much that digital document management can offer. One, as discussed above is it helps in preventing others from overwriting it. With this, whenever a rollback is considered necessary, the desired version can be easily recovered. Then there’s tracing the versions, merging essential revisions, and managing the entire project. With the latest tools that technology offers us today, we sure can achieve things easier and faster.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

SAAS Digital Document Management

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

Steve Breault, CEO

Software as a Service (SaaS) is starting to gain momentum in the business world. During the past decade many business document management systems have been and continue to be developed as the technology improves. This growth includes Software as a Service also known as a “hosted application” and software “on the go”. SaaS is a digital delivery method which provides remote access to the software. SaaS falls under the “cloud computing” category which means delivering host services over the internet.

Depending on your company’s circumstances SaaS software may be a viable alternative to applications that reside on your own computers or servers. Companies having in-house or contracted technical support services generally prefer having their DMS software easily accessible and maintained by their own people. Companies that do not have their own support services may opt for SaaS for several reasons. With SaaS there is virtually no installation or maintenance required. The software provider handles all of that including updates, enhancements, patches etc. No additional supporting software is needed to make the SaaS work.

Another benefit may be that it has multi-tenant efficiency. The software can be used by multiple users without interruptions. The software is flexible and scalable. It is accessible and easy to use. Lastly, all you have to do is focus on the use of the application. In spite these benefits, there are some disadvantages as well.

Gene Phifer, Gartner’s Managing Vice President, has said that “Companies can deploy internal clouds today through virtualization, but technology-wise, it is still an immature market with a lot of players.”  Some companies even doubt the security of third parties to manage their data.  Some industries such as banking, finance and defense may still prefer to use on-premise software primarily because they prefer retaining total control.

Regardless of the type of delivery system you choose, digital document management will save your business money, improve efficiencies and put an end to the constant paper wrestling match.

Digital Document Management for Version Control

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

Document management is a big part of a companies work load whether small-sized, mid-sized or large-sized. Document management is important to come up with better business operations. Whether companies are regulated or not, document management provides modernize organization. Through the years, many companies have been using paper-based management to store and retrieve files and many of these companies had also encountered problems regarding file management. Some experienced losing important documents because of calamities such as flash floods, earthquake and hurricane while some just simply misplace their documents in their offices’ archive areas. Paper-based document management costs companies thousands of dollars in maintaining a well-organized paper documents. They pay too much for printing and storing of paper documents; they pay for paper, inks, physical space and for the archivist who will personally manage the paper-based documents.

Paper-based documents are very hard to maintain and the actual physical task to maintain it is really labor-intensive. Many companies still store their important files and paperwork in old filing cabinets, which are most likely bursting at the seams with years of document storing. Good thing at present, some companies have started converting their paper-based documents to electronic or digital documents and start relying on digital document management for many reasons. First, it is much cheaper when compared to paper-based document management because the only thing you will need here are computer with the needed software and someone to operate the software. No archivist, paper, ink and archive area needed. Second, the documents that will be filed will be more secure because documents will not be exposed that easy not like in paper-based document management where documents are placed in cabinets and if one gets destroyed and it does not have another copy, the company will surely get in trouble. Third, digital document management is more accessible to staff, customers and to management because all you have to do is to deploy the software anywhere and anytime you want. Fourth, there is a centralized location of the document and that is the software not like when documents are paper-based, you will need to check all the corners of the archive area to look for documents. Fifth and last is that it is user-friendly which is an important part of customer service satisfactory.

One important advantage digital document management needs to emphasize is its strength for version control or the process where one manages multiple revisions and reproduction with the same unit of information. In digital document management, you can reproduce and track revisions as many versions of the document as you want without costing you additional not like in paper-based document management, the more you reproduce, revise and print a version or a copy, the higher it will costs your company. Digital document management also allows you to take snapshots of your document.

Going digital actually saves your company time and money! This kind of data management will surely help companies to work more efficiently and faster with better operations.

Business Document Management Improves Efficiency

Monday, July 5th, 2010
Steve Breault, CEO

Steve Breault, CEO

Despite much advancement in computers and technology, companies still rely on paper for everyday work, not realizing that this greatly adds to expenses, among others. Paper is used for a lot of things in a business – memos, employee information, business proposals and the like – and the equipment it comes with, such as printers, copiers and filing cabinets take up a lot of space. Not to mention, retrieving documents is a hassle for employees, especially if they have to search a thousand documents in the process, and it usually consumes almost all of their work hours, leaving no time to finish other responsibilities.

For these reasons, it is highly recommended for any business to consider becoming a paperless office and start on their business document management. While the initial cost for the equipment and software used in becoming a paperless office is a little expensive, the benefits it will gain in the long run, including the significant reduction in costs, would be well worth it. And while it is also true that it might take some time to completely eliminate the use of paper; employing business document management would improve efficiency in the workplace.

For instance, purchasing document management software would make the organization of documents less complicated and their retrieval would take a matter of seconds, as the software is integrated with a search function. This way, if someone needs a document, he no longer has to spend a lot of time looking through file cabinets. Instead, he can pull out the file with a few clicks and concentrate on fulfilling other duties after the documents have been acquired. Distributing copies of documents to other departments would also be quicker, as it allows a network of computers to access all the files it manages. Imagine saving time on printing and distributing memos – instead of manually handing them out to each department, they can now receive it as soon as you send it out.

Business document management can also improve efficiency as it secures and backs up all files. If natural disasters strike (like earthquakes, floods and hurricanes), many businesses suffer great losses because they lose their documents. However, this can be prevented with the use of document management. Not only are your files safe from being hacked or tampered, recovering them after a disaster is very easy as they are backed up periodically, and can also be stored in different computers in various locations.

If you want to invest in powerful document management software without spending too much, Vircosft has a solution for you. With their efficient software integrated with VFiler, you are assured that you can automatically file, arrange and manage all your documents without going through too much trouble. Best of all, while it is the most reasonably-priced software being sold in the market, it does not sacrifice productivity. So if you want best quality software with an inexpensive price tag, be sure to choose Vircosoft.

Thank you,

Steve Breault “Doc Meister”

Business Document Management Cuts Costs

Thursday, July 1st, 2010
Steve Breault, CEO

Steve Breault, CEO

It is essential for any business to file their documents in an organized manner. Records, whether on company matters, employee information or other significant data, must be stored and categorized accordingly so it would be easier to retrieve when it is needed. Most companies employ a paper based system using equipment such as printers, copiers and filing cabinets for business document management.

What they don’t realize, however, is that these equipment increase their expenses and also take up a lot of space. To cut costs, companies should consider purchasing document imaging software for their document management needs.

While the task of transforming your company in a paperless office may seem daunting, the advantages that you will gain after pursuing it are definitely satisfactory. Utilizing document imaging software would not only reduce expenses in the long run but also make arranging records hassle-free. Instead of printing on paper, making copies and keeping these in filing cabinets, the software would completely eliminate the use of paper, enabling companies to replace bulky cabinets with one or two computers that store all their files, thus saving space and money.

Document imaging software is used to scan documents into images, which are then transformed into digital files and stored in computers. All records, even if it is handwritten or printed, can be deciphered and transformed into images. The best part is that the software enables users to alter the scanned files, so they can add or remove text as they see fit, as if they are accessing the file with a word processor.

Another advantage is that these kinds of software are incorporated with a barcode reader, which can detect several types of bar codes and is very useful when capturing several documents all at once. Since some documents are already embedded with bar codes, the bar code reader can interpret the information found within the code and use that to store the file accordingly. These features make it easier to scan multiple documents at the same time, without worrying that it can mess up the arrangement of files.

Once a company decides to make use of this method, business document management would be easier if companies decide to purchase software made by Vircosoft. Vircosoft produces the most powerful document imaging software available in the market today, and best of all it is set with a very affordable price. Their two applications, HighPoint and KnowledgeTree are integrated with a powerful tool called VFiler, which promises to take care of automatically filing, managing and keeping track of your files. VFiler would classify your files in an orderly fashion, and would
produce an index of all the documents so they can be searched using keywords found in their file names. So if you want to cut costs without sacrificing productivity, make sure to trust Vircosoft.

Thank you,

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Archiving Documents Using Barcode Separation

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

Eliminating the use of paper in an office may seem intimidating especially when it comes to using equipment that would produce digital copies of your old documents. You wanted to save time managing documents, which is why you chose to go paperless, but the amount of old documents you have to transfer into digital copies are so large that you are
starting to rethink whether you made the right choice.

When you think about it, transferring paper-based records into virtual files can take an insane amount of time, but the benefits you will gain later on are rewarding. Not only will you be able to arrange, categorize and save space with all your files, you will also have an easier time looking for any data provided you use document management software. Besides, there is an easy answer to your worries – archiving documents. would be easier with software that offer data capture solutions.

Data capture is a computerized system specifically designed to collect data in electronic form. It usually involves scanning documents and creating images out of them, and then storing the file virtually. With the correct software, these documents can then be arranged properly and labeled accordingly. If the need arises, they can also be accessed and the content can be edited just like any word processed document.

For big companies who took too long to become paperless, and have piles of records waiting to be captured, a barcode separation system must be employed. Barcode separation is usually used in the event of batch scanning so users may add information in a barcode and use it in labeling the different files. These files will then be separated according to the barcode given to them for quicker and easier retrieval in the future. This is a time saver, as users may scan multiple documents at the same time and arrange them properly with the use of barcodes. Not only will it make work less complicated, it will also ensure that each data is unique and belongs to a particular group, so it can be found faster when it is needed.

One of the leading document management software creators is Vircosoft. Their powerful applications are integrated with VFiler, an OCR software that enables the scanning of documents into images. It also features a barcode reader, which can interpret different barcode types, so if a document already has a barcode embedded in it before a scan,
VFiler can distinguish what type of barcode it is and classify it accordingly. With Vircosoft’s efficient software, users are guaranteed that archiving documents becomes an easy feat, and they can keep in track all their files without any worries. Also, the organization of data will become even better.

So if you want to save time and upload several documents all at once, purchase VFiler and take advantage of its barcode separation capability. With Vircosoft, your documents are in good hands, and the best thing is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to have it.

Thank you,

Steve Breault “DocMeister”