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Best OCR Software For Human Resource Archiving

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

Companies are liable for all their workers, which includes looking out for their safety, handing their benefits and overseeing their general welfare inside the office. Human resource management is used so companies may ensure that employees develop their capabilities and at the same time, make use of their services while giving them just compensation for the kind of work they are doing for the business.

Since companies have hundreds of workers under their wing, it is important to keep track of who they are and store important information about them. The traditional method, of course is to keep these records in folders and filing cabinets, but if the need arises for these documents to be retrieved, it might take up a lot of time, and those workers assigned to access them might not be able to complete other tasks. For this, it is better to make use of the best OCR software available in the market today.

OCR software enables companies to scan their documents and store it virtually, so they would never have to use paper again. The best part about this is that all documents, whether handwritten or printed, can be deciphered and turned into an electronic file. It can also be edited (words can be searched and replaced and file size can be reduced) and reproduced without having to scan the original document again. Basically, OCR software turns the scanned papers into images and allows user to access it like they would with a word processor. It is even equipped with a reader that can recognize different barcode ocr types, so documents that are given these unique codes can be properly viewed and categorized, and users will know what these documents are labeled as.

Utilizing OCR software does not only save a lot of paper, but it also maximizes floor space in any office and reduces company expenses. For the most affordable software, companies should purchase applications by Vircosoft, which are integrated with a powerful tool called VFiler, an OCR software that can also manage, arrange and automatically file all documents. This is especially needed in Human Resource Archiving, so information about employees can easily be organized and retrieved without having to spend too much time searching for them. This would not only lessen the worries a company may have, but would also benefit their workers as they are assured that they are well taken care of. So if you want to keep track of your documents and manage them without spending too much, Vircosoft is the best choice. They not only have the strongest software, they can also assure that with their applications, all your information are safe.

Best OCR Software For Automatic Document Filing

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

It has statistically been proven that becoming a paperless office reduces a company’s expenses in terms of labor costs and money spent on paper products and other related equipment. Even if the primary cost used for a paperless office seems expensive, in the long run, it will reap more benefits for any company who chooses this alternative.

Investing in document management software is especially beneficial, as it would allow companies to manage all of their documents, allowing for quick filing and easy retrieval. Imagine the hours saved if an employee can retrieve a document in a few simple clicks, and send it to many individuals in a matter of seconds. This is radically better than having to find a single file in a bunch of folders found inside cabinets, produce copies and manually deliver it to each recipient. The hours saved can instead be delegated to completing other tasks.

To become a paperless office, companies may look into the best OCR software available in the market today. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, the process in which scanned images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text are converted into machine-encoded text. It is a process commonly used for books and other documents, so it can be transformed into digital files. OCR software enables users to access the files and view it as seen in a word processor – they can edit, find and replace words, reduce its file size or reproduce it without having to scan the original document again. It is an image turned into a text file, where users can interact with it like it is an ordinary document from a word processor.

One of the leading producers of OCR software today is Vircosoft. Their OCR software is among the most affordable and most efficient tools, which help companies make things easier. Two of their powerful applications, HighPoint and KnowledgeTree are integrated with VFiler, a document imaging software that can process scanned documents through OCR and arrange them so users can easily manage their files. It can also recognize several barcode OCR types, so users can easily view what a specific document is labeled as.

Vircosoft has created powerful tools to help companies organize their documents without worries. Their best OCR software would automatically file any scanned document and label it accordingly, so accessing or editing it would take a few simple clicks. Its many features, like its ability to process barcode OCR types and capture multiple folders at the same time, set it above other document management software which can only do a few things. Best of all, its price tag is set in a reasonable scale, so even companies who are just starting their business may opt for a paperless office. So if
you want to avail of the best OCR software without straining your budget, go for Vircosoft and VFiler.

Thank you,

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Business Document Management for Sales Teams

Saturday, June 26th, 2010
Steve Breault, CEO

Steve Breault, CEO

Companies whose main source of income is selling products must have a formidable sales team. These are people who are charismatic, good communicators and are able to sell any type of products handed to them – whether it’s a vacuum cleaner, a dishwasher or a dish rag – to different kinds of people – a housewife, a child, even a celebrity. This selected group of individuals must be able to work together and brainstorm on ideas on how they can sell a company’s product effectively. This would entail countless hours of coming up with business proposals, revising them and ultimately, setting it out in the market.

Based on their line of work, sales teams use up a lot of paper to note their ideas and spend a lot of time filing these ideas in folders every time it is revised. This results into a pile of paperwork that may impede a sales team’s efficiency if they fail to properly manage their documents. Not only would it cost a lot for their company, some sales personnel might lose data permanently because they made a mistake and failed to remember where they stored their proposals. Because of this, sales teams could benefit more if they invest in business document management and acquire document management software that can keep track of all their files. This is because document management software is supplied with a powerful tool – version control – which can keep track of any changes made to a document and store them as separate files or versions. For example, if a sales team comes up with an idea on how to sell a product, they would make a business proposal. If along the way they realize that there are bugs or mistakes in the proposal, they would revise it. Version control takes note of these revisions, so sales teams would have an easier time accessing a specific time when a change has been made.

There are many benefits to using version control. If any member of a sales team messes up and makes an error in a revised document, and further makes things complicated by overwriting the original file, he can simply go back to the previous version as if no changes have been done. Version control can even save changes that have been made in the previous years, so even if a business proposal has been approved and it fails to effectively sell products, the sales team can go back to the document and examine the changes they may have overlooked which could have caused the failure. It is also beneficial because document management software can share files to anyone who is connected to its server, and as sales teams are composed of many individuals, sharing documents to each other would be easier, and communication between the members of the team would be clearer. Business document management is essential especially to this group of individuals – since they are important in generating income for the company, their ideas must be organized and they should be able to access their files quickly, so they can meet with each other and come up with ways of selling more products.

To avail of the most affordable document management software, companies may turn to Vircosoft for their needs. With two powerful applications to choose from, Vircosoft guarantees that they can manage, track and share documents that employees use in a company. This not only saves time, but also reduces on labor costs, since employees can complete more tasks in lesser time. Best of all, Vircosoft’s security is strong enough to prevent any stolen data or data loss. So if your sales teams are in need of effective business document management, make sure to choose Vircosoft.

Thank you,

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Paperless Office – Business Document Management Enables Version Control

Saturday, June 26th, 2010
Steve Breault, CEO

Steve Breault, CEO

Imagine this: an employee prints a document needed for a business proposal. He attends a meeting and his superior reads his proposal over. The boss likes the proposal but has a few revisions in mind, so the employee goes back to his workstation, files the old proposal in a folder and types up a revised version. The cycle repeats and the folder keeps getting thicker, and more paper gets wasted until finally, the proposal is approved.

This is what happens in a company that refuses to become a paperless office. Business document management could have been a lot easier and they would have saved a lot more money on expenses if they choose to go paperless and acquire some document management software.

Paper, along with other equipment such as filing cabinets, printers, copiers and scanners cost a lot. Moreover, filing documents and retrieving them can waste an employee’s working hours instead of being able to complete more tasks. Document management software eliminates all these worries, as businesses would be able to arrange, file and categorize their information with ease.

Document management software also offers version control so companies may keep track of all their files. If a business proposal, projects or other documents are in need of revision, the software arranges all the versions of the original file, so if they are needed, they can be viewed and accessed quickly.

There are other reasons why you need version control for managing your data. If there are many creators or authors to a certain project, companies need to keep track of their names and contributions to give them fair credit. They can also backup and restore information. Say, an employee messed up and saved a project containing unnecessary revisions, with a few simple clicks, he can remedy the error and acquire the original data without getting into trouble or being shouted at by his bosses. It can even track changes made years ago, so if something goes wrong, the company can view the original version and take note of any mistakes that could have been overlooked. It also allows synchronization, so more people can view the files and be updated with any slight changes being made to their project. It can even take note of all the transformation that has been happening, so employees are able to understand how a project has develops and the reasons behind it.

Lastly, a creator can make big changes without causing trouble for himself. He can detach part of the project, try out his ideas and polish everything before re-attaching the revisions to the project. So whether it is a small business, a well-known corporation, and especially if it is a company dealing with software creation, document management software can help businesses keep track and safely make changes to their files.

To get the best features and take advantage of lower rates, Vircosoft offers two types of software that are currently the most affordable open source document management software in the market. HighPoint and KnowledgeTree are two powerful applications that can file, share, track, manage and secure documents. They also help greatly with version control, so companies would not need to worry about making errors in their projects and being unable to correct them.

So to completely eliminate worries and run a more efficient business, companies should consider purchasing document management software starting today.

Business Document Management for Accounts Payable

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010
Steve Breault, CEO

Steve Breault, CEO

Many businesses deal with tons of paperwork every day. From memos to business proposals to employee records, a company must ensure that all these are labeled and filed away properly, so if they need to be accessed, they can be obtained quickly. However, no matter how organized the records are, it will still take some time to find the specific document needed especially if there are thousands of files to choose from. In this case, it is advisable that companies invest on effective business document management.

Business document management is especially needed when it comes to dealing with accounts payable. Accounts payable are files that contain the amount of money a company owes to its suppliers but has not been able to pay yet. In other words, suppliers allow companies to receive their purchases even if it has not yet been paid, but ensures that they receive payment in the future through accounts payable. As such, accounts payable are vital in the financial cycle of any business, and overlooking these debts can spell disaster for any company and they can be closed down based on legal actions.

However, if companies purchase document management software, accounts payable can be handled more efficiently. With these types of document software, accountants or bookkeepers can keep tabs on the flow of money into the company’s account whenever they receive invoices and also take note once these bills have been paid. Using this software, paying debts would be quicker and companies would be able to easily determine which bills they should pay first to prevent great losses that come from paying debts all at the same time. They would also have lesser expenses if they start digitalizing their documents. The International Accounts Payable Professionals states that the usual cost a company makes in paying an invoice is ten dollars. This means that if you accumulate a hundred invoices, you pay a thousand dollars more because you are sticking to a paper-based office. This additional cost would be eliminated once your company decides to handle its accounts payable through document management software.

Companies usually use accounting software for managing these documents, but accounting software costs a lot and can only handle a specific type of document. In this case, a better solution is Vircosoft’s document management software, as it can help in organizing accounts payable and other data that a company may have. Being the most affordable and most efficient software in the market today, Vircosoft’s software comes with VFiler, a powerful application that can file, secure, share, track and manage all kinds of documents and records that businesses encounter in their departments. Their software can manage your accounts payable, as well as other records such as memos and employee information, so you can access these files more easily and at any time you want them. Also, Vircosoft’s software is strong enough to safeguard your software, so you are ensured that you will not lose any data. It can also prevent illegal access, so your accounts payable will not be tampered with and you will not lose more money in the process.

If you are worried that accounts payable can push your company down a pit of debt, it is better to start using document management software and prevent escalating costs and disorganized files. Also, for a worry-free and effective business document management, remember that the right choice is Vircosoft.

Thank you,

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Business Document Management for Human Resources

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
Steve Breault, CEO

Steve Breault, CEO

Companies have the responsibility to take care of their employees and ensure that they are well-compensated for their work and receive good benefits. Fortunately, every company has a human resource department specifically created to address the needs of all their employees.

It is this department that ensures that all employees benefit from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which helps employees and their families retain their health insurance even if they lose their jobs or decide to change it.In accordance to this, companies are encouraged to file any related data electronically, to be in accordance to the electronic data interchange used by the country’s health care system.

Complying with this system might worry companies, especially if their human resource departments are used to storing data manually through the use of paper and file cabinets. However, business document management would be easier on them if they use document managing software. Through the software, not only will they adhere to
the policies of the country’s health care system, they will also be able to file their information more efficiently.

Vircosoft’s document managing software is the most effective tool for human resource departments looking for an affordable but powerful solution to filing their data. Their applications will enable you to automatically file, manage and arrange all your information with a few simple clicks. Also, since the HIPAA is concerned with the security of data, Vircosoft’s security system is tough enough to ensure the safety of information when it is exchanged through the country’s health care system. Human resource departments need not worry about sharing an employee’s information, as Vircosoft’s software would be able to send the data without risking data loss or stolen data.

Through this software, human resource departments of any company can help more employees avail of their health insurance in a quicker and simpler method. They can also keep track of which employees are making use of their insurance. If employees get their benefits without any trouble, they will be inspired to work harder and the company’s reputation of taking good care of its workers would attract more job applicants. The company will also uphold the HIPAA and follow the country’s policies without having to spend a lot of money on it.

So, in order to maintain a worry-free human resource department, help more employees and be able to follow the health system’s rules and regulations, acquiring document management software is essential to achieve better business document management. Also, with Vircosoft’s help, you can achieve all of this with an inexpensive but reliable applications.

Thank you,

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Paperless Office Software – Speeds Document Retrieval

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

Many businesses deal with facing customers on a daily basis and assisting them with their needs or queries. Often times, these customers are returning clients with records of their transactions with the company and before they can be entertained, their records must be pulled out from a file.

Searching for these documents is tedious, especially for a large company dealing with hundreds of clients every day. Imagine a room filled with filing cabinets – even with proper labels and categories, it would still take hours for an employee to find a single document as they have to look through every file carefully lest they miss the needed file. Also, customer satisfaction will likely decrease if they take too long in acquiring a document, as the customer’s patience is very limited when it comes to these matters.

It is for this purpose that companies should consider turning into a paperless office and buying paperless software to speed up document retrieval. While the initial cost for setting up a paperless office may seem expensive, the profits it will gain in the long run will be worth it. When you think about it, work will not only be easier with the help of these kinds of software; more tasks can be accomplished in lesser time. Manual retrieval of documents usually takes up most of the employee’s working hours in a day, but with paperless software, this will take merely seconds so he can focus on doing other tasks or serving more customers.

Maintaining a high rate of customer satisfaction is essential in any business. It will not only help the company’s reputation, it will also attract more customers. Investing on paperless software like Vircosoft’s VFiler will help increase customer satisfaction ratings. Not only does it help get documents faster, it can also do other tasks such as managing, securing, sharing, tracking and automatically filing data. With this, even employees who are not familiar with the software can easily be taught to retrieve records. If more employees serve more clients in a short amount of time, customers will surely be happy and would want to come back because of the great service.

This is only one example of how a paperless office helps a company earn more profit. In an age where technology is constantly developed to make life easier, businesses should jump at the chance to acquire tools that will collect more rewards for them. Especially if a business deals with a lot of customers who file a lot of documents, they should maintain the satisfaction of these people to ensure that they will keep coming back for more.

The Paperless Office Reduces Labor Costs

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

Some businesses would rather not turn their office paperless because they foolishly think that investing on software and equipment would produce financial losses on their part.

After all, if they have managed to get by with traditional methods using paper to list and document their data, they need not shell out money to go paperless. However, what many businesses do not realize is that by maintaining their conventional ways, they are losing much more compared to the initial cost of starting a paperless office. In fact, eliminating the use of paper completely in a company reaps several benefits in the long run.

One major benefit of investing in paperless office software is that it significantly reduces labor cost. In a typical setup, workers make use of paper to disseminate information. This includes faxing or photocopying data, manual delivery of memos to offices, filing documents and other related tasks. According to statistics, forty to sixy percent of an employee’s time in the office is spent handling paper. With this high percentage, it clearly means that other tasks cannot be accomplished in a day because employees spend their hours looking for and passing around documents. Also, keeping information printed elevates the risk of misplacing or losing an important document. These mistakes are ever present each year, and it takes a lot of time, not to mention money, to get back a document that has been filed in the wrong place, labeled incorrectly or lost completely.

Investing in paperless software will decrease any company’s labor costs. If documents are turned into digital copies, employees can access a needed document in a few seconds, thus enabling them to get more information with lesser time and accomplish more tasks for any given day. It is also easier to find documents even if they have been incorrectly labeled. Paperless software like Vircosoft’s VFiler easily manages all documents that have been digitalized through its software, so if one employee accidentally deletes an important document, the company does not have to go through great lengths just to retrieve it; instead, applications like VFiler easily creates backups for the documents so all documents virtually cannot be lost.

Another significant advantage is that businesses can easily transfer or send their documents to their company’s various branches, so money spent on shipping costs are decreased. They may even choose to distribute tasks to their workers situated all around the world and benefit from lower labor rates in other countries.

So whether a business is just starting out small, or is already a well-established enterprise, achieving a paperless office will help in reducing expenses and churning out more profit. In the end, while traditional methods are hard to let go of, if they are turning out to be more expensive, then letting go for a cheaper but faster method is clearly the better option.

Thank you,

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Disaster Recovery Benefits of a Paperless Office

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

In this day and age where the advancements of technology continue to grow, more and more businesses are opting to go digital. Gone are the days of drowning in massive amounts of paper; this time, organizing documents and data are as easy as a few clicks on the computer. This method, commonly known as a paperless office, is becoming widely accepted in companies all over the world, as going paperless reaps more benefits than an office sticking with traditional methods. Especially when unwanted occurrences, such as disasters, strike, having dependable paperless office software can help greatly in recovering lost information.

Imagine worst case scenarios, such as floods or earthquakes, where buildings and other infrastructures would be greatly damaged. While companies always have a disaster recovery plan, it still cannot offer a hundred percent guarantee in recovering all its lost information. Especially in a conventional setup where paper is used to save all documents, businesses will have a difficult time gathering their data if it is damaged from natural disasters. Paper is fragile and easy to destroy, so losses would be greater if digital copies were not made to backup the information.

Investing in paperless office software would decrease the losses if ever disaster strikes. Disaster recovery is a key option which comes with the software so businesses can protect their information easily. It would aid companies in devising faster ways to resume normal operation.

Since companies store large amounts of information, and if this information is digitalized the first and most important step is to have a backup for all these data. This may include having backups on computers or systems found inside the company building or others that are located elsewhere. This way, if a computer is damaged, the information stored on it may be placed in other systems, and companies may address the needs of both employees and customers immediately after the disaster.

Businesses may also employ other security measures to ensure the safety of their data. Tools like surge protectors are needed so computers and electronic equipment will not be damaged by power surges. Generators or Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) devices can also be used so systems are able to continue working even if there is no power available. Most importantly, anti-virus applications, firewalls and other related software may be used to increase data security.

To ensure that the best data recovery option is given to businesses once they have managed to become a paperless office, they may consider buying Vircosoft software. It is currently the best and cheapest document management software in the market.

In addition, both of their products, HighPoint and KnowledgeTree, have the most advanced document recovery tools so companies are assured that their data is always safe even when faced with disaster. So to be sure that a company’s paperless software does not fail, they should trust Vircosoft.

Thank you,

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Go Paperless – Save Time With Document Imaging Software

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Steve Breault, CEO

Since companies are hesitant to go paperless, or to create a paperless office, they are missing out on the opportunity to save a lot of time and make work easier for their employees. Completely eliminating paper will create more space in the workplace and a faster acquisition of documents and information.

Document imaging is the primary tool in starting a paperless office. They are systems that can replicate documents and come in the form of copiers, scanner or other paperless software that can capture, save and reprint images. While these tools are relatively expensive, investing on them will result in bigger benefits and less cost to your company in the future.

Document imaging software is a space saver. Since your records are stored electronically, you will no longer need filing cabinets, drawers and storage boxes to keep your documents. These types of furniture are huge and heavy, so if you have a small office, movement will be limited with these around. All you need is a computer with a hard drive that can handle the software and your documents.

You will also save a lot more time when looking for records since you don’t need to open a bunch of cabinets just to acquire one document. Instead, all you need is to type in the file name or title of the document in the software and your stored information will be shown in seconds. With this, your employees can perform more tasks in a lesser amount of time.

Another beefit is customer satisfaction. Customers who come to the office with their queries and needs often have other appointments to attend to, so their patience is limited especially if they have to wait a long time before being entertained. The software you use will help you respond to your customer’s requests quicker and your satisfaction rating will increase. You will also be able to serve double the number of customers in the time you spent manually searching for records.

Document imaging also saves a lot of time when it comes to disseminating information. Say you are the CEO of your company and about to attend a business meeting. A few minutes before presenting your data, you realize that you forgot your papers in the office. You will waste a lot of time and embarrass yourself by making your clients wait for you if you decide to go back to your workplace just to get the documents. On the
other hand, if you make use of software, you can call one of your employees and have him send what you need through e-mail.

If you are unsure of where to start acquiring your document imaging software, one of the popular names is Vircosoft. Vircosoft is the most affordable open source document and management software in the market. It has two products, SMB open source document management software called HighPoint and an Enterprise version dubbed KnowledgeTree. With Vircosoft’s integrated VFilter, it would be easier to manage the number of documents you have stored electronically. Best of all, it is easy to use, so you do not have to worry about spending a lot of time learning how to use it.

The benefits of a paperless office are endless. If you start investing now, you are sure to save a lot of expenses in the long run. Also, not only do you save time and space, you also help the environment. So what are you waiting for? Go paperless now!

Thank you,
Steve Breault “DocMeister”