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The Paperless Office: Software Should Include These Features

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
Steve Breault, CEO

Steve Breault, CEO

The concept of the Paperless Office has been kicked around for years. Some say there will never truly be a Paperless Office. Others tout that it is too hard, too expensive or too complicated for the small and mid-sized business. Twenty years ago they all would have been right. I say it is not only possible today, but necessary to compete. The low-cost and the ease of setting up a Paperless Office is unprecedented.

Why, one might ask? It is the technology and mind-set my friend. What used to be complicated is now so easy, given the right solution, even someone with no computer experience (a rarity today of course) can start work in a Paperless Office environment comfortably and efficiently.

Every office is weighted down with paper, but that does not mean you have to follow suit. This issue is easily solved. What has become even bigger problem to effectively manage are the hundreds; perhaps thousands of electronic images sent and received every day from scan-to email, fax-to-email and attachments of all type formats. Once received, then what?

Traditionally in the absence of an electronic filing system recipients simply created their own filing system on their PC’s. Sound familiar? Need I go through the pitfalls of this type of system? I think not. Too often when a document was needed, post haste, no one could find it. Not a great strategy for the customer standing by, often under pressure, for a copy of a maintenance agreement the auditor needs now.

Have you ever calculated the annual cost to find, retrieve, re-write and reproduce on the good ole’ copy machine? The number will most likely be staggering. Download this Cost Savings Calculator from Vircosoft and see for yourself. We have been working with businesses for over ten years. Once they saw the value, ease-of-use and fast R.O.I. started the transition to The Paperless Office immediately. The R.O.I. can be under six months, often faster.

Today inexpensive world-class software can transition your business to The Paperless Office quickly and easily. Look for these features:

§ Project & Task Management with Gantt Chart

§ Shared Calendars

§ Bulletin Board for Team Collaboration

§ Search folders, document contents and metadata

§ Group and User Level Security

§ Document Audit Trail

§ Check-in and Check-out Documents

§ Document Version History

§ Hardware Independent – Monitors / Watches Folders

§ All MFPs and Scanners Supported

§ Capture from Multiple Folders Simultaneously

§ Capture from Outlook

§ Automatically Split Multi-Page Documents Easily

§ Automatically Straighten, De-speckle, de-skew, rotate and resize images

§ Auto-Orientation

§ Reads 16 Barcode Types (1D and 2D)

§ OCR Multiple Zones, Full Page, All Pages, or Selected Pages

§ Create Searchable PDFs

§ Interface to Your Accounting System through ODBC for data validation

§ UNLIMITED Document Processing – NO CLICK CHARGES

§ High-end Forms Recognition – (form template training)

§ Metadata Publishing

§ Marked Processing

§ OMR Processing

§ Document Imprinting

§ Index and file multiple document types and departments simultaneously

§ Auto-create Windows Folders by User-Definable Indexed Fields

§ Auto-name File Names by User-Definable Indexed Fields

§ Automatically Publish metadata into ODBC compliant databases

§ Automatically Publish documents and metadata into leading Document Management Systems

§ Automatically Publish documents and metadata into SharePoint

§ Automatically Publish documents and metadata into HighPoint™ or KnowledgeTree™

§ Launch Routing work flows inside HighPoint™ or KnowledgeTree™ by Document Type



Make no mistake about it the Paperless Office is here and you can have it. Software from Vircosoft and other major development and distribution companies is available for download and testing free of charge. During these challenging economic times many companies are pondering difficult decisions. No one wants to let an employee go. The Paperless Office can enable someone to work on other tasks that will help maintain the business.


Thank you,

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

The Paperless Office: Defying The Bad Economy

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010


Sales of vFiler™ our document imaging software are UP, UP, UP!

Some people are buying vFiler™ to automatically file documents hands-free into their current document management system and others are creating their Paperless Office by bundling vFiler™ with our HighPoint™ or KnowledgeTree™.

Offering great products and services is one thing. Reaching NEW motivated customers, especially; during a recession (not over yet regardless of what the politicians say), when the private sector is under attack and tumultuous economic times, is quite another!

When the catch is dwindling, add bait and throw a bigger net. Right?

Today, I don’t think a conversation about market expansion and increasing sales can take place without focusing on Search Engine Optimization.

SEO saved our bacon this past year. I have to tell you, SEO work on Vircosoft has paid dividends, in spades. Our consistent Google Page #1 position (often #1 on #1) has provided a visibility we could hardly dream about one year ago.

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