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How do I choose a Document Imaging System for My Business?

Monday, October 26th, 2009


Scores of businesses are still clinging to hard-copy paper processing, even though retaining such an situation can be very expensive and time-consuming. Generally, paper documents are produced, photocopied, and mailed or faxed to others as required. The recipients of the information frequently have to make copies for their records or retype the information into its final electronic form.

Constantly replacing paper can get expensive. Inventory must to be stored someplace for upcoming retrieval. Often files end up stacked on top of file cabinets or on someoe’s desk, even in the janitors closet. Regardless, the expense in time and money is considerable and hugely inconvenient.

One might say that the capital expense of a dependable document-imaging solution, when compared to the inconsistent costs linked with a accepted paper office, is too substantial a bite out of an already tight budget. However, the right document-imaging software should not be thought of as an expense but rather as an investment. Thus, it should have a measurable return that will justify the capital expenditure.

Say goodbye to the over-crowded fileroom. Document imaging software can substantially reduce the need for physical storage space by converting mountains of paper into megabytes of electronic information. Data exchanges inserted between the origniator and recipient of paper documents can be efficient. Retrieval times of saved documents can be dramatically decreased. These productivity and efficiency gains have a value associated with them. Remember that the most costly resource is usually the employee.

Best Strategy to Consider

Many companies are opting to launch their electronic document-imaging and management solution in-house using low-cost, high production scanning hardware coupled with the newest innovations in document-imaging and sorting software. Businesses are using their network infrastructure to form the foundation of a document-imaging network where documents can be scanned to a network server, this providing multiple user access.

Watch the  vFiler Rapid Indexer video. Rapid Indexer is an extremely powerful application that can reduce capture & indexing time dramatically and is very inexpensive.  Additional editions o vFiler are available depending on your specific requirements. Thank you,

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Document imaging software can automatically scan, recognize, file and retrieve different forms.

Monday, October 19th, 2009

steve-in-white-for-blogsDocument imaging software technology has advanced considerably over the past several years especially for the small and mid-sized business market. Businesses of all types and sizes are looking for ways to improve efficient and reduce paper management costs.

Forms recognition software leads the charge. Imagine the ability to stack a bundle of documents into the automatic document feeder in virtually any brand of copier or MFP hardware, press GO and in the time it takes to walk back to your computer all the documents have been processed, file folders created and the information ready for instantaneous retrieval from anywhere in the world with 100% accuracy at a fraction of the cost of doing this manually.

There are hundreds of document imaging software solutions on the market. Selecting the best software for you should start with a demonstration using your own sample documents. You should see just how your documents will process. Look for software that provides complete flexibility. You want software that enables you to determine how your documents will process, not how the developer thinks it should process. One size does not fit all.

Here are some of the features every business should demand:

” Hardware Independent – Monitors / Watches Folders
” All MFPs and Scanners Supported
” Capture from Multiple Folders Simultaneously
” Capture from Outlook
” Automatically Split Multi-Page Documents Easily
” Automatically Straighten, De-speckle, de-skew, rotate and resize images
” Auto-Orientation
” Reads 16 Barcode Types (1D and 2D)
” OCR Multiple Zones, Full Page, All Pages, or Selected Pages
” Create Searchable PDFs
” Interface to Your Accounting System through ODBC for data validation
” UNLIMITED Document Processing – NO CLICK CHARGES
” High-end Forms Recognition – (form template training)
” Metadata Publishing
” Marked Processing
” OMR Processing

One powerful world-class very low-cost document imaging software application is vFiler™ from Vircosoft. vFiler processes scanned documents (134 different file types) automatically directly into Windows folders, document management systems, HighPoint™ or KnowledgeTree™ Repository.  Many sophisticated technologies are used during this process.  The processing steps are user definable; allowing you to customize the steps to maximize the performance.

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

Affordable Document Imaging Software

How do you select the best document imaging solution for your business?

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

steve-in-white-for-blogsDocument imaging solutions are becoming increasingly popular as a way to better manage documents. Maintaining information on the original paper documents can reduce the ability to make good decisions.

Using a document imaging solution enables you replicate the information on the paper document to a digital format, enabling fast retrieval from any workstation on the network. Content in digital format can also be made offered on the Web, making it feasible for the team of a worldwide corporation to access it from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Those enterprises that endeavor to persist with hard copy content management are quite likely to lose their capability to compete in the market. Paper-based systems are slow and comparatively expensive, and lead to meager productivity. They are also comparatively insecure and subject to harm from the elements. Because of this document imaging solutions are becoming the everyday practice among businesses.

Vircosoft’s Document Imaging system will lower the costs of handling, storing and retrieving your documents and saves staff time by providing immediate access to your documents and business processes.

vFiler is document imaging application that is so painless to install and use that you can speedily organize it in one department, or across your whole enterprise, without costly on-site assistance. vFiler allows you to capture, index, route, search and manage your digital documents as well as your paper documents. vFiler is easily integrated with your existing data base (via ODBC connector) so you can distribute information with your other business applications and look at your documents immediately.

You can seek by typing in a word or phrase. Also, you can search by highlighting a search word or phrase in your email, Microsoft Office or ERP. As an additional way to search and approve documents from your computer you can access documents from your wireless computer, BlackBerry, or iPhone. You can open your documents wherever you are located.

Vircosoft’s document imaging software is hardware independent. You can draw on the scanners and digital copiers of your own choice purchased from your desired hardware vendors or manufacturers. Indexing is the discretionary assignment of fields, such as document type, date, and customer name. With vFiler you can automatically index documents using barcodes, Zone OCR, or reading the fields from other applications.


Document capture & indexing of documents has become an easy cost effective way to manage all of you electronic paper. The ROI is generally under six months and often faster. Before selecting the right system for your business you should require every vendor to include a “Real World Demo” using your own sample documents. What better way to see just how the proposed system will work for you?

Steve Breault “DocMeister”

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Document Capture and Indexing Software Reduces Costs of Shipping and Data Input

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

steve-in-white-for-blogsDid you know that you can save money in labor costs by scanning your documents into an automated document capture and indexing system? Once scanned your documents can be electronically transmitted to anywhere in the world in seconds and provide virtually immediate retrieval. What if your employees could operate from any PC with a browser, whether at home or in another town, city, state or country, while reducing cost, drastically and increasing efficiency. Capture software frees up employees time to accomplish other important tasks.

Using vFiler to capture, validate and automatically file your documents.

vFiler from Vircosoft is world-class document capture software used by companies of all types and sizes, worldwide. vFiler provides a faultless integration to your back-end business applications and image repositories. ODBC (Open Source Database Connectivity) technology provides instantaneous verification, validation and indexing of your documents, hands-free. Software is not required on the remote client, thereby eliminating administrative management. vFiler is low-cost, high value document capture software, easy to install and utilize. The ROI is fast, generally under 90 days, often sooner.

Here are a few Key Features of vFiler

” Hardware Independent – Monitors / Watches Folders

” All MFPs and Scanners Supported

” Capture from Multiple Folders concurrently

” Capture from Outlook

” Automatically Split Multi-Page Documents Easily

” Automatically adjust, De-speckle, de-skew, rotate and resize images

” Auto-Orientation

” Reads 134 Barcode Types (1D and 2D)

” OCR Numerous Zones, Full Page, All Pages, or Selected Pages

” Create Searchable PDFs

” Interface to Your Accounting System through ODBC for data validation

” UNLIMITED Document Processing – NO CLICK CHARGES

” Forms Recognition

” And much more…

The payback to business, including improved organization of paper, reduction in the cost of administration, management and storage can be significant. Electronic paper management using capture technology is where smart businesses are going both to better operate today and to be well equipped as the economy improves. Compete better and earn more, now that is capitalism at its best.

Many business applications can benefit from remote data capture solutions, especially isolated organizations, including transportation, human resources, healthcare, finance, or government. Even traditionally centralized capture operations now typically have a few remote scanning or verify stations, just to give IT more options for increases in volume or temporary reassignment of tasks.

Steve Breault (DocMeister)

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Before Investing in Document Management Software: What Owners Want to Know!

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009



The most common question business owners ask is “now that I am investing in all this fancy equipment to manage information, what am I supposed to do with it and when is my Return on Investment?”

Are you prepared?

Information Management vs. Paper Management

I think we can all agree that the “dusty old file room” is antiquated, expensive, inefficient, and an albatross around every CFO’s neck. He/she is asking “with all this new hi-tech equipment why are we still operating in the Stone Age?”

One answer is “because no one has competently shown him/her how to maximize the value while dramatically reducing operating costs”.

Did you know that the typical document management software system generally saves a business more money, within a year or two than the cost of the equipment?

Talk about a return on investment.  Our ROI collaterals (Cost Savings Calculator) will help you make this very convincing argument, using the prospects own numbers. 

The value of paper is declining as the cost of storing and retrieving it is escalating. In your office, how many documents have been duplicated again and again?

More paper equals higher labor and in-house storage cost and less efficiency. Talk to any office manager, CFO, COO, business owner and ask them how many documents get misplaced or lost every week. How many hours are spent searching for them? When they put a dollar value on it, they get the picture very quickly especially when you present them with a powerful total document management system that costs under $200 per month. Answering this question alone is a major first step in overcoming any objections.

Types of Paper 

There is no shortage of paper to be managed! Everyone knows that the majority of documents we process are either hardcopy or electronic. Look for a system that will take that major paper work load and turn it into a smooth and efficient process saving the end-user thousands of dollars every year. 

Paper comes from three primary sources. 

  • Invoices from vendors, letters, contracts and more all come from external sources. 
  • Documents arrive via fax, email and e-fax (electronic fax) 
  • Business generate tons of internal documents daily 

File Only Once 

The process is simple. Capture documents, Index (ODBC validation against a front-end database for 100% accuracy), Store and Retrieve. The key is to do it quickly, preferably operator unattended, accurately and very inexpensively. We have the solution your customers will flip over. 


Electronic document management enables your customers to quickly and easily file all of their documents quickly, efficiently, accurately and inexpensively while utilizing equipment they have already purchased.  Often the is no new hardware to buy.

Hope this little bit of personal experience helps!

Steve “DocMeister” Breault

Affordable Document Imaging Software

Document Management Software Sales Training

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009


History has taken on a new meaning. “We have a history” in this business used to mean decades…like “we have been in business since 1902”. Not so in the Open Source Document Management business. History can almost be measured in years even months. The technology is changing that fast. Our “history” started in 2000. That makes us “Old Timers”, “Sages”, With Wisdom”, or simply “Old Farts”.

It seems like yesterday. The majority of potential document management software users (techies excluded of course) were basically computer hard- and software illiterate. WOW, not so anymore. Sales reps, if unprepared, can easily find themselves painted into the proverbial corner in a flash. It used to be that the CTO or IT Manager “the dreaded nemisis” could walk into the room while the sales rep was making a presentation, and ice would form on the reps eyebrows.  Today sales reps better be prepared to go toe-to-toe with previously considered “non-techies”. The office manager  may be laying in wait, armed to the teeth. You show your stuff and the business will be yours. I have been there…done that! In fact, we have helped train hundreds and hundreds of sales reps present document management software solutions and close big commission sales, with confidence!

If you are a sales rep tasked with selling document management software and in need of some REAL HELP, contact Vircosoft at 800.385.7863 or We can help you make money in this business.

Steve “DocMeister” Breault

Document Imaging gaining traction in legal offices

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009



Document imaging software is now getting more attention in the SMB market, especially in the legal office.  We are seeing use of document imaging software for incoming mail as a primary benefit because it enables court documents and opposing attorney responses to get scanned immediately and efficiently at the moment of inception.  So, if a document gets lost after scanning it’s not an issue anymore.

Our vFiler Document Capture and Indexing  application is one of the world’s leading legal document imaging software applications because of it’s hardware independence, auto-indexing (automated filing) mode and it’s ability to validate to the legal office’s billing system (Provantage, Juris, etc..).  This validation step, or process, enables the scanning staff to limit their time at the scanner or MFD (multi-function device)  by typing in one index field (matter or care number) and letting the vFiler application perform everything else.  vFiler will capture the image, separate the batch (barcode or OCR zone) and file the documents in a nice, organized heirarchy in Windows folders or our HighPoint Open Source Document Management System with all the indexes from the billing system attached to the document for quick search and retrieval at a later time.

We feel that the more legal offices that begin to see the value of how vFiler and HighPoint can work together seamlessly, no matter what hardware they have in place, the quicker we can see less lost documents and improved efficiencies in the legal world.

This is a win – win for everyone.


Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Welcome to the Vircosoft BLOG.  We have moved our blog from our other hosting company and updated all posts.  So, please stay tuned for more valuable information on document imaging, document management and how they both combined together can save every business time and money.


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