Best Document Management = FREE
Bundled with the BEST Digital Document Imaging

What is Retrieve™ ?

Retrieve™ is the Best Document Management software because it's FREE.

That's right, FREE. We have been in the digital document imaging business for over 10 years and realize 90% of small and mid-sized businesses do not need all the robust features that come with the more expensive systems. That's why we created Retrieve™

Retrieve™ is a very simple to use Client / Server application that is loaded on your workstations that enable your users an interface to any database to quickly search for any document type with user definable index fields.

Retrieve™ is not configured with all the overhead associated with advanced document management systems (i.e. version control, audit log, check in and check out, etc..). Retrieve™ is designed to provide your users a VERY FAST way to search and retrieve your business documents stored on your network that were indexed by vFiler™

We also know most document management software applications on the market today are missing, or have an inadequate, document indexer. vFiler™ is the most robust, yet inexpensive, way to capture and index and file your business documents.

Every version of vFiler™ comes with Retrieve™ for FREE.

Retrieve™ Main Features

  • FREE Document Search and Retrieve Tool
  • Unlimited Users - no license fee
  • Connects to any ODBC database (MS SQL, Access, MySQL, etc...)
  • MySQL database provided for FREE
  • Configure Unlimited Document Types
  • Unlimited Index Fields
  • Page through multiple pdf images quickly
  • Simple PDF viewer for searching for text within the PDF images
  • Works seamlessly with vFiler™
  • Restrict users from modifying indexes
  • Restrict Users from deleting documents
  • Restrict users to certain documents
  • Administrative Interface for exporting, purging, archiving & validating data
  • Requires existing database (Access, MS SQL, FREE MySQL provided)
  • Easy installation, configuration and use (does require database knowledge)

Retrieve™ Videos

Folder Enhancements:

vFiler™ begins to work AFTER an image has been created from a scanner, email or document saved to a folder. This process is called Capture from Folder. This process monitors a user-defined folder (hot folder) and sub folders to capture a variety of image types.

We encourage you to watch the Retrieve™ and vFiler™ videos and download the software to try. You can even send us sample documents and let us perform a "Real World Demo" for you in a one -on-one webinar format.

We think you will find our bundle vFiler™ & Retrieve™ an unbeatable combination of features, performance and price.

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